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Arduino Coding Help

What Is Arduino?

It is an open-source electronic stage used for making electronics projects. With software and hardware to create, design, and test the collection of electronics items. The hardware includes a microcontroller with different other electronic parts which can be programmed by using the software to do any task practically. Because of its simplicity, the Arduino language is exceptionally simple almost for everyone who has a passion for electronics to write programs without the understanding of complicated codes and calculations. It has specifically designed boards that can be programmed by using the Arduino Programming.

Arduino Applications:

Some of the commonly known Arduino applications cover:

  • OpenEVSE: An open-source Arduino based electric charger
  • Ardupilot: An Arduino based drone hardware and software
  • XOD: A visual programming language for Arduino
  • Arduboy: Arduino based gaming console

What Makes An Arduino?

Arduino contains several interface parts and that form an individual circuit board. The design has undergone many changes with many components that are added up. On a basic board, you would be finding the following pieces:

Pins: Pins to connect to different components that one wants to use with Arduino. There are two kinds of pins:

  • Digital pins: There are different types of Arduino available and each kind has 14 digital output and input pins. These pins enable you to write and read and from a particular state.
  • Analog pins: This will read different values and are helpful for fine-grained control. Analog pins have 6 pins which are organized in an appropriate pattern.
  • Power connector: This provides power to both devices and would provide less voltage with which you can lit sensors and LEDs. However, if they run on low voltage then only you can run them. The power can be connected to an AC adapter or a battery.
  • Further components: Several other components make an Arduino. These include – voltage regulator, oscillator which supports the main purposes of the board.
  • Serial connector: It's a connector with the help of USB ports several of the standard boards are performed. This connector will provide smooth communication build between the computer and board besides loading new programs to the device. When Arduino is equipped with a USB port, then it's not necessary to have a different power connector.
  • Microcontroller: To execute commands and take the best-received input based decisions Microcontroller will program Arduino. The chip depends on the type of Arduino.
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