you will learn how to create new reports that will be used by different people in the organization.Statistics & Analysis

Designing Business Intelligence Reports

In this assignment, you will learn how to create new reports that will be used by different people in the organization. Business intelligence reports are very important communication tools in managerial decision-making and are targeted to a variety of audiences that include accountants, finance professionals, marketers, salespeople, product managers, among others. The relevance, utility and timeliness of presented information are critical for effective and efficient decision-making.

This exercise will provide you with a hands-on experience in understanding and building information-rich business reports.

Business Case

You are the analyst at the business intelligence department of a retail, marketing and auditing consulting company and your new client is a Global Toys

Corporation, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers with operations across the globe. Few weeks ago, the company appointed a new Marketing Director, and in a recent presentation he announced a new strategy for some of the best-selling toy products. You are asked to lead in developing a case study (a visual story line) that will help the executive team for better and faster understanding of the presented information. In the new director’s keynote, he wants to go over some facts about current business performance and then use that data to make the case for a new strategy. The director is not sure what type of data/numbers he will ultimately be using in his presentation, and therefore, he asked you to make the business report as flexible as possible in order to allow for further explorations, e.g., filtering, slicing and dicing.

Important Points to note:

As a minimum, explore the data to produce a report for senior management along the following lines.

Business locations or sites, products, sales, and customers.


  • Create a BI report with at least four sections but not more than six

  • This BI report should include key facts about the company’s performance on a global and regional level. These facts should include financial, marketing related data, and or efficient use of

  • Decide on the appropriate visualization tool/type to use based on the data you choose, and information you intend to portray. How will this chart be perceived by a non-technical user? What questions may he/she ask and what answer(s) could she get with it?


You may consider a report along the following lines: Analyse the sites

Analyse the Products Analyse the Sales Evolution

Analyse Customer Satisfaction


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