writea brief description of the ChocAnin less than 8 lines, Redesignthesoftware packageSoftware Engineering

  Redesign ChocAn 

Given the term project Chocoholics Anonymous description and the code, do the following:

1- write a brief description of the ChocAn in less than 8 lines,

    Redesign the software package into 6/7/..... classes and draw the USE CASE diagram.

2- Draw the new block diagram and show all methods (numbered).

3- Draw all UMLs with:

     ALL attributes (numbered)

     All   methods (numbered)

     (do not use any get or set functions)

4- Write PDL for all methods in ONE  new class.

5- Do testing; 

     system test

     One subsystem(class) test

     One Method test 

     One unit test and              Then Do a code change:

Line 1- what change(s) you want to make

Line 2- New Class  name

Line-3- method/ String name:

Line4 - Existing code line(s): 

Line5-  Changed code line(s):   


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