dentify design, usability and accessibility issues involved in delivering web-based applications demonstrate knowledge and understanding of website planning and design processesComputer Science

Learning Outcomes: you should be able to:

 1) Identify design, usability and accessibility issues involved in delivering web-based applications

2) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of website planning and design processes

3) Understand web technologies, development environments, and implementation methods.

4) Design, implement, test, and document a website solution for a well-defined scenario.

5) Apply a range of problem-solving techniques to the development of a website solution.

6) Graduate Attributes - Discipline Expertise: Knowledge and understanding of chosen field. Possess a range of skills to operate within this sector, have a keen awareness of current developments in working practice being well-positioned to respond to change.

You are required to do an individual assignment with a scenario involving the design, implementation and testing of a prototype static website to meet the specified requirements, plus documentation of the design implementation and testing. We recommend you follow the given tasks below for better assignment structure and presentation. Background: Many websites promote holidays and trips abroad. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in holidays at home, better known as Staycation. Staycation is a holiday period where an individual or family stay home and participates in planned events and activities that are driving distance or train journey from their home. While some have used this option as a cheaper alternative to flying on holidays, more and more people actively selection this option because it is better for the environment. Assume yourself a local business interested in promoting Staycation as an option. Research and create a website that promotes the concept of Staycation in your local community. Focus on the benefits it has on the local economy, the environment, and quality time. Tasks:

Task 1 - The Case Study: Present your case study based on the topic presented above. (L.O.1., 300 words, 5%)

 Task 2- Background Research: Review at least ten websites promoting businesses similar to your case study. If you do not find companies promoting local holidays, study ideas from those who promote overseas holidays. Reflect on the design, usability, features (functionality) and accessibility of these websites. You may present your findings in a summarised tabular format. (L.O.1., 600 words, 15%)

Task 3- Web Planning: Using a defined approach to modelling, present a plan for your website to include design, usability, functionality, and accessibility features. Your plans should separate design specification from content. (L.O.2., 700 words, 20%).

 Task 4- Web Design: Based on your findings in tasks 2 and 3, make your web technologies recommendations including choice of URL, service provider, and method of implementation (L.O.3., 400 words, 10%).

Task 5- Implementation and Testing: Implement your website and provide testing logs. You should provide screenshots of every page with an explanation of any design, usability, functionality, and accessibility features included. (L.O.4 and L.O.6, 600 words, 40%)

Task 6- Optimisation: Suggest ways to optimise your website using search engines, mobile accessibility, advertising revenues, and local exposure. (L.O.5., 400 words, 10%).

The word limits are just a suggestion for word distributions. You are free to change this distribution provided your overall does not exceed 3000 words.


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