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Your Project will demonstrate mastery of the web development skills and concepts learned in this unit.






Think Green Foundation was founded in October 2010 and is a non-profit organisation that aims to assist and uplift rural communities with the support of environmental projects. We have raised more than AUD 3 million to date and have won the UN Champions of the Earth Award in 2017 and 2018.

To date, we have assisted 40 rural communities in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia and planted more than 40,000 trees.


Our staff currently includes three full time project coordinators, a marketing coordinator and seven administrative staff members. We also have eight part time volunteers during various stages of the year.


Our main message is that poverty and environmental degradation are intrinsically linked. By educating communities to respect the environment, opportunities for income generation are created.



Target audience


  1. The general public. 80% of our funding comes from individuals who hear about our message through our marketing The remainder comes from corporate sponsorship and internal profit generation (such as fundraising activities and sale of our branded merchandise).


  1. Businesses contribute 10% to our funding. We would like to strengthen our focus on corporate sponsorship during 2020 and use the website to support co-branded sponsorship projects like the Go Green campaign.


  1. Volunteering students. Once a year we run a volunteer program in conjunction with University of Melbourne. Social sciences students donate 100 hours of their time to an NGO of their choice as part of their year-end thesis. We typically receive 600 hours donated each year. The website should act as a recruitment drive for these volunteers, as well as other non-student


  1. Accreditation agencies. We are in the process of securing accreditation from ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) and CMA. A professional web presence will assist in this


  1. We are continually expanding our partnership network to environmental organisations and lateral NGOs. The website should act as a vehicle to strengthen our network.


  1. The strength of our efforts relies on the quality of our people. We would like the website to attract job applications from qualified individuals in the fields of marketing, accounting and project management. The website should advertise the uniqueness of our offering.


  1. Photographers typically spend 40 hours a year to profile our projects. They are selected on a competitive basis but often donate free hours to capture specific projects and events. We would like the ‘photo gallery’ to inspire professional photographers to get involved.


  1. Design We sell branded merchandise (t-shirts, caps and bags) in our online shop as part of our fundraising. The designs and illustrations are donated by designers and design students. We would like the site to attract further contributions in this area. An online competition platform would be ideal.


  1. We have been featured in a variety of local magazines and radio stations. We would like the website to attract further positive media attention and enable interested parties to download our press kits.


Website activities and objectives


We would like the general user to engage in the following activities on our website. Items are listed in order of importance:


  • Donate online

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Follow us on social media channels like twitter and Facebook

  • Purchase our merchandise

  • Download resources on “Think Green”


This ties in with our major website objectives:


  • Create awareness about our organisation

  • Generate donations and merchandise sales

  • Build an online community


  • Build a repository for resources and materials on “Think Green”

  • Advertise uniqueness of organisation to partners, volunteers and the media


Navigation structure


The website will contain the following navigation structure. Alternate suggestions on page structure are welcome:


  • Home

  • About Us

  • Mission and vision

  • History

  • FAQ

  • Board (6 members) Staff (12 members)

  • Partners

  • Projects

    • Outline per project with image galleries and videos (2 projects for launch)

  • Donate

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Online shop (15 products for launch)

  • Volunteer

  • Think Green (resources centre with 10 articles for launch)

  • Events calendar

  • Image galleries (2 albums for launch, approx. 10 images per album)

  • Careers (4 vacancies currently)

  • Contact Us


Website main features


  • Newsletter subscription


  • Home page banner


  • Online donation form with ability to pay via EFT, PayPal or credit card. We would like users to choose between recurring and once-off donations (please see Template 1 as a reference)


  • Interactive image galleries


  • Online shop selling our branded merchandise (also ability to pay via EFT, PayPal or credit card); delivery is included in the purchase price and we post orders internationally; we currently have 20 products in our shop ranging from branded t-shirts to bags


  • Visual events calendar (we would like a full page calendar that highlights specific dates and allows users to toggle between months)


  • Website keyword search


Competitor websites


Competitor website worth referencing are:


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - http://www.gatesfoundation.org/


We like the home page banner animation, the breadth of information as well as the extensive use of multimedia throughout the site. The world map on the home page is a good reference for the interactive project map.


Plant with Purpose - http://www.plantwithpurpose.org/

We like the design of the website as well as the interactive village feature.




The design should be clean and ‘organic-looking’. We are leaning towards green as the dominant hue together with neutral colours like beige and grey. We would like to feature a mixture of object and people-based photography.


The home page design should tie in with our main message, which is:


Uplifting communities through environmental projects


Where people photography is concerned, a mixture of races and ages should be represented.


Other requirements


We are looking for an affordable and reliable hosting solution. We require 500 MB of disk space and up to 10 GB monthly traffic. This excludes email hosting. We already have a domain secured.


Website Design and Development Assignment


For this assignment you will work with a team to develop a website. Your team will need to conduct some research to find the information for the topic. The goal is to present the information (website) in such a way that customers can use your website effectively. In addition, you will submit a brief individual report about this assignment.




You will be expected to choose your own teams for this project. Teams may consist of three or four students. Your team needs to choose a team name and contact person. Students who are not in a group must contact the lecturer.


The Website:


Good web design suggests that dividing material into bite-sized pieces relating to a portion of the overall topic.


Good practice of web design is expected – e.g. appropriate navigation, a good writing style for the web, well-thought out design to make material easily read on screen, and appropriate fonts and colors. The home page should be index.html.


One of the pages (references.html) should contain accurate and detailed information about the sources of information (contents and images) used in the web pages. It is expected that the references be accurate and complete and follow an appropriate format.


Your website project must follow the hierarchical structure and file naming conventions given below. Your marks will be deducted if you don’t follow this structure in your project.




The Group Report:


Write a three page paper describing the process of creating your website, working with your client and learning the technical skills necessary to do so. Discuss the things that went well on the site, the things that you found difficult, things you would change if you could do it again and what your group did on the project and how each of the group member personally contributed to the project.


Remember, unlike some of the other papers we have done in class, this is an actual essay, not a rough designs or notes. Pay attention to grammar and spelling.


Make sure the name of your group and a listing of the members of your group are clearly identified on the first page of this document.


Word limit: equivalent to 1200 words



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