For this assignment, we select a topic and entities. We will also describe the entities and the relationship between them include only 2 entities, avoid additional entities, they add to the complexity)Database

The goal of the Term Project Proposal and the Term Project is to work through key steps in the design of a very basic relational database. Keep the topic “simple”, only 2 entities are needed to apply the concepts covered in the course.

For this assignment, we select a topic and entities. We will also describe the entities and the relationship between them (include only 2 entities, avoid additional entities, they add to the complexity). The topic must be based on a one-to-many or a many-to-many relationship.

The database design will be completed in the Term Project exercise. By examining the functional dependencies and working through the normalization process we will finalize the tables needed. A separate bonus assignment will allow you to earn points (2%) by creating an Access DB that matches your design.

The exercise feedback will include an “approved” (sometimes with conditions) or “not approved” statement. If your topic is not approved, you will be given an opportunity to adapt your topic or chose a new topic. Your term project topic must be approved – if you submit a Term Project without approval, the Term Project assignment grade will be materially impacted.

Follow the outline below (you must include the outline as section labels in your submission, the proposal must be 700+ words in length).
1) (5%) Name of the project
2) (10%) Explain the purpose of the database.
3) (20%) Describe the entities that will be the focus of the project (You only need 2 entities – be careful – limit your topic – contact the instructor if you are having difficulty). Discuss the type of information to be stored in each entity, and what a row in each entity represents. You are strongly urged to limit this to 2 entities. IF you include more than 2 entities – explain why.
4) (10%) What question would you like the database to be able to process – the question should require content from both proposed entities.
5) (10%) Users and administrators – explain who will use and who administer the database.
6) (10%) Explain how this information would be recorded and used without a database
7) (15%) Explain the relationship between the entities. You must have a one-to-many or a many-to-many relationship between the proposed entities – explain how you expect each row in one entity (table) will relate to a row or rows in the other table (entity).
8) (20%) Submission organization, clarity of content, grammar, writing style, APA guidelines.
Restrict your use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 15% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if you exceed this limit).

Here is a list of topics that will be rejected: projects that track statistics, keeping track of movies or DVDs, Recipes, Students and Classes, modifications to examples in our text, or examples in other textbooks (Premier Products, Henry Books, Marina Group, Orders and Parts, Customer and Orders, or Customers and Products), Cars and Owners, Owners and Rental locations, Products or Parts / Suppliers, IT asset tracking, Books and Authors, Physical fitness tracking, Flight and Tail-numbers, and Game-based topics.


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