For our project, the group members listed above chose to use the TELUS Mobility Company as a reference.Database

Project Proposal Group #6


For our project, the group members listed above chose to use the TELUS Mobility Company as a reference.


Because of how large the company is, we will be narrowing down our project to mostly focus on the cellular phones offered and plans.  


In this project, our external schema will allow users to select their phone and select a plan that is available with their selection.


The physical model will include all the phones listed by brand, price, operating system, year, all detailed hardware specifications. Another model will include various preset plans that are available for specific devices.


Lastly, we will include some existing customers and their needs accordingly to exemplify and best represent our external levels.During the semester, you are required to complete a group project, which is to implement a relational database. The purpose of the project is to exercise database concepts in realistic contexts. The requirements of the group projects include: 


  1. Your database system must support certain business areas or processes. You are required to choose one of the organizations listed in Appendix A at the end of this document. Each group must select a different organization. 
  2. You do not need to implement the whole database of the selected organization. Define some functions and processes in the organization and design a database for these functions and processes. 
  3. Your database system must contain at least 4 tables and should not exceed 10 tables. Front-end applications are not required. 
  4. You must use MySQL for database design and implementation. 
  5. Define some reporting requirements and implement them in MySQL.
  6. The presentation must be at most 8 minutes long. 5 for the main presentation, and 3 or so for questions.

Business Rules 

(I might rewrite this later based on our notes, where it says we must outline what the business requires of a created database in chapter 3. I think that is something we need to cover in this section)

Telus mobility is a service for people that are currently using cellular devices to connect to a network where they may communicate with other people who own devices that may receive such data. The company needs information about what device the customer is using, what plan they are registered for, what their personal information is, and whether or not they are registered to use roaming services from the company if they are outside of the country. 


Conceptual Design - give business requires i.e. what kind of business and data is needed

The data we will be storing inside of the database includes the following (which covers the entities in the database, the attributes covered by each entity, and their relationships) :


Customer [This entity covers all information about customers of Telus Mobility, and will have a 1:m relationship with phone plans (as multiple customers may use the same phone plan), and a 1:1 relationship with the phone entity (as only one phone may be registered and used for telus’ services for each customer, but there are family plans). 


(CustomerID) Customer Number

(firstName) First Name

(lastName) Last Name

(address) Address

(phoneNo) Phone number

(postalCode) Postal code

(province) Province

(salesRepEmployeeNo) SalesRepEmployeeNumber

(country) Country

(planID) Plan ID

(orderID) Order ID

Phone Plans [This entity covers information of each phone plan offered by telus mobility, and will have a 1:m relationship with customers (many customers may use the same plan), and a 1:m relationship with the service coverage entity (all phone plans will be using the same service coverage entity).


(planCostPerMo) Monthly plan cost

(planID) Plan ID

(dataLimit) Data limit

(localCallMinutes) Call minutes (local)

(globalCallMinutes) Call minutes (global)

(localTextLimit) Text limit (local)

(globalTextLimit) Text limit (global) 

(network) Network type (LTE vs 3G)

(callRoamCharges) Roaming charges (calls)

(textRoamCharges) Roaming charges (texts) 

Phone Payment Plan

                  customerID) Customer ID

(planID) Plan ID

(phoneID) Phone ID

(paymentType) Payment Type (Monthly or full purchase)

(remainingFees) Remaining fees (for customers that bought a phone they must pay off)

Employee information [This entity will cover employee information, and will be in a relationship with the branch entity, as shown below, with a 1:m relationship].

(employeeID) Employee Number

(firstName) First Name

(lastName) Last Name

(empEmail) Email

(jobPosition) Job Title

(phoneNo) Phone number

(storeID) Store ID

(superiorID) ReportsTo

(employeeAddress) Address

(employeeZip) Postal Code

(employeeProv) Province

(employeeCountry) Country


(orderID) Order ID

(phoneID) Phone ID

(orderDate) Order Date 

(status) Status

Store [This entity covers information about each branch, and will be associated with the phone entity, shown below, and the employee entity. The relationship between branch and employee will be 1:m, as there will be multiple employees working in one branch]

(storeID) Store ID

(location) Location

(phoneNo) Phone Number

Phone [This entity will be associated with customers and branch info, as a branch has multiple phone models in stock, and must use this entity for the sake of storing more information about the phone. Customers will also need this information to save what phone model they are using so that it may be determined if their phone may be repaired in store, if it is used in any exclusive offers, or if it is compatible with certain services provided by Telus mobility. Branches will have a 1:m relationship with phones, and customers will have a 1:1 relationship with the phone entity, since they will only have one phone registered for Telus mobilities services.


Phone ID

Developer (Apple, samsung, etc)

OS (iOS, Android)

Camera MP (Megapixels)

Hard drive space

Total Price


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