Draw a use case diagram showing all the above services. Add the primary and secondary actors if there are any. Use <>, <> and generalization when it is applicable.UML Diagrams

Case Study Description

The next three questions are related to each other and must be done in order because your answers depend on your decisions in previous questions. Before you start, read the case study carefully. You may make some assumptions if you judge that the requirements are ambiguous or unclear or incomplete. Please document any assumptions you make.

Special Olympics is the world’s largest humanitarian sporting event and a global movement which focuses on the empowerment of People of Determination with intellectual disabilities through the power of sport. As you know, Abu Dhabi held the special Olympics games last year. More than 20 000 volunteers are involved in this humanitarian sporting events.


This case is aimed at obtaining an information system for the National Volunteer Program in order to place and track volunteers at various volunteer opportunities. The new IS will offer the following services:


  1. Register as a volunteer. The participant has to make a request to become a volunteer. Each volunteer has to enter all his/her details (full name, field of expertise, availability, etc.), and add an electronic copy of: Valid Passport, Valid Emirates ID, Family Book, and an Official Personal Photo to complete his/her registration; Once the participant submits his/her request, the system will send a notification to the employees of the national volunteer program in order to validate the pending requests.

  2. Validate the volunteer requests. The employees of the National Volunteer Program check the validity of all volunteer requests. A notification is sent to the volunteers once the validation is done. If the volunteer is accepted, the system will display a list of all upcoming events and/or stations that match with the volunteer profile. The employee will assign him/her on events/stations and send him/her the schedule through the system. Otherwise, a thankful email will be sent to the volunteers.

  3. Maintain information on all volunteers. The employees may also update information on existing volunteers and search for volunteers who might be interested in a specific job at a specific station.

  4. Maintain information on activities of the volunteers. The employees may update volunteer activities including the number of hours spent by each volunteer in a job.

  5. Maintain information on events/stations at which volunteers work by devoting their time and efforts as well as the activities of the volunteers.

  6. Track the performance of volunteers. The system offers the possibility for the employees to keeping track of the number of hours each volunteer has completed and of communications and job requests between and among volunteers and the volunteer coordinator. The system generates reports and certificates based on the needs and preferences of the volunteer coordinator. Notifications are sent to the volunteer coordinator once volunteers’ working hours meet certain levels required for special recognition.


Q1. Draw a use case diagram showing all the above services.  Add the primary and secondary actors if there are any. Use <>, <> and generalization when it is applicable.  Write a sentence to describe each use case.                                                                                                                                                       



Total Marks

Obtained Marks


6 Marks


Use cases

12 Marks



8 Marks



4 Marks



-1 Mark for each inconsistency



30 Marks


Q2. Define the textual description of the main use case: Validate Volunteer Requests. [20 Marks, CLO2]



Total Marks

Obtained Marks


5 Marks


Normal Flow

8 Marks


Alternative Flow

2 Marks


Error Flow

5 marks



20 Marks



Use case name:


Primary Actor: ……………………………….              Secondary Actor:  ...……………………………

Brief Description:


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