Defines motivation and explains how motivation is expressed lists at least 3 sources of motivationAssignment Writing

Sources of Motivation Paper


80 Percent

·         Defines motivation and explains how motivation is expressed

·         Lists at least 3 sources of motivation

·         Analyzes the relationship between the brain, motivation, and behavior

·         Applies at least 2 theories of motivation to explain how behavior exhibits motivation

Organization and Development

10 Percent

·         The paper is 1,050 to 1,400 words in length.

·         The paper is clear and organized; major points are supported by details, examples, or analysis.

·         The tone aligns with the assignment’s purpose and is geared toward the appropriate audience.

·         The paper provides relevant and sufficient background on the topic.

·         The paper is logical, flows, and reviews the major points.

·         At least 2 peer-reviewed articles are cited.

Mechanics and Format

10 Percent

·         The assignment file is presentable and functional.

·         Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.

·         The paper—including the title page, reference page, tables, and any appendices—is formatted

            according to APA guidelines.


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