Create a program that will calculate a student’s grade in a class that uses a weighted grade book.Python Programming

Create a program that will calculate a student’s grade in a class that uses a weighted grade book.

Background Information A weighted system uses percentages to determine how much each assignment category is worth: Project Grades = 30% (weight = .30)

Participation Grades = 20% (weight = .20) quizzes = 10% (weight = .10) Exams = 40% (weight = .40) the grading scale should be: A - 90-100 B - 80-89 C - 70-79 D - 60-69 F - Below 60

Note: You will multiply the average for each of the categories by its weight. The final grade is the sum of the calculated weights. Planning Your Program I would encourage you to write your program in a pseudo code or a flowchart before you begin.

 Requirements: -Organized your code efficiently using functions -Document your code using useful block and inline comments -Allow your user to run your code multiple times (looping) -Follow Python naming conventions

Input: -Prompts allowing the user to run the program or exit. -Get the grades for each category into your program -Include error handling for bad input -You can choose to use a looping user prompt for each category (each category will need multiple grades) or to read grades from files prompting the user for file names. (I've added some sample files to the Trinket for you to work with)

Output: -Clear communication with your user and nicely formatted output -Average for each Category Final Semester Grade Weighted Average -Final Semester Letter Grade -Feedback for Final Grade If possible include inline comments, so I can follow along on how you did this assignment. I also would rather if the expert uses loops and functions instead of regular expressions. Also they should include a loop so that it asks the user if they would like to enter other entries if they would like after it iterates once or to type quit if they are done running the code once. Also, before I forget the instructor provided 4 files, but they are not necessary as I was told we can do the assignment using user inputs as well.

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