this assessment requires you to develop a Simple Bank Management Systems using C# Bank account details, user data, banking transactions etc. are to be stored in files.C Sharp Programming


This assessment requires you to develop a Simple Bank Management Systems using C#. Bank account details, user data, banking transactions etc. are to be stored in files. It has to be a C# console application. The specifications/requirements are detailed in the rest of the document.

Students need to submit the complete project folder in zip format, which will have the complete C# code, solution file, data files etc. required to run/test the program. Any special instructions required to run the code has to be provided in a text file. 

Assignment Objectives

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate competence in the following skills.

  • Ensure firm understanding of the .Net framework, C# basic and syntax

  • Understand how the .NET framework implements OO concepts and the implications this has for new language design

  • Array and string manipulation

  • Creating custom classes and methods in C#

  • File operations and handing in C# q Creating interactive console applications q   Create good OO design. 


In this assignment you need to develop a menu driven Simple Bank Management Systems using C#. Bank account details, user data, banking transactions etc. should be stored/saved in files. The components/menu items that should be in the screen/console are described below, but you are free to add more options as appropriate based on your application design. It should be a console app

  1. Login Menu:

 Functionality: Provide secured access to the banking system.

 Input fields required:

  • Username : Display the typed characters as it is

  • Password : Display “*” instead of the actual characters

Field checks required:

  1. Username and Password to be cross-checked with the valid Credentials available in the file to store the login details (txt)

  2. Username should be unique

Display appropriate error message if the credentials are invalid and allow to re-enter the values.

  1. Main Menu:

Functionality: Used to navigate through the system using certain options related to common banking operations. Menu item required:

  1. Create a new account: To create a new account and store it in the respective account file

  2. Search for an account: Search for an account using account number

  3. Deposit: Deposit money in a valid account

  4. Withdraw: Withdraw a valid amount for an account

  5. A/C statement: Display account statement for a valid account number

  6. Delete account: Delete the account

  7. Exit: Exit from the application or return back to the login screen

  8. Ask user to select an item number(1-7) from the menu

(See sample screen)

Field checks required:

  • The item number selected should be an integer

  • Check for a valid input (1-7) else return back to the menu without any error.

  • Check for a non-integer input and return back to the menu without any error.

  1. Create a new account:

  Functionality: Create a new account in the banking system Input fields required:

  • First Name : Text field

  • Last Name: Text field

  • Address: Text field

  • Phone: Integer

  • Email: Text field

Field checks required:

  1. Phone: Integer, should not be more than 10 characters

  2. Email: Check if the entered string has “@” (required), “”, “”, and “” in the domain (optional)

If the information was correct in the input fields:

  1. Create a file with the name <account_number>.txt and save all the information in a proper format, which makes it easy to retrieve. 

  2. Generate a unique account number (6-8 digits) and display it.

  3. Email the account details to the email ID provided.

  4. Return to the Main menu upon-key press.

  5. Search for an account:

Functionality: Search for a valid account and display the account details if an account is found 

Input fields required:

              -     Account Number: integer

Field checks required:

  1. Account number: Integer, should not more than 10 characters. If an invalid account number is provided, appropriate error message should be provide, with an option to re-enter/check another account. If the account number is valid, display the account details similar to  as shown in the sample screen.            

        Once the search is complete, return to the Main Menu.


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