drawing a flowchart showing that in visual representation to document the management system for developing purposes in the future.C Programming

Scenario 1

You are an intern in the information technology department in a hospital within a team of computer and system analyst engineers. Regard the crises of the emerging Coronavirus COVID-19 the hospital needs to develop its system in all departments in terms of sterilization mechanisms, scheduling appointments, receiving patients, cases, and conducting tests for Coronavirus. Your role in the team is to develop the management system for the emergency in the hospital that manages the people who visit the emergency and might be infected with the emerging Coronavirus COVID-19.

Task 1

Implement your steps to solve this problem (Task 2 to Task 5), by drawing a flowchart showing that in visual representation to document the management system for developing purposes in the future.

Task 2

The management system must be user friendly, which allow the user to choose the option for the required operation from a menu list, this menu list must contain the following options, and as shown in the sample figure 1:

  • Create record.

  • Suggested required

  • Daily status

  • Exit

Figure 1: Sample Run of the menu list

Note: Use function to print out this menu, and this function should return the selected choice. Be aware that if the user input invalid choice you should warn him, and the menu should be shown again. Also, the suggested required actions and the daily status report options are not valid choices unless the user create correct record, as shown in

figure 2.

Task 3

The first option is to create a record for the people who will visit the emergency, use function to input their data, which must include the following: Name (First name) i.e (Ahmad), ID ( 4 digit integer number) i.e (1234) , Age, history (chronic diseases), Temperature, and breathing difficulties of these people. Then you need to measure the probability of these people who are infected by COVID-19, depending on these conditions in table 1 :

Table 1: Percentage of Infecting by COVID-19 with Conditions 

Percentage that the person might be infected by COVID-19




Breathing Difficulties


More than 60 years or

less than 16



More than 37



More than 60 years or

less than 16



More than 37



Less than 60 and more than



More than 37



Any age




Based on the percentages you have you need to show this percentage of infecting by COVID-19 with an image of the status bar, as shown in the figure 2. (Use showArray function with the library foc_sp20.h you will find it on eLearning)

Then you need to write each case that was measured in a file in one line in this representation:

Name, ID, age, history status, temperature, breathing difficulties, and the probability of infection by COVID-19, as shown in figure 4.

Note that the record function must return the probability of infection by COVID-19 value (75%, 50%, 25%, or 5%).

Task 4

 The second option is the required action for each probability case, where you need to use function to implement it as follows:

  1. 75% case: you need to give the system an alarm message that will be send to the ministry of health include “This person must be moved to isolation hospitals for coronavirus cases”.

  2. 50% case: you need to put this person in the isolation at your hospital. This case you need to calculate the number of available beds, based on the total beds and the used beds in the hospital which are represented respectively in text file that will be provided for you (You will find it with the assignment on eLearning), if there are available beds you should modify the text file values by increasing the used beds by one, and if there is no available bed you need to show a warning message to notify

  3. 25% and 5% cases: you need to give the user indication message that the person must isolate himself in the home 

Task 5

The third option is the daily status report for the hospital, you need to use function that calculate the following results based on the records that have been saved in the file that you created in the first option, and print out them on terminal, as shown in figure 6:

  1. Total number of cases that visit the

  2. Percentage of each case (75%, 50%, 25% and 5%) to the total

  3. Average of the age for all

  4. Average of temperature for all

Task 6

For cases with 75% probability of COVID-19, you are required to send an alarm message to the Ministry of Health. For this task you can use one of two devices:

  • Device A is 20 meters away, it can be connected using USB

  • Device B is 10 meters away, it can be connected using serial port

What will be your choice and why? Draw a simple block diagram for your choice


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