design material including site map, wireframes at least 3 and description and justification at least one paragraph for a page layout design techniqueOthers

Beginner web designer

  • design material including site map, wireframes (at least 3), and description and justification (at least one paragraph) for a page layout design technique
  • at least 5 web pages (main page, two additional pages relating to the theme, one page containing form/form elements, references/sources)
  • form elements must include text field, radio buttons, check boxes, select list, submit and reset buttons, fieldset and legend
  • input fields for text input fields must make sure that the user cannot submit a blank field
  • form must return values that user inputs (please use the following server side script
  • web pages must use cascading style sheets for style and layout
  • cascading style sheets must use an external style sheet (you may also use inline and embedded styles). Use at least 2 different levels of style sheets
  • cascading style sheets must be used to accomplish any/all styling for all pages
  • requires style and layout
  • web pages must provide
  • navigation structure
  • header and footer
  • footer must contain the copyright symbol and your full name
  • must include at least one image (on any of the pages), including the alt attribute



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