declaration and use of main block variables,if, while, block and empty statementsJava Programming

1) This project has 4 parts. Right now im am giving the first part
2) qualified expert to do this complete compiler design project.
3) Below I will provide you the starting code.
4) This link has all the required information including concepts, suggested reading and so on. Please go through this link thoroughly. This link has pretty much all the information.

For this particular part one of the project below needs to be done:

Add features to the distributed T compiler

(20 points) declaration and use of main block variables
(20 points) assignment operator
(15 points) if, while, block and empty statements
(10 points) break and continue statements
(35 points) additional integer operators: subtraction, multiplication, division, greater than, less than, equals and not

You should be sure to complete the first three items in the above work list because they will be used to test your Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 submissions. The remaining items in the list will not be used to test your Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 submissions.

You should complete the first four items in the above work list in the order that they are presented. That is, declaration of variables will be used to test assignment, the assignment will be used to test the if and while statements, and while statements will be used to test break and continue.

Also, you must maintain the -AST flag for all the new tree nodes that you add. Reviewing the AST dump will be part of grading this assignment.


To get full credit, your code must be adequately documented and structured.

You must give me back the system in the same form that I gave it to you. I must be able to install it and run it in the exact same way as when it was delivered to you. I would also like you to keep the source code organized in the same directory hierarchy. If you fail to do this, a significant deduction will be made to your grade.

Note that there is a script,, in tc/bin, which will generate a tar file for you. This tar file is what I require you to submit to me for grading.


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