Your program should read the array to be sorted from unsortedArrayXXX.dat that is in the same directory and save sorted arrays to files named mergeSortedXXX.datC Programming

Department  of Computer Engineering, Computer Programming I

Term Project.

Implement 4 sorting algorithms:

  1. Merge Sort

  2. Buble Sort

  3. Your Algorithm 1 (Choose one known sorting algortihm)

  4. Your Algorithm 2 (Choose another known sorting algorithm)

Your program should read the array to be sorted from “unsortedArrayXXX.dat” that is in the same directory and save sorted arrays to files named “mergeSortedXXX.dat”. All 4 output files should have the same sorted array. “XXX” stands for different array sizes. For example, if the array size is 100 file name will be unsortedArray100.dat. Your program should also print the unsorted array  and sorted arrays for each algorithm on computer screen.

Your program should measure the sorting time used by each algorithm for the 4 array sizes 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000.  The time should not include reading the array from the hard-drive, writing the sorted array to the hard-drive and printing arrays to the screen. The time measrument should only inlcude the time taken for sorting algorithms.  Print the sort time on computer screen.  And you can also dump all screen mesages to a file named as dump.txt by running your code under command promp adding  “ > dump.txt” after your executable file. For example:

C:MyCProjectsSortingcompareSortAlgorithms.exe  > dump.txt

 In your report, compare the results on a chart and check it with their well-known performance metrics that are shown below:


Average Complexity

Merge Sort


Bubke Sort


Your Algorithm 1


Your Algorithm 2


Note 1: For a simple explanation of Big-O Notation pls check:

Note 2: For an introduction to various sorting algorithms please check:

Chart below gives the input size vs. computer operations plots for mostly encountered Big-O complexities. Compare your charts for buble sort, merge sort and 2 other algorithms with the chart below and comment on results.

You should fill in the following table with respected runtimes and construct a comparison chart for the 4 algorithms:

Elapsed Time(ms)





Buble Sort





Quick Sort





Heap Sort





Merge Sort






Note: For each measurement run the algorithm for at least 10 times, and record the average score. Runtime will depend on many parameters such as the unrelated programs running under the same operating system.

Make another comparison graph showing performances of algorithms for 4 different input size. Here performance is defined as 1/ElapsedTime. The shorter the elapsed time the higher the performance. Make a bar graph like shown below. On horizontal axis you will have 4 different array sizes. Performance of each algorithm will be plotted for each array size. 

Organize your main function and other funcitons for implementing different algorithms in seperate files. The project should be consisting of 3 source code files: main.c, sortingFuncitons.h, and sortingFunctions.c


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