Using Python within Grasshopper, you are to design a façade (or screen) of one wall. you should design an entirely new façade.Python Programming

Using Python within Grasshopper, you are to design a façade (or screen) of one wall. you should design an entirely new façade.

Python must comprise at least 75% of your Grasshopper sketch. That is, you can use traditional Grasshopper components to work with your Python component(s), however 75% of your sketch must be in Python. You can choose to have your entire Python script in one Grasshopper node, or you can have multiple Python nodes that work with your Grasshopper sketch. It is better to separate your Python nodes into its discrete tasks – ie. one Python node for your shape, one Python node for attractor point/curves, another to loft etc. It will not be as simple, as you have seen, programming in Python offers more flexible and powerful algorithms using if-else conditions, loops, and functions; please use these programming concepts within your Grasshopper sketch. Annotation and comment in your grasshopper sketch is mandatory .

While we have not explored the ghpythonlib.components library, it is available, and I would use this as a last resort. This is, a python library that provides most of the same components you find in Grasshopper.


Grade will be determined on how you incorporate Python into your Grasshopper sketch. Are you using functions, if-else, and loops appropriately?

How efficient is your code? How flexible is your code? Are you appropriately using Lists?

Design                                                                                                                        5/30

Grade will be determined based on overall composition and design aesthetic.

Comments                                                                                                                  5/30

Annotate and comment your grasshopper sketch .

Python nodes must include comments, with a header comment describing the Python node, as well as comments throughout the script describing what important blocks of code do.


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