The aim of this task is for you to demonstrate how more complicated UI elements can be used.Android Programming

Developing apps using UI elements 


The aim of this task is for you to demonstrate how more complicated UI elements can be used.


1.   A simple booklist

Create a custom list using RecyclerView that shows information about some books with the following information (a crude design for each row is below): an icon, and name and book rating on two lines.


|Icon|      Book Title          |

|    |      Rating              |


In the submission, you must show the screen shot and the code that renders the Row Adapter code. You can use any icons (i.e. they need not be associated with the book title or rating). You need 10 rows of test data in your application (which can be stored in an object).


  • Screenshot with a custom list showing icon, name and book rating is

  • Code snippet of the Row Adapter

2.   Activities and fragments and intents

What is the difference between activities and fragments? Also briefly describe the function of a FragmentManager and a Fragment transaction. Provide an example of where Fragments might be useful. How are intents used to transition between activities?


 The difference between Activities and Fragments is

  • The function of a FragmentManager and a Fragment transaction is

  • Intents are defined and an example is provided of an

  • Text is properly referenced and is the student’s own words unless otherwise


You will be asked to demonstrate your assignment in the lab. You should be able to do this and explain your code when asked in the lab session.


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