Running on a Virtual Machine show current Port (default) from the configuration file change default Port when requested restart serviceDatabase

This is the rubric: Item sub-task points your points

1) Database.(20pts)

  1. a) Running on a Virtual Machine 5
  2. b) Show current Port (default) from the configuration file 5
  3. c) Change default Port when requested ( restart service) 5
  4. d) Show the new port is listening 5

2) Script1 (20pts)

  1. a) Takes parameter - Port 1 5
  2. b) Execute command that writes into the database 5
  3. c) Make

(b) executes often (place instruction in a while do; done constructor You may want to control the speed of writing using the sleep instruction 5

  1. d) Place script1 in the background 5

3) Script2 (20 pts)

  1. a) Automate regular execution (3min) using CRON 5
  2. b) Fetch system measurements via SAR command 5
  3. c) Write measurements into a file (redirect ?) named stats.csv 5
  4. d) Format output using SED / CUT (see SysAdmin: NIC Configuration - MAC at 3:15 for a CUT example) or both to suitable format into stats.csv for GNUPLOT to read it 5

4) GNUPLOT (20 pts)

  1. a) Create Gnuplot script mygplot.g to read input file stats.csv 5
  2. b) Read stats.csv 5
  3. c) Generate output file sys_stats.png 5
  4. d) Integrate with Script2 5

5) Remote Server (20 pts)

  1. a) Transfer file to server using SCP command into the YOKO server 2.5
  2. b) Integrate SCP with Scritp2 5
  3. c) Plate image in the correct path ( ~/csi3660/proj/images/ ) 2.5
  4. d) Integrate image in accessible HTML 5
  5. e) Image Measurement Units Distinguishable 5 Total: 100 pts

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