In this assignment, an algorithm design of a given word in a text is required using the Boyer-Moore Horspool algorithm.C Programming

In this assignment, an algorithm design of a given word in a text is required using the Boyer-Moore Horspool algorithm. Code C

You are asked to write in the language. The specified application will work with the "Find and Replace" logic used in an editor. The algorithm you will develop should offer the user a “Case Sensitive” option. A small capital letter difference should be activated by selecting the property. If this feature is not selected, the algorithm should search regardless of small-capitalization.

  • Homework consists of 4 main parts.
  1. Reading the Data: Expression to be searched by the user, new expression to replace, The file name and whether the search should be “case sensitive” should be given.
  2. Boyer-Moore Horspool Algorithm
  3. Text information in the file must be read into an array in the memory area
  4. All points in the text of the searched expression must be found and all old expressions must be replaced with the new one. (An additional array is not used for displacement, and you can produce an efficient solution and share it in the detailed report.)
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  6. Transaction report
  7. When the process is completed, the total processing time, including how many changes were made, assignment and displacement, should be printed on the screen.
  8. It is expected that the working times for different texts and words of different lengths will be analyzed and shown in the report with the help of graphics


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