Discuss the differences between HBase and relational database tables. When would you use eachOthers

Part 1 – Answer the Following Questions in Your Own Words

  1. Discuss the differences between HBase and relational database tables. When would you use each?

  2. Discuss the differences between HBase and Hive. When would you use each?

  3. What are the differences between the delete and drop HBase Shell commands?

  4. What are the differences between get and scan commands?

  5. When would you use the deleteall HBase Shell command?

  6. When would you use the drop_all HBase Shell command?

  7. What is data versioning in HBase and how is it implemented? What are the pros and cons of versioning?

  8. What is the row key in HBase?

  9. Define the column family. Is it possible to create an HBase table without any column families? Why or why not?

Part 2

Option 1 - Retail Bookstore Case Study

You are the Big Data Analyst for a large 100-years old retail bookstore. They have a massive inventory, most of which is stored on Ascii-based text files. Millions of files are stored on old-fashioned storage devices ranging from CDs, DVDs, Optical disks to high volume hard disks. Two sample records in a file are shown below:

 Record 1:

Topic: Fiction, Sub-topic: Young-adult, Sub-topic: Mystery, Sub-topic: Adventure, Title: A study in Charlotte, Series: Yes, Series Title: Charlotte Holmes Series, Series Number: 1, Author 1: Brittany Cavallaro, Author 2:, Author 4:, Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books; Reprint edition: January 3, 2017, Language: English, Paperback: 352 pages, ISBN-10: 0062398911, ISBN-13: 978-0062398918, Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.8 x 8 inches

 Record 2:

Topic: Non-Fiction, Sub-topic: Adult, , Sub-topic: Young-Adult, Sub-topic: Self Help, Sub-topic: Professional training, Sub-topic: Comedy, Title: How to be a comedian, Series: no, Author 1: George Carlin, Author 2:David Letterman, Author 3: Jay Leno, Author 4: Conan O’Brian, Author 5: Jimmy Kimmel, Author 5: George Lopez, Author 6: Eddie Murphy, Author 7: Ellen Degeneres, Author 8: Richard Pryor, Author Affiliation 1: (Author 2, 12 Second Street, NY 10005), Author 12: Margaret Cho, Author Affiliation 3: (Author 5, 91, Hollywood Street, Los Angeles, CA 90100), Publisher: McGraw Hill Academic Press; Reprint edition: 8, Language: English, Paperback: 666 pages, ISBN-10: 0087738911, ISBN-13: 942-006711918

You are given the following information about the data (metadata):

  1. A topic may have many sub-topics

  2. Subtopic assignment may change with Reprint editions

  3. A book may belong to a series. If so, the series name and number are required

  4. A book can have many Authors

  5. Affiliation (organization or home address) may be available for some authors of some books

  6. Some authors may have more than one affiliation

  7. A book may have multiple Reprint editions and the bookstore may carry only a few of them

  8. Multiple ISBN numbers may be available for some books.

Your task: Theoretically set up a searchable database that can flexibly accommodate all the above requirements, can contain records of several hundred million books in many languages.

Your paper must have Introduction, Problem Statement, Design, Implementation Methods, Conclusion with a discussion of the pros and cons of your design. The following are required:

  1. Design showing the different Big Data Systems that you will use to solve this problem.

  2. Pseudocode of a function that will read in each record, parse it, and transform it into database queries or input data for database ingestion

  3. Database design showing a detailed schema

  4. Discussion of the pros and cons of choosing ACID vs CAP systems for this problem.

  5. Ideas for improving the speed of the query tool.


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