Define Web Service, Role, Service Choreographies,WSDL, UDDI ? What is the relationship between the ServicePot and UDDI proxy.Software Engineering

Answer the following questions for the assigned article titled:
An Extensible Framework for Online Testing of Choreographed Services by Midhat Ali,
Francesco De Angelis, Daniele Fani, Antonia Bartolina, Guglielmo de Angelis, and Andrea

1. Define: Web Service, Role, Service Choreographies
2. Define: WSDL, UDDI?
3. What is a tModel?
4. What is the relationship between the ServicePot and UDDI proxy?
5. What is BPMN and how is it used within the CHOReOS framework?
6. Describe how ParTes subsystem generates a Test Suite?
7. What plug-ins to the ServicePot are described in the paper?
8. What is the purpose and functionality of CRank?
9. Describe the ServicePot extension mechanisms?
10. When does the ParTes plug-in gets activated within the Choreography enactment
11. Where do Test Engineers fit in the WebServices Choreography verification and
validation process?


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