Create a simple computer game for example a computer version of a basic board game on the market, or any other computer game of your invention.Others


Final Project - Game Development and Presentation


The knowledge you have accumulated throughout the semester will be compiled into this final project. CSIT 111, a General Education course, has also helped you develop competence in the following General Education program skills:

  1. written and oral communication

  2. critical analysis and reasoning

  3. technological competence

  4. information literacy

  5. scientific and quantitative or logical reasoning

Using the programming or simulation language used in this course (Alice) create a simple computer game.


The assignment is further broken down into four phases.

Phase 1: Game and Audience Selection: 

Create a simple computer game; for example, a computer version of a basic board game on the market, or any other computer game of your invention. Sample projects have been “Connect Four”, “Hangman”, “Simon” and different versions of first-person-shooters. The student must also select a specific age group (listed below) as game players’ audience. The design of the game must take the audience’s age into account. The project will be graded based on the quality of the designs and problem deconstruction, the use of research to find solutions to problems, the appropriate use of data organization and control structures, and the use of the SDLC.

Age Groups → 5 – 9 (year olds), 9-13, 13-21, 25-35, 40-60, 60+

Phase 2: Planning your Game: Visual and Textual Storyboards: 

In game creation, there is always an artist rendering of the game’s characters or the game in action. Students will create appropriate storyboards for the game they are creating which will include written components. The storyboard needs to contain at least six images showing the game (Visual Storyboards) as well as the textual storyboards. The storyboard may not be “screen captures” of the actual electronic game and must follow the template from the textbook. If the storyboard is hand drawn, it will need to be scanned for submission. You will be graded on effort (number of scenes, color), detail of images, and appealing overall layout.

Phase 3: Presentation: 

Each student will give a PowerPoint presentation and game demonstration for 15 minutes to your instructor and guests. If you are taking this class online, your presentation should be recorded and uploaded into Blackboard or done using a Video Conference tool such as Zoom or Skype. The PowerPoint presentation should be used as a guide, but requires the following:

  1. At least 15 slides

  2. First slide has Student ID and Course/Section

  3. Last slide has the word "Questions", so the audience knows when the presentation is complete, and it is the time to ask questions

  4. Should have some of the storyboards (Visual and textual) in it

  5. Provide a list of at least 3 sources used cited in APA Style

  6. Along with other slides in your presentation, please create a dedicated slide to answer each of the following questions:

    1. What features you have added to the game?

    2. What challenges did you faced?

    3. What did you learn through this experience?

    4. Why you chose this game?


The student may demonstrate the game at any time during the presentation. Grading will be based on presentation appeal and organization.

Phase 4: E-Portfolio: 

After the presentation, the student will submit the e-portfolio in a zip file. The zip file and each one of the files will be named using your Student ID. Bellow are the files that you need to include in your zip folder:


  1. Visual Storyboards (electronic/scanned)

  2. Textual Storyboards

  3. PowerPoint presentation

  4. Alice world


The in-class discussions and lessons may not have covered every aspect of programming the game. Students will need to research code for gameplay features, as well as for features and characteristics that appeal to your targeted audience. Students should use sources both internal and external to class materials and content including the library databases to locate appropriate sources


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