Create a 2D Unity Project that contains a cube and sphere in the environment write one C# scriptC Sharp Programming

Assignment 2

Unity and C#


Create a 2D Unity Project that contains a cube and sphere in the environment. Write one C# script that performs the following operations on the cube and sphere:

  • Change the color of the objects to one that is selected in the editor.
  • Move the sphere up in the positive y direction then return to the previous position and keep repeating this process until the game has stopped.
  • Move the cube left to right and back and repeat this movement process until the game has stopped.


Create a class for an enemy character.  Inside the class create the following properties (define the get and set operations for each property):

  • Name
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Damage

Create a Script called AI and place it on the camera that creates 3 different enemies all with different names, health, armor, and damage attributes. After creating all 3 enemy, output to the console their stats.


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