Construct a program that contains just main using the encrypted text file provided below, open the file using a user Defined file stream.C Programming

Construct a program that contains just main. Using the (encrypted) text file provided below, open the file using a user Defined file stream. For each line in the file store the line into an array that can store up to 80 characters using a scan

Set to not scan in the newline character. Using  for loop, print the line to your output file backwards.

void encrypt_file(char*, char*);
int main(void)
char ary[80];
FILE* spIn;
printf(“Enter in the name of  outrut filen");
char fileout [80];
scanf(”%79s”, fileout);
spIn = fcpen(”decrypted.txt”,”r”);
while  (fgets(ary, sizeof(ary), spIn))
encrypt_file(ary, fileout);
fclose (spIn);
printf(”Your file has been processed.n");
return 0;
}//end main
void encrypt_file(char* aryIn, char* fileout)
FILE*  spOut = fopen(fileopen, "a");
int i =  strlen(aryln);
for(;i> 0;i--)
fputc(aryln[i — 1], spOut);
fclose (spOut);
://end function


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