A radio signal was transmitted from a cell tower with the following time stamp: Time Stamp = 12:14:13.112345 (Format: hh:mm:ss.ssssss)Android Programming

1.  A radio signal was transmitted from a cell tower with the following time stamp: Time Stamp = 12:14:13.112345 (Format: hh:mm:ss.ssssss)

It was received by the cell phone at: 12:14:13.112445

Calculate the distance between the cell tower and the cell phone.    

  • Create a simple Animation resource file (XML) which will animate a given image as follows:
  • Move the image to left by 5%
  • Move the image to right by 5%
  • Move the image to left by 5%

Set the duration of animation to 0.1 seconds each. 

  • Given an activity with the following layout:

Grade Calculator

Write Java code to read the data from three plain text views, calculate average & letter grade, and display average & letter grade using appropriate text views. Letter grade is calculated as follows:


Letter Grade

90 <= Average <= 100


90 < Average <= 80


80 < Average <= 70


70 < Average <= 60


60 < Average



Test score are give on the scale of 0 to 100. Note that there are no button in the given layout. This means the code will perform the calculation whenever the text in the plain text view changes (Hint: You will have to implement text changed listener.) Any empty plain text view must be treated as 0. Make sure that your code can handle empty plain text view (Hint: Error checking is required). (10 points)

  • Given the following URL for a Web API:

URL = “https://api.acme.com/data/getAll

Write an inner java class called DataManager which extends AsyncTask to download the data from the web server. Your class must implement the required doInBackground and onPostExecute methods. onPostExecute method will call the processData method (you do not have to write code for the processData method) passing it the received JSON object. (10 points)

  • Given the following JSON format:


{“list”: [

{“name”: “David Brown”,

“address”: “101 Main Street, Denver, CO 11111, “email”:[email protected]”}

{“name”: “Mary Smith”,

“address”: “101 Oak Street, Denver, CO 11111, “email”:[email protected]”}


{“name”: “Joe Dow”,

“address”: “45 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 11111, “email”:[email protected]”}



Note that the list contains an array. Only three objects are shown in the above example but there might be more objects embedded in the array. You are also give the following class:

public class Contact { private String name; private String address; private String email;

//Constructor, set and get methods are not shown


public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private ArrayList<Contact> list;


public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) { list = new ArrayList<Contact>();

//Other code not shown



Write Java code for method processData which receives a JSON object, extract objects from the array, extract data from each object, creates Contact object and add the Contact object to the Array List. (10 points)


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