Top 5 Programming Language for Android

Programming language for android

Android is the most used operating system for smartphones these days. It has brought everyone to the range of the digital world because of its low price. The demand for Android applications is growing as the number of Android users is rising. There are a variety of platforms that allow the development of Android mobile apps, but deciding which programming language to use for Android app development is a difficult job. Beginners and experienced developers require to stay updated that’s why they often search for the best programming language for Android.

Features of Android

Android is a very powerful operating system. It has many impressive features. These features are one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of Android. Some of the popular features that come with an android smartphone are listed below.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a very short-range wireless connectivity that is supported by several Android smartphones. It allows devices to interact quickly within small ranges. The major goal of this feature is to make payments easily and quickly without carrying cards and cash. 

Infrared Transmission

The Android operating system allows a built-in infrared transmitter. It helps you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control. (

Alternate Keyboards

Various keyboards are supported by Android, and they are very simple to install. Skype, Swift Key, and 8pen are all apps that can easily alter the keyboard style. 

No-Touch Control

Wave control is a powerful Android feature that allows you to control music, calls, and videos by simply waving your hand over its screen. And there is no need to touch the screen.


There are times when we need data at a glance rather than open and wait for an app to load. Android widgets help you listen to music, view weather apps, and receive notifications on your screen and remind you of upcoming meetings or deadlines.

Battery Swap and Storage

Android phones have their own set of hardware capabilities. Google’s operating system allows you to shift and boost a battery that doesn’t carry a charge for long periods. Moreover, Android phones have SD card slots for additional storage.

Custom ROMs

The Android operating system is free and open-source. Developers can delete the current operating system and create their own versions, which users can install on their smartphones. It can alter the whole device’s appearance and feel. 

Top Programming Language for Android

Numerous programming languages can develop android apps. The top programming language of Android app development for helping you in reaching a decision are as follows-


Java is the official language for Android application development. Several apps available on the play store are being developed by using this language. The Java programming language is supported by Google, which is why it is so popular. It isn’t easy to build complex mobile apps and manage the software creation process without prior knowledge of the language for beginners. However, internet support for Java is always available, so new or advanced developers can seek assistance when confused by a piece of code or have a problem. Overall, Java is an excellent language for learning the ins and outs of Android app development. On the other hand, Beginners will find it too complicated and we suggest them start with something simpler and then return to it.


Since 2019, Google has declared Kotlin to be the official language for Android app development. It is a cross-platform programming language that can build Android apps. In 2017, it was also released as a secondary “official” Java language. Kotlin is a Java-like language that works on the Java Virtual Machine. The only significant difference is that Kotlin removes some features of Java, such as null pointer exceptions. It also eliminates the need for a semicolon at the end of each line. In short, Kotlin is much easier for beginners to learn than Java. Moreover, it can also be seen as a “gateway” for developing Android apps.

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C# is a multi-paradigm open-source programming language that can be used to create Android, desktop, and web applications. Lexically scoped, component-oriented, Declarative, generic, functional, object-oriented,  and imperative programming principles are all used in this language. It is a language that is very similar to Java and is suitable for creating Android mobile applications. Since it performs garbage collection in the same way as Java does, there are fewer memory leaks. C# makes programming easier thanks to its clean and simple syntax, which all developers can understand. C# is one of the most flexible programming languages that provide a wide variety of tools for custom android development.


Even though Android does not support native Python creation, it can create Android apps. Various tools can be used to turn Python applications into Android Packages that can be installed on Android devices. For example, Kivy is an open-source Python library for creating mobile applications. It supports Android and facilitates rapid app growth. However, the drawback is that since Kivy is not natively supported, there won’t be any native benefits. Python’s features like dynamic binding and dynamic typing make it a good choice for developing Android apps. Moreover,  Python is simpler than other languages, which reduces the time it takes to create an app. It also lowers the cost of software maintenance and production.


C++ is a cross-platform coding language that can develop excellent desktop and mobile applications. It is an enhanced version of the C language that gives developers full control over the system’s resources and memory. The Android Native Development Kit can be used to develop Android apps in C++. However, since an app cannot be entirely built in C++, the NDK can be used to build parts of the app in native C++ code. This facilitates the app’s use of C++ code libraries as required. Though C++ is useful for developing Android apps in some situations, it is far more difficult to set up and less versatile. Because of the great difficulty, it may also result in more errors. As a result, Java is preferable to C++ because C++ does not have enough benefit to compensate for the effort needed.


Hopefully, this blog has helped you to decide the best programming language for Android by providing detailed information about top programming languages for Android app development. Moreover, the popular android features are also mentioned in this blog. No language is perfect for Android app development. It is just the choices of the individuals to decide what language they find easier. Moreover, we provide Programming languages assignment help or Android Project Homework help from experts for beginners who want to develop android applications for their academic or personal needs.