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Why Can't I Do My Homework

Why Can’t I Do My Homework?

“Why can’t I do my homework?” is a common question that some students ask themselves everyday. But its solution is also easy, which students think they are not able to do.  If you are like most people, you’ve probably had times when you just couldn’t do your homework. Sometimes, you might not have the motivation …

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How to Make Homework Fun

How to Make Homework Fun

When students are faced with homework, it can often feel like a chore. But as a parent or guardian, you know it is important for you to build up their interest in homework.  If you are wondering how to make homework fun for kids, there are some steps you can take to engage their interest …

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Is homework illegal

Is Homework Illegal?

If you are a student or a parent, you might be wondering about the answer to the question, is homework illegal? Whether you are in the favor of homework or against it, you can use many arguments to make your case. There are many arguments about the question of whether homework is illegal. They include …

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30 Qualities of a Good Student

30 Qualities of a Good Student

The 30 qualities of a good student that we have included in this blog should be adopted by every person.  It’s important to acknowledge that our actions come from inner qualities like self-awareness and self-control. Self-confidence, self-knowledge, resiliency, and resolve. Your behavior and interactions with others, and how others act and interact with you, will …

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