Learn 5 Best Top Programming Languages 2021

Top Programming Languages 2021 For Beginners

Here, Today we learn The Top Programming Languages 2021 for those programmers who want to become computer scientists.

In this new Artificial intelligence world, everything becomes automated and programmable and the need for computer science programmers continuously increases. Nowadays everything around us has changed, and become electronic and digital. There are so many top programming languages in 2021 which the programmers are using to invent new things and decrease human efforts. Computer science scientists invent new things day by day and make everything digital and online.

Coding is the set of instructions that are later called “Code” and code is usually referred to as programming, and this thing is similar to almost all these areas. It extends at the core of computer science and provides it the capability to create and delete things. There are so many programming languages and each programming has its own features and specialization.

Let’s start learning the Best Top programming language 2021. Today we will discuss the Top 5 programming languages for beginners who want to learn to program and make their career in this field.

What Is Programming Language?

Programming language is the set of instructions that are also called computer coding and it is used to give instructions to the machine and computer on what action to perform. This is the only way that humans communicate with machines. It’s what allows us to create computer software like programs, operating systems, and mobile apps.

To be a good programmer, One should have the skills to invent several types of applications or invent new things. Programming is everywhere from cell phones, computers, web applications to all electronic devices all works on Programming. Programming is the crucial part of the hardware, and hardware works according to the users; If users want to use any electronic devices, it all works according to the programming done in different languages. Today we tell you the most important programming language that will rule in 2021 so that you can be a good programmer and have a bright future. 

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What Should A Good Programmer Do?

If you also want to be a good programmer then you can choose one of the activities depending upon your skills. You can invent several things by using programming. The main activities a programmer can do are:

  • Artificial intelligence development.
  • Programs and applications development.
  • Database development.
  • Script development.
  • Video game development.
  • Internet and web pages development.
  • Development of drivers and hardware interface.

Some Features Of Programming Languages

  • Simplicity– The programming language includes a simple and clear concept that facilitates its applications and learning. Simplicity tends to make the code shorter and more functional.
  • Naturalness– It means the code should be designed naturally by using several operators, structures, and syntax so that an application should work properly.
  • Abstraction– It means that you can use complicated operations and structures rather than some details that influence writing ability.
  • Efficiency– The code written by a programmer should be efficient, that means do not use more space, execute faster, translate efficiently if your code includes all these features then your program is efficient.
  • Structuring– The specific language allows the developer to write code according to rules meant to avoid errors and the code should be fully structured according to language guidelines.

5 Best Top Programming Languages 2021

Now we start learning the top programming language 2021 to become a good developer and programmer.


Python is the most easy-to-use programming language. It’s regularly said that Python’s syntax structure is instinctive, clear, and practically English-like, which, similar to Java, settles on it as a mainstream decision for beginners.

Likewise like Java, Python has an assortment of uses that make it a flexible, incredible choice while picking the best programming language for your utilization case. Assuming you’re interested in back-end web development, for instance, the open-source Django structure, written in Python, is famous, simple to learn, and rich. Django has been utilized in the advancement of some mainstream destinations like Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify.

Python also includes packages like SciPy and NumPy that are normally utilized in the fields of logical computing, math, and engineering. Other Python libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, sci-unit learn, and OpenCV are utilized to fabricate programs in information science, AI, picture preparing, and PC vision. 

Applications Of Python-

  • App development
  • Back end development 
  • Data science 


Several Programming languages invents and vanish however JavaScript is one of those couple of prestigious languages that is best high run and stable in the programming world. By the TIOBE positioning report, JavaScript has been positioned under the best 10 programming languages. The Stack Overflow survey depicts that JavaScript is the most famous language among programmers.

Even though the language is principally known for including responsive components website pages it has a wide scope of utilizations, for example, in web advancement, game development, Mobile application, and many more. Additionally, the language is being utilized for both – Front End Development and Back End Development. Likewise, its similarity for certain noticeable structures like React, Vue, Node, and so forth makes it more ideal among the developers. As there are a huge number of sites previously existing over the web that are properly depending on JavaScript.

Applications Of JavaScript-

  • Applications development
  • Game advancement
  • Desktop app development.
  • Flying Robots
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Big Data technologies


A couple of years ago, Swift made their position in the top 10 programming languages by the TIOBE index survey. Apple created Swift in 2014 for Linux and Mac applications. 

An open-source programming language that is not so difficult to learn, Swift is comfortable with nearly everything from the programming language Objective-C. It requires fewer coding abilities contrasted and other programming languages, and it very well may be utilized with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix. Quick has utilized infamous iOS applications like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and surprisingly in the game Flappy Bird.

Applications Of Swift-

  • Application Development
  • Web app Development
  • Mac OS Development
  • Who is Using swift
  • Apple


Like C++, C# is a broadly useful, object-oriented language based on the establishment of C. It was initially designed by Microsoft as a component of its .NET structure for building Windows applications. 

C# uses a structured syntax that is like other C-derived, like C++, so it’s not difficult to get in case you’re coming from another language in the C family. C# isn’t simply the go-to for Microsoft application advancement, but at the same time, it’s the language mobile designers use to fabricate cross-stage applications on the Xamarin stage. 

Moreover, any individual who is interested in VR development ought to think about learning C#. C# is the suggested language for building 3D and 2D computer games utilizing the mainstream Unity game motor, which produces 33% of the top games available.

C# Used For

  • Game development
  • Desktop/web/mobile apps 
  • VR


In Today’s scenario, when discussions start on android application development– the name of ‘Kotlin’ without a doubt comes out. However, an immense tendency of engineers towards Kotlin is seen after Google pronounced it as its favored language for Android application development. The Stack Overflow review expresses that Kotlin positions fourth among the most adored programming dialects. Likewise, the quantity of Kotlin clients in the Github people group is expanding altogether. 

In short, Kotlin is a statically general-purpose programming language that supports object-oriented programming as the most useful programming feature. The best thing about the language is that it is properly interoperable with Java and supports all Java libraries. Additionally, the language is very simple to learn and close to Android development, it tends to be utilized for web development and desktop web applications. Javelin, KTor’s, and Vert.x are well-known frameworks for Kotlin, and organizations like Pinterest, Uber, Netflix, are giving job opportunities as Kotlin engineers.

Application Of Kotlin

  • Application Development
  • Entertainment Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Android Development


In this blog, our top well-educated programmers will tell you the 5 best top programming languages in 2021. Our programming assignments experts also provide the best knowledge of the best programming languages which is used in this 2021 year.

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People Also Ask

Which is the No1 Programming Language?

It is difficult to predict which programming language is the best. All programming languages have their own configurations and specifications and have their own functions. It’s up to programmers for which purpose they want to use, But Python and Java are the best programming languages, or we can say that both languages are all-rounder.

Which language is most used in programming?

Java, JavaScript, Python are the most used languages by developers because all three languages cover all the functions and features that developers want to write code or invent some application and for other use.