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How long does it take to learn Javascript for Beginners

Almost every web developer wants to know How long does it take to learn javascript. If you are looking to become a developer, these might be two of the first questions that come to your mind.

Can I learn Javascript in a week? How long does it take to advance this language?  Many people find it easy to learn CSS and HTML. But when it comes to learning Javascript they find it hard to learn it. JavaScript is a comparably easy programming language to learn. The amount of time required to learn JavaScript is directly proportional to the time you are going to invest in learning it.

To develop a mindset, it is important to learn it well that will allow you to work in difficulties. You can learn some javascript in a week, but the intermediate level requires closer to nine months. In this post, we have discussed a few strategies which will help you in becoming an excellent frontend developer. It will also give you an idea of how long does it take to learn javascript. It may take you less time or more to learn Javascript depending on your level of experience.

We have separated this guide into the following parts:

Information on how long to learn Javascript

JavaScript is the first thing one should learn to become a front end web developer. Some people take longer than necessary to learn JavaScript. many beginners learn jQuery first because it is a popular JavaScript library. The reason some learners start learning jQuery first because they think it is easier to learn than JavaScript and this is their biggest mistake.

It’s not necessary to become an expert in jQuery.

Lots of beginners have confusion about which part of JavaScript one should learn first. This post will guide you with all the steps on how long it takes to learn JavaScript. Your first purpose is to get enough knowledge of where you are comfortable with intermediate JavaScript. 

  • Javascript syntax learning

If you want to learn Javascript or any other language, it is important to understand the language syntax first. Learn what the following are:

  • Declaration of variables: Variables of JavaScript are containers for collecting data values.
  • Statement: Statement of Javascript are “instructions” to be “performed” by the web browser. 
  • Keywords: Keywords that are used as Tokens have a specific meaning in javascript: case, debugger, delete, void, finally, type, functions, new, switch, throw, with, this, if, else, in, do continue and debugger.
  • Comments: In Javascript to create a single line comment, you give two slashes “//” in front of text or code you want to have the JavaScript interpreter ignore.
  • Functions: In JavaScript, functions are one of the major building blocks. A function is a collection of statements for a JavaScript procedure that collects a value or performs a job.
  • Objects: Just like other programming languages in JavaScript, objects can be related to the objects in real life. 
  • By learning Vanilla JavaScript

Vanilla JavaScript relates to JavaScript which is not enhanced by any framework or libraries. The difficulty level ranges from the language basics to intermediate and then advanced programming concepts which include closures and prototypal inheritance object-oriented programming. If you want to get a job as a front end web developer, you should have intermediate knowledge of these concepts at least. it’s not necessary to master functional programming or have knowledge of all aspects of the prototype chain. But it’s important for you to understand common functions like apply, bind and call. You can learn intermediate-level JavaScript in 6-9 months depending upon how much experience you have. You can use Colt Steel’s The Web Developer Bootcamp to speed up your education. It’s good for those who are struggling to learn JavaScript.

  • Learn essential Libraries Like React

You should know whether to learn jQuery or not before you start learning React.js. It’s a library that covers many older JavaScript courses, so it is important if you have knowledge about it and why it was developed.

Brief overview: Should You Learn jQuery?

jQuery is the most common library of JavaScript. Some of the new courses don’t teach jQuery. The reason is for web developers it’s no longer a necessary tool. To know why just follow the brief history of jQuery and why it was created.

In 2006 when jQuery was invented. It helped in solving problems that were incredibly important. Many web developers had trouble writing JavaScript because of browser wars that behaved across several browsers. jQuery library regulates DOM manipulation across various browsers, and it resolved the problem of irregular behavior for web developers. 

jQuery is so popular, you might end up working as an employee for those who already have a website that is still using jQuery. These are the reasons which help you decide whether you should learn jQuery or not.

If you are building new web apps then it is best to use vanilla JavaScript and React, a newer and best front-end library. 

React.js learning

React.js is a front-end library that enables you to build user interfaces. 

It is important to learn React.js if you want to work as a front end web developer. react is best for single page web applications and mobiles.

  • By Learning Important Front-End Frameworks

Before explaining which framework to learn, it’s important you should know the difference between frameworks and libraries. Libraries allow you to choose methods and features you should add to your existing code, frameworks have their different structure on which one adds their code. That’s why it is important to have JavaScript knowledge before you start to study frameworks. The learning of front-end JavaScript framework learning depends upon the project type you like to build.

Framework learning dictated two things. Ember.js, for instance, is best for web applications. On the other hand, Angualr.js is ideal for complicated projects and if stability is needed. It is used by a huge community of developers.  

JavaScript framework comes and goes but it’s not possible to learn them all.

you can make necessary decisions on which framework you want to learn first. Currently, the two most important frameworks are Vue and Angular.

Other framework examples are- Backbone, Ember, Meteor and Knockout.

  • Learning Back-End Web Development

Back-end web development incorporates learning Express.js, Mongo DB and Node.js which is a relational database. Node.js moves JavaScript to the back-end side or server and enables you to run JavaScript code outside of your browser. Due to the number of contributed developers, For Node.js there are a large number of packages. With the help of these packages, managers make programming jobs easier. A regular programmer can learn Noder.js basics in a few weeks also.

How long does it take to learn Javascript

There is no particular duration if you want to learn JavaScript. It depends upon your experience level and how much time you can save. If you want, you can learn it in weeks also, or if you want, you can learn in the months also. With these guidance tips and strategies given in this post will help you with how long to learn Javascript and to learn this programming language, you can streamline your approach. 

If you are on your way of learning JavaScript, then goal setting can be a powerful tool. Set goals for your activities, like for making a landing page, to help you prepare and keep moving.

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Don’t be scared. These are just an estimated timeline. If you are dedicated to your work, you can learn it in weeks also. There is nothing like commitment and hard work. You can finish your learning faster then you think if you hit the right resources.

Just follow this post to get the best guidance on how long does it take to learn JavaScript. It is not compulsory that one should have the knowledge of Java, C++ or C JavaScript, you can learn JavaScript without these programming languages.

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