Excel vs SPSS: Top 8 Main Differences Between To Know

excel vs spss

Microsoft Excel and SPSS are closely related and seem to be the same, with menus, spreadsheets, and built-in statistical functions. But actually there is a difference between Excel vs SPSS. SPSS gives us detailed insight into the utilization of computing storage and the efficiency of the memory system. Excel reveals how to extract information and insight from data in various formats. 

SPSS offers advanced usage and supports ultra-fast devices, whereas Microsoft Excel maintains and handles the large amount of user data. Excel is a standard data manipulation, whereas SPSS is the major batch processing and statistical tools. Excel is about safely handling and storing the data, and SPSS is completely about efficiently using data manipulation techniques to fetch good results. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the differences between Excel vs SPSS.

Let’s begin!

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a useful and significant program for data analysis and documentation. It is a spreadsheet program containing rows and columns where each division of rows and columns is a cell. Each cell contains one point of statistics or piece of information. You can make finding and automatically drawing information easier by changing data.

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What is SPSS?

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) is a flexible and responsive program designed to undertake various statistical procedures. SPSS is a software widely used for common sources, including survey results, google analytics, scientific data research, and server log files.

Now let’s check the major differences in Excel vs SPSS. 

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Detailed Explanation: What are the key differences between Excel vs SPSS?

  • Microsoft Excel comprises mathematics concepts such as statistics, algebra, calculus, and more. Whereas the SPSS is the tool used for computation that consists of different subjects such as data storage and data formats.
  • Excel gives us features of how data can be used to study how the data will be stored, progressed, and manipulated to reduce redundancy. SPSS gives us proficiency on how the process is built in batches and works and the memory management in programming areas.
  • Excel includes much more developed and simpler mathematical operations and analytics. SPSS includes computations, reasoning, discrete structures, and databases.
  • Excel is a standard data manipulation application. SPSS is a major batch processing and statistical tool.
  • Excel is a data computing and formulation technique, whereas SPSS is a complete group processing and statistical tool.
  • Excel is growing progressively, making it more complex to handle and maintain efficiently, but it still needs more improvement. SPSS is developing with advanced concepts, and more efficient and advanced algorithms are coming under IBM.

Tabular Form: What are the Differences between Excel vs SPSS?

DefinitionMicrosoft Excel is used for data entry and manipulation to store information.SPSS is a tool formulated for statistical analysis of data.
UsageManaging and storing data with formulated operations defined by Microsoft.Statistical calculations and manipulations of data as per IBM guidelines.
BenefitsIt has a reduction in data redundancy.It has better speed and performance.
Real-time usageMaintenance and handling of large volumes of consumer data.Usage of advanced and ultra-fast devices like a supercomputer.
AcademicsIt exists and evolved with a developing branch of science and technology.It has existed for many years under the SPSS umbrella now under IBM.
IndustryData scientists and analysts are the professions to become after studying in this field.Data scientists and analysts are the professions to become after studying in his field.
ApplicationApplies to a company where large-scale sensitive data is to be managed.They apply to all technical industries and large-scale companies.
FieldA subset of computer science where data study is done using different methods and technologies.It covers the entire technological field, a superset of data science.

What are the Benefits of Excel vs SPSS?

1. Effective data management

An Excel spreadsheet program offers more control about the data organization. But this sometimes becomes a demerit. In contrast, we cannot move data blocks in SPSS as it is meant for organizing data in an optimal manner

2. Wide range of options

SPSS is specially made for analyzing statistical data, and thus it provides a better range of methods, graphs, and charts; we will find that any statistical analysis is a breeze. This technique of broadcasting and cleaning data within SPSS is great for future analysis.

3. Better output organization

SPSS is designed to ensure that the output is kept separate from the data itself. In SPSS, the output is usually kept apart from the data by storing all the results in a separate file that is different from a file in which data is stored.

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Excel vs SPSS: Which software is better for research?

SPSS is used for interdependent statistical analysis. It reflects on the original market situations; SPSS has now gained Health Science as its territory. 

MS Excel has ruled the statistical world for ages due to its user-friendly interface and ability to manage and organize huge data. It aids in systematically analyzing data.

The emergency of SPSS has overlooked the reach of MS-Excel. SPSS provides its users with various additional services in comparison to MS Excel. It is ideal for experienced and complex analysis. It also serves a better purpose for plotting and data collection in any research. In comparison to MS Excel, SPSS can provide better modeling, preparation of data analysis.

Some key facts about Excel and SPSS

List of industries that use SPSS

List of industries that use Excel


We have discussed the differences between Excel vs SPSS and the benefits of Excel and SPSS. From the above discussion, it is clear that there is a huge difference between Excel and SPSS. SPSS has set up data manipulation tools such as recording, transforming variables, and In Excel, you have much work if you want to do that job. In SPSS, every column is one variable; Excel does not treat columns and rows in that way. 

Excel is a mixture of mathematics and data storage with multiple formats. The SPSS agreement with statistical algorithms with more focus on data manipulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SPSS a good tool?

SPSS is a great tool. It’s quite simple, and you’re able to accomplish everything you will ever want or need, from data manipulation to any analysis.

Is Excel good for statistical analysis?

Microsoft Excel is widely used and is a better program for managing and wrangling data sets. Excel has some statistical capabilities, and many also use it to do statistical calculations.