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Uses of Excel Top 8 Uses of Microsoft Excel

Well, you must be wondering what are the uses of excel and how Microsoft Excel can help you in your daily life. MS Excel is extensively used nowadays by almost everyone because it is very helpful and saves a lot of time. It is being utilized for the past several years, and it gets updated every year with advanced features.

The most compelling thing about MS Excel is that it can be utilized everywhere. For example, it is used for data management, billing, analysis, finance, inventory, complex calculations, business tasks, etc. This software is perfect for Android, Windows, Mac OS, and cloud computing users.

Below we have given some of the uses of MS excel that will help you learn how MS Excel can help you. Before we move on to the uses of Excel let us know what exactly MS excel is.

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What is Excel?

So, it is a software program in which there are spreadsheets to organize numbers. And data formulas or any type of function, which means you can organize any kind of data with the help of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Of course, the data which are disorganized will be of no use that is why MS excel was created. However, now you must be thinking why we have called it Microsoft Excel. Well, the reason is that Microsoft created it.

Microsoft Excel organizes data in rows and columns, and these rows and columns intersect at a pace called a cell. And using these, you can organize any kind of data. Whether it is of personal use or it may be for any type of business use. Also, you can use this jpg to excel converter that uses OCR feature to convert image to excel spreadsheet for free while keeping the quality high. 

Features of Microsoft Excel

Features of excel are the reason that made Excel the most widely used application. Excel is a very common application because of its extensive range of features and great tools. Microsoft added several features in each release. Here are the principal features of Microsoft Excel:

  • Add Header and Footer
  • Find and Replace Command
  • Password Protection
  • Data Filtering
  • Data Sorting
  • Built-in formulae
  • Create different charts (Pivot Table Report)
  • Automatically edits the result
  • Formula Auditing

But before that lets know, why do people use Excel?

So, there are many reasons for people to use Microsoft excel. And as you already know the basic reason behind using excel is that you can manage and organize different types of data with the help of Excel.

For example, let’s suppose that someone is using excel for personal use and that can be anything like they can use it for managing their monthly expenses and other things like that. Or for business use, a company can use it for managing its data whether it may be of any type. So, there can be many things that can be done with the help of excel. 

So, you already know what it is used for and why people use excel. Now it’s time for you to know about,

How can excel be formatted?

As we have discussed in Excel we have rows, columns, and cells, and these rules are columns. And cells can be modified in many ways to make data look efficient or to organize in the best way possible. We can modify the background color number or date format size text font layout ETC of these rows columns and cells.

Or we can also do mathematical problems, we can solve them by applying mathematical formulas. And many things are there in excel to make our work easier and to make it efficient. So that we can use our data wherever we want.

So, this was all about Excel why do people use it, and how it can be formatted.

Now it’s time for you to learn about what excel is used for. So, as we have discussed above, there are so many things in which we can use excel. And as we know by now it’s basic and the main feature or use is to manage and organize data in the best way possible. Whether it may be of personal or business use. 

Top Uses of Microsoft Excel

So, as we have discussed above, there are so many places for what excel is used for. But below we have discussed some of the important areas where this software is implemented:

  1. Calculating 
  2. Accounting 
  3. Charting 
  4. Calendars and Schedules
  5. Seating Charts
  6. Goal Planning WorkSheets 
  7. Task List 
  8. Project management 

So, these are some of the areas for what excel is used for. You should know that there are many things which you can do with excel. But it is not possible for us to specify everything here in this blog. So these are some of the few things which you can get done with the uses of Excel. 


So the best uses of Excel is that you can calculate anything. Or you can use any formulae you want to get your calculations done. You can apply those formulae or calculations you want on any row or columns or any cell on the spreadsheet. 

It is the best thing about excel. You can always build yourself a customized calculator in excel by programming your commonly used mathematical formulas. So that whenever you need, all you need to do is to put in those values on which you want to get your calculations. And you will get the answers. So overall you can get your calculations done within your spreadsheet and that is one of the best uses of MS Excel.


You can always do your accounting with the help of MS Excel. You can make your budget, plan your expense, track, or make your financial reports, but you need to put in the data. Microsoft has designed MS Excel to meet financial and accounting requirements. This includes loan calculators, budgeting, expenses tracking, and financial reports.

Accounting relates to the method of recording large financial transactions for a business. The availability of many Calculating tools for calculation makes it a valuable tool for accounting purposes in the office. It also has templates which makes the accounting methods much easier.


What you can do is that you can always make charts with the use of MS Excel. You can manage your data like your expenses and financial reports and with the help of those you can make charts.

Is by making charts you can visually understand what is going on with your expenses. Or financial reports so these charts like pie charts, scatter charts, bar charts, area charts, etc. Will help you find a way to represent your data in the best way possible.

Or you can also be able to get a better idea of what is going on with your things which means you can get a greater visual approach in a very digestible way. So you can help you in making a different type of chart from your data this is a great thing and is the great use of MS Excel.

4)Calendars and Schedules

The best thing that we like about Excel is that we can make Calendars with the uses of MS Excel. Likewise, put those values or dates we can say in those rows and columns of excel and we can further use it as a calendar. 

Or you can make different calendars as per your need like when you need to make out of the content calendar for your blog. Or website then you can make that customized calendar as per your need. Whenever you need to plan lessons for your classroom you can do that as well with the help of their personalized.

However, customized calendar Excel can be surprisingly robust you can make any kind of customized things with the uses of MS Excel like this calendar. As we’re talking about so this calendar making or shift schedule making with the help of Excel is one of the best uses of Excel.

5)Seating charts 

By now you already know many of the best uses of MS Excel but here is one more greatest use of MS Excel.

That is the seating chart, so what you can do with the uses of Excel is that you can make seating charts with the help of it. Like when there is a large corporate luncheon or wedding or if there is a meeting with you you have to manage.

And you have to make a seating plan for your guest then you can do it with the uses of Excel. Excel can make it a total breeze. So whenever you need to make a seating chart for yourself or any meeting you must be conducting or any other thing then you should make it with the use of MS Excel

6)Goal planning worksheet

So you must have some goals in your mind that you want to accomplish in your life or there may be any short-term goals for you.

In order to make it possible that you can do it, you can make a goal planning worksheet with the uses of Excel. You can make a daily planner for yourself with the use of Microsoft Excel. In which what you can do is you can make a task list for an easy day in a week.

By making this you will surely achieve your goal and this can be made with the uses of Excel. you can also create various types of worksheets logs planning documents that might help you with tracking down your progress with something.

So yeah you can make a goal planning worksheet with the help of it. And you will surely achieve your goal.

7)Task list

Not as we have already talked about goal planning with the uses of Excel. Now it’s time for you to learn about making a task placed with the uses of Excel. So you can make a different task list for yourself with the use of Excel.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to your standard pen and paper to make a to-do list. You should always make a to-do list or a task list with the uses of Microsoft Excel. You can make a far good just left with the uses of Excel.

Like you can check out your progress and note down in your sheet in terms of percentage. Or in terms of bar or in terms of anything. You can make a greater task list with the uses of Excel rather than making it by standard pen or paper. So it is also one of the best uses of MS Excel. You should take good advantage of it.

8)Project management 

So as you have already read about different uses of Microsoft Excel now it’s time for you to learn about project management charts so you can get them with the uses of MS Excel.

Yeah, we have already read about breaking things down with the uses of Excel. But in project management you will need is that you will have to to make make use of all the things you have learned in this blog. And make a project management charge for yourself and you can also make use of different things in this project management.

Like you can track down your team’s progress are you can always keep the things organized so that you won’t forget anything. Whenever you are working on a project you can make use of checklists to get your things done and you can check.

But you have already done you can make use of pie charts to track down the percentage of work you have done. You can get your different stuff done with it you can make seating charts with the uses of Excel to help you in your project management. So overall you can do a lot of things with the help of excel. And make your project work go crazy with the uses of Microsoft excel.


So, these were some of the uses of Excel.

The more a person learns about Excel’s various features, the more they can develop better ways to use Microsoft Excel in their everyday lives. It is preferable to devote more resources to studying and practicing Excel rather than performing stuff in inefficient and ineffective ways. Aside from the importance mentioned above, a variety of other uses of Excel are created based on the user’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Excel useful in our life?

Uses of  Excel in daily life perform the analysis, calculation, and data and information visualization. In the excel spreadsheet, users can perform all types of analytical, financial, data manipulation, logical calculation,  data analysis, and visualization of information quickly using formula and function.

Why is Excel so popular?

The main reason why excel is so popular among researchers is that charts are more straightforward to maintain and control in Excel. Accounting and Finance are the business sectors where Excel spreadsheets are the most used tools to get budgetary reports or estimates.

Is Excel hard to learn?

Excel is a complex software with so many functionalities under its surface, and it can seem not easy to learn. However, Excel is not as complicated to learn as several people think. With the right practice and training, you can develop your Excel abilities and open yourself up to wider job opportunities.