5 Best IDE For C You Must Know In 2023

Best IDE for C

C is the ancient and most popular language of many developers across the world. It gives you the ability to make portable and firmware applications. And covers the characteristics of high- and low-level languages. There are many best IDE for C that gives you smart code completion and debug the errors in real-time. These tools consist of a syntax checker and debugger for fastly editing C programming codes.

In today’s world, this programming language is recommended to the majority of beginners. Moreover, this recommendation is somewhat justified. When you choose to program with C, you understand various underlying mechanisms and core programming ideas essential to becoming a professional programmer. And make it more comfortable for you to find other high-level programming languages. 

In this article, we going to discuss the best IDE for C required for programming to make things easier for the programmer. With the help of these IDEs, they give you the best features like code editor, debugging support, compiler, auto code completion, and many others. 

What is C Programming Langauge?

C is a very commonly used language that is very simple, popular, and flexible. It is a structured programming language mainly used to make various applications and operating systems like Windows and other complicated programs like the Python interpreter, Git, Oracle database, etc.

What Is an IDE?

An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, enables programmers to reduce the different elements of writing a computer program.

IDEs improve programmer productivity by connecting common software activities into a single application: editing source code, building executables, and debugging.

The list of best 5 IDE for C

Here is the list of best IDE for C


This is the first Best IDE for the C programming language. CLion is the most trusted platform C IDE for programmers that supports macOS, Linux & Windows integrated with the CMake build system. This IDE is created by JetBrains and allows you the different well-known features like a smart C code editor for better code assistance, safe refactoring & quick documentation, which will enable you to check individual units of effective code, source code, and project management, etc.

Moreover, along with C, many other languages are also endorsed by CLion, such as Kotlin, Python, Swift, etc., via plugins. Before adopting CLion, you need to know that this tool is not free; you have to purchase this tool if you want to use these prominent features of CLion. There are still options to buy a CLion subscription for free if you are a student or teacher.

Some highlighting points

  • An integrated debugger.
  • Analysis of code on the fly.
  • Provides support for embedded development.
  • Provides CVS (Concurrent Versions System) & TFS (Team Foundation Server) support.
  • Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Eclipse is a well-known name in the list Integrated Development Environment (IDE) world. However, this tool is known for its great support to Java-Eclipse has proven the best IDE for C as well. It gives you some of the best features such as code refactoring, auto-completion of code, visual debugging tools, remote system explorer, and many others.

In addition, you can change the functionalities of Eclipse IDE with different external plugins as per your need. Eclipse provides you an option to add a CDT (C Development Tool) in it, or if you don’t have an Eclipse environment, you can instantly install CDT through the Eclipse CDT package. The IDE is especially recommended for beginners to intermediate-level C programmers due to its automatic GUI and easy-to-use functionality.

Some highlighting points

  • Rich and open-source community
  • This program is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • An easier way to create projects
  • Provides Static Code Analysis
  • Debugging is easy


NetBeans is the best IDE for C, created by the Apache Software Foundation-Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most trusted and widely used programming languages by programmers. This tool allows you to make different applications with dynamic and static libraries because it is a free and open-source Integrated Development Environment.

NetBeans consists of some best features for C programming like bracket matching, code refactoring, automatic indentation, unit testing, and many others. It also supports different compilers like MinGW, CLang/LLVM, Oracle Solaris Studio, GNU, Cygwin, etc., and also includes features like source inspection, packaging, more straightforward file navigation, etc. are also provided by NetBeans. NetBeans also offers better drag and drop functionality, so it is highly recommended for students and beginners.

Some highlighting points

  • Open Source and Free Software.
  • Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Support for Qt Toolkit.
  • Provides remote development support.
  • Managing projects efficiently.

Qt Creator

Now, let’s check another best IDE for C developers- Qt Creator. This tool allows you to make GUI types of applications for desktop, mobile, and other platforms. The Qt Creator has numerous features, including syntax highlighting, code completion, refactoring, and many more. This tool not only allows you to code in just C languages, but it also supports different languages like JavaScript, Python, and other languages. Besides that, this tool is easily combined with different popular control systems such as Git, Subversion, Mercurial, etc. With the help of Qt’s, you can shift your applications through various platforms. This IDE is not free; you have to purchase to access all the features of this tool.

Some highlighting points

  • Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Analysis of static code.
  • Designing an integrated user interface.
  • Project and Build Management.
  • Visual Debugger.


This is the last best IDE for C. It is based on modern open source technology and provides C programmers with a seamless development environment. Through plugins, the IDE supports a variety of other languages as well, including PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. KDevelop offers a variety of remarkable features such as syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, automatic code completion, quick code navigation, complete documentation, etc. Furthermore, it integrates with a number of popular version control systems, including Git, Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, etc. KDevelop offers several additional features, such as customizable rainbow highlighting, find and replace features, shortcuts in the IDE for any action, and external script support.

Some highlighting points

  • It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.
  • Managing projects.
  • Integration of unit tests.
  • Support for Graphical Debugger.
  • Built-in Doxygen Support.

Some Alternative Options For Best IDE For C

Visual StudioThe visual studio comes with the best features, including intelligent code completion, code refactoring, syntax highlighting, support for multiple languages, and many others.
XcodeXcode has a wide range of features such as interactive UI, code completion, code folding, syntax highlighting, quick apps testing, multiplatform app templates, and more. Additionally, it supports the Git version control system for managing source code.
Sublime TextThis is a platform that supports several languages and markup languages. Sublime Text has a beautiful user interface and a Python application programming interface with superb functionality and performance. You can add some features with the help of numerous community-built plugins.
AtomThis IDE is designed by GitHub and has a vast community. It is a highly-used text editor and free for commercial and personal development. Many plugins are available for these editors, and his feature makes him more customizable. This IDE supports OS X, Windows, and Linux.
Comparison of Above Alternative IDEs
best IDE for C

In the above image, we can see that Visual Studio is the best IDE for C programming. Visual Studio is a Microsoft open-source code editor. Moreover, it enables intelligent code completion based on variables, essential modules, and functions. In addition, you can control multiple versions of a program simultaneously.

So, we can say that these are the best alternatives apart from the above-mentioned best IDEs for C. It means you can prefer any of these as per your need.

Final Words

So these are the best IDE for C programming, along with their respective features. However, before choosing an IDE, you should first identify your requirements since that matters a lot. Hopefully, all your doubts are cleared, and you can choose the best IDE of C for you. If you are a programming student facing difficulties in completing your assignment, don’t get stressed. Our experts offer the best C Programming Assignment Help to students at the lowest price.

What is the best free C IDE?

Visual Studio Code is the most popular free, open-source code editor developed by Microsoft, supporting platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac. Microsoft offers a C++ extension called “Microsoft C/C++,” which may be found easily by searching the extensions section.

Is Visual Studio free?

The Community edition of Visual Studio is the most basic and is offered for free. Developers, students, and open-source developers can all access the Visual Studio Community edition for free.