5 Best IDE For JavaScript: Which IDE Is Best For You

best IDE for JavaScript

Have you ever wondered what the best IDE for JavaScript development is? Then you’ll know what the best IDE for JavaScript development is in 2022? Before we get started, let’s review JavaScript. 

Nowadays, Javascript is one of the most preferred programming languages on the web. This programming language operates well with HTML and CSS, developing a front-end application. As a result of the introduction of NodeJS, many high-level, interpreted programming languages are now available for backend development. There was a rush in JavaScript frameworks, IDEs, and source code editors. Nevertheless, the lines between source code editors and IDEs are diminishing in modern times. It is preferable to use an IDE over a code editor due to the advantage of debugging code and supporting ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) systems. Now you’ll learn the best IDE for JavaScript.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that you can use in client and server-side applications to make interactive web pages. JavaScript provides interactive elements to web pages that engage users where HTML and CSS offer structure and style. Many web browsers use Javascript as a scripting language for creating productive things on the web. When you see a click to show dropdown options, additional content is added to a page, and there is a change in the color and seeing a few features. These are some effects you see done by javascript.

What is an IDE?

An IDE is a coding background that supports web and application development. IDEs provide a comfortable work environment for the coder and give a good coding, debugging, and testing environment. Some IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans carry an interpreter and compiler. 

Every language requires a text or code editor to rewrite the code, and it would be a big trouble if we wrote these codes directly in word docs and notepad. With the help of code editors, you have the permission to access code completion, code highlighting, auto-formatting like Bold or Italics for keywords, or different colors for variables, files, and functions. 

IDE is providing you with creative coding support. Due to this, you have access to characteristics like refactoring (providing code structure) and testing code debugging (finding errors).  IDE offers you live research, file management, code navigation, version control, and many more. IDE is very important and useful for large projects as it gives a proper way for all team members working on these large projects or a code snippet. With the help of these IDEs, you can develop massive websites and applications. 

How is IDE Different From Code Editors? 

Nowadays, many people are confused about IDE and code editors. Both tools are different from each other and developed for many purposes. Software development environments such as IDEs contain a variety of tools and functions to facilitate efficient and optimized code formation. However, a code editor is an enhanced text editor designed with the primary purpose of helping programmers write code easily and quickly. 

Let us look at some more differentiating features of IDE and Code editors.

IDECode editors
An integrated development environment includes a set of tools for developing software.With Code Editor, you get editing and formatting functionality in one text editor.
IDE gives you code enhancement features such as code completion, indentation, syntax highlightingIn the code editor, enhanced code editing features are available.
It is slower and stronger as compared to code editors.Code editors are lightweight and fast.
A variety of debugging tools are available in the IDE.Debugging is not included in code editors.
It may also include an interpreter or compiler.Interpreter and Compiler are not combined.
In IDE testing unit is available.In Code editors, the testing unit is not available.
It includes Integrated Version Control Systems.Version Control is not available in these editors.
Examples – WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEAExamples – Brackets, Sublime Text, Notepad++

Check 5 Best IDE For JavaScript To Use In Web Development

Here are the 5 best IDE for JavaScript:

Best IDE For JavaScript

Visual Studio Code

If you are trying to manage multiple running systems, Visual Studio Code(VS Code) is the best IDE for JavaScript. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It gives a perfect ecosystem for C, C++, Python, and PHP, among other popular web development languages. Like other great IDEs, Visual Studio Code presents you with code auto-complete, refactoring, syntax highlighting, and GitHub integration. But the best feature of the Visual Studio Code editor is its quickness and efficiency of debugging. It enables you to debug code by starting your app and adding breakpoints. The platform allows developers to edit bugs through code history, diagnose performance issues, and utilize a state-of-the-art testing interface. This is the first best IDE for JavaScript.


  • Provide support for multiple languages (JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.). Additional extensions can be added to support ecosystems of C#, C++, Python, etc.
  • It has the capabilities to debug code by adding running applications and inserting breakpoints.
  • It also includes Version control via extensions.
  • Syntax highlighting.


Atom IDE is a free, open-source text editor for JavaScript offered by GitHub. It has a simple interface with strong characteristics, including a desktop application that works on Linex and Windows. Atom is suggested not for general use but only for those expert developers and companies working on extensive complex projects. It has the ability to the built-in package manager, which allows you to download and customize JavaScript features and templates as you prefer. 

Some unnecessary components can slow it down, but you can eliminate some elements. The whole IDE can sometimes prove challenging to beginners due to its customizable features. Atom, however, remains the best free JavaScript IDE due to its pragmatic development environment. It is also the best free IDE for startups and enterprises looking for an integrated development environment.  This is the second-best IDE for JavaScript.


  • It comes with an integrated package manager.
  • The software allows you to search for, preview, and replace any text typed in a file or across the entire project.
  • IDE supports the command palette to run available commands.
  • You can browse and open files and projects easily.
  • The text can be quickly found and replaced as you type.
  • The application is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a platform code editor software that supports different programming languages. But the most advanced version of Sublime Text allows you many features found in an IDE. The interface of Sublime Text provides developers with a distraction-free environment that allows them to focus only on coding. The drop-down menu provides a wide selection of menu options and features. It comes with tools for syntax highlighting, quick access to symbols and variables, and multi-editing. Also, you can create personalized shortcuts and a command palette that you can access frequently. This is the third-best IDE for JavaScript.  

As it gets closer to a fully-featured JS IDE with each new update, this JavaScript code editor serves as a pseudo-cross-platform IDE. Furthermore, it supports external APIs so that third-party solutions can extend their functionality.


  • It provides you a command palette for adjusting the syntax.
  • You can instantly go to the definition of a method or class.
  • Sublime Text allows the API to enlarge the features.
  • This tool supports shortcuts for easy access.
  • There is a command palette in Sublime Text that contains frequently used functionality.


Brackets is an open-source text editor designed especially for front-end development. A product of Adobe Systems, it supports JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, the three core languages of the web. This software includes multiple UI designs and visual tools. Brackets mainly focus on using visual JavaScript development tools. Bracket code editors are a free tool that developers and web designers can use to be creative and flexible with their outstanding preprocessing capabilities.

Additionally, it supports many other languages, including XML, Java, Python, JSON, and Markdown. The editor allows you to edit CSS inline, preview colors and selectors, and preview your website in real-time. Another advantage is that this software allows you to work on the code without opening multiple windows. You can also use it to check your code upon saving with JSLint. With the help of preprocessors and extensions, you can efficiently increase its functionalities.  This is the fourth best IDE for JavaScript.


  • Inline editors.
  • Live Preview – allows you to connect to your browser in real-time; whenever you make a change, you’ll instantly see the result.
  • You can use Quick Edit and Live Highlight on LESS and SCSS files with Preprocessor Support.
  • This is a set of visual tools.
  • Preprocessor support is available.

Apache NetBeans

It is a very versatile IDE that can develop web, mobile, and desktop applications. This program supports HTML, JavaScript, and a couple of other common languages such as C++ and PHP.

Due to its code monitoring and exceptional editing features, it is the best IDE for frontend and backend development. This IDE provides code editing, debugging, syntax highlighting, customizable shortcuts, and a multilingual interface.

It provides storage monitoring, project management, and built-in support for version control systems like Git and Mercurial. This is the fifth best IDE for JavaScript.


  • NetBeans mixes problem tracking with Jira and Bugzilla.
  • The NetBeans task window allows you to search for tasks, save searches, modify tasks, and resolve tasks in your registered repository.
  • NetBeans also has a side server combination for sites that use the Kenai infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at the summary of all the above JavaScript IDEs

Visual Studio CodeWith Visual Studio Code, you can program in over 30 languages, including C#, HTML5, PHP, and Ruby.
AtomModern code editors are highly customizable and flexible. Atom can be installed on any platform, provides significant speed improvements, and is completely free to use.
Sublime TextThe interface of Sublime Text is clutter-free, and the application offers significant speed improvements. The interface of Sublime Text is clutter-free, and the application offers significant speed improvements. It also enhances the pane-management, Go to definition, and Go to symbol. This plugin enables syntax highlighting for ES6 and ReactJS code.
BracketsThe Live Preview feature is one of the most interesting features of Brackets. Using this feature, you can view how code changes are working in real-time by automatically opening a new Chrome window.
Apache NetBeansThe NetBeans integrated development environment offers powerful integration capabilities compared to JavaScript. With the multi-platform IDE, you can develop modules (or modular software components).


Nowadays, IDEs are ideal for making your development process more effective. In this blog, we have presented the best IDE for JavaScript and its features. There are many options, but your choice depends on your current project. Hopefully, his blog will help you evaluate the best IDE for JavaScript programming.

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Best IDE For JavaScript FAQs

What IDE should I use for JavaScript?

Visual Studio Code is probably the most helpful JavaScript IDE for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Not only do they support JavaScript, but they also support Node.

Which IDE is best for the Mern stack?

WebStorm – The Most helpful JavaScript IDE [Paid for Full-featured Version]
Atom – The Best IDE for Web and JavaScript development.
Visual Studio Code – Frontrunner for JavaScript development.
Sublime Text – A powerful JavaScript IDE turned into a text editor.