Top 10 best Statistical Analysis Software with price for 2020

statistical analysis software

SAS is defined as a statistical analysis system or software. This SAS is used for the statistics data to analyze in simple manner or in logical form. In other words statistical analysis software is mostly used for statistics and it is also used by most businessmen in their entire business.

In this technological era, each and every person in this universe is using several technologies to make the work easier and faster. As you know that science technology makes the work easier and faster and more reliable likewise without business is also not completely successful.

By this blog you will definitely know about statistical analysis software like, How many software is there and features of that software and many more. On the other hand you also get to know about the price of each and every software which is helpful for you to select the budgeted software.

We provide you with the best guidance about statistical analysis software, but for that first you have to know or grab the knowledge about SAS. So let’s start to learn about this.

Top 10 best Statistical Analysis Software with price
Top 10 best Statistical Analysis Software with price

What is statistical analysis software?

SAS, also and previously known as Statistical Analysis software, It is a software suite that performs many functions, like business intelligence, data management, predictive analytics, and advanced analytics. Accessible through both a GUI and a SAS programming language, it allows users to complete tasks, like access data in almost any format including, database files and SAS tables. You can also manage and manipulate existing data using SAS.

SAS is an analytics platform that allows you to do data management, data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Predictive modeling, Text mining, machine learning, and visual analytics. It has its server and databases too. Similarly, SAS allows companies to manage their data, build reports, build BI applications & do modeling. It also touches machine learning and big data analysis now and helps firms in all areas of deriving insights from data

At this time SAS comprises a suite of several applications that can perform many functions and have many advantages in this statistical field.

So this is all about SAS because all software is parts of this SAS so this is also very important to learn about it. Now we tell you about the topmost software which is useful for SAS.

Top Most Statistical Analysis Software:


This Minitab software provides a range of both advanced and fairy statistical tools to analyze the data. In this command can execute by both the Scripted commands and GUI makes it accessible. 


  • It helps to find the best regression eq by model reduction technique.
  • Minitab allows direct transfer of MS. Excel XLSX files to Minitab Express.


Price starts from $29 for six months and $49 for annually.


In this tool to process the data no programming, no coding, or no typing is required. Any professional can easily start their survey or programming with the help of WizardMac. ( It has a simple GUI for understanding code structure very well and the predictive models make business choices easily.


  • It can divine the outcomes from the one or more selected options.
  • Wizardmac gives you simple graphical results that help you to understand results effectively.
  • It makes particular predictions after generating predictive models by pop-up buttons and sliders. 


You can use the Free trial version for some time. the price depends upon the package of software higher the package higher the price.


This tool is available for both Windows and other OS. Acastat is a statistical tool that is also available online and very simple to use. working on this software is very fast as compared to others. It uses to format the variables like labels, values and configure controls easily which makes its best. It also allows the data to import from spreadsheets.


  • It is available for all OS and allows data to import from spreadsheets by copy and paste tools.
  • AcaStat formats the value labels and variables or set missing values and record variables.
  • It designs the logistic regressions, frequency tables, OLS and descriptive statistics.


 Prices start from $9.99 and increase as increase in features.


A huge amount of graphical and statistical data will display on NCSS software. It also provides online training and you can organize the data in an effective format. Facilities like 24*7 email support is available for the users.


  • Easy to export and import data using a data window. with NCSS easy to obtain numeric results in a few steps.
  • By filtering and alteration, you can manage the data easily.
  •  By drag and drop option you can easily choose the best analysis procedure.
  • The ending outcome achieved by NCSS can be quickly used for further processing and is ready to be viewed, copied, pasted or saved.


The annual charge of this is available from  $239 and can be upgraded from $199 for more features.


The very vintage or very first tool or software in the category for statistics learning this software is very easy to use and easily available online. this software code structure and features are very understandable and available at a reasonable price.  there are several steps required to complete the statistical analysis within a single dialog box. You simply give the information linked to the project and Maxstat will execute and process the outcome equally by selecting the relevant statistical tools. Maxstat is useful for both professionals and students.


  • It is very easy to understand and give the result efficiently. you can also learn the basics of statistics via online tutorials and also do documentation via online tutorials.
  • This tool helps the non-professional statistician by operation easily according to the requirements. you only provide the data and it will automatically select the best tool. 
  • The resulting outcome of the data is very easy to understand. you need not be an expert to interpret the result scientifically.


Lite version of Maxstat or licensed version costs from  € 79 for professionals users and €39 for students. cost may increase with additional features.


Statwing is the perfect software to get the result quickly. The execution time is 5 times faster than the other tools. It comes with a simple interface with simple instructions which makes it easy for the execution of data. it also allows the new user to work on it.


  • Its simple interface enables new users to create insight from their data.
  • Statwing also takes into account outliers which allow analysts to be confident in their analysis/results.
  • It follows data structure in such a pleasant manner that it automatically generates different sets of charts such as histograms, scatterplots, bar charts, etc. which can be easily exported to PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheets.


 You can use a 14 days free trail and after that upgraded by giving $25.


This software is a complete package required to analyze data. you just need a pc with large memory and software which allows large no of data and creates graphs quickly.


  • It gives lots of features from standard methods such as tabulations and some advanced features like multilevel models.
  • Some advanced tools are also there to handle functional data like duration data\survival, time-series data, etc.
  • it allows users to complete control over data. you can combine regulate variables and compile data across groups


Price starts from$179 per year. Free trial version also available online for users.

XL Stat

XLStat comes with a bundle filled with lots of features to meet user’s needs. easily used on both PC or MAC. This software is extra linked with MS Excel for the betterment of statistical tools.


  • Across 200+ SAS are ready for users according to their requirements.
  • Ms. Excel makes it easy to analyze the data.
  • It provides you to do testing, data mining, modeling, data testing and allows fast execution.


Starts from $275 per user per year. Free trial is also available.


The statistical package for social science is SPSS which is widely use to analyze the data in the statistics software package. It also has the ability to compile parametric and non-parametric or descriptive statistics easily. It also has the Option to generate scripts to automate analysis or to carry out more advanced statistical processing.


  • Superior features are available on cloud aid to identify models and courses in structured and unstructured data with a natural visual interface.
  • It also has Quality of products and data managing are kept perfect with the help of entity analytics.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface. every user can analyze and provide the expected results


It is available at an affordable price of $99 one time per user.

GraphPad Prism

This software has the world’s top analysis and graphic solution and made generally for scientific research. It helps to perform work perfectly, simplify statistics, and describe the story with data.


  • There are countless way to generate graph in a good manner.
  •  It is easy to replicate your work by creating a template, duplicating a family, or cloning a graph—saving you hours of set up time.
  • Main feature is that it accurately simplifies curve fitting no other program will simplify it correctly.


Prism price will be $150 per year per user.


This blog will help you to choose the best budgeted software for data analysis. Statistical analysis software has many species and all have different features. Similarly, data also have several species and different data choose different software according to their properties. So this Blog will find you out the best software. By this blog you also compare all the prices and features of different statistical analysis software which will be helpful for you while purchasing.

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