Python vs JavaScript detailed comparison you should know

Python vs JavaScript

Here in this blog Python vs JavaScript, CodeAvail programming experts will explain to you about Python and JavaScript in detail.

Python programming

Here we discuss Python programming language is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming language. This programming language first released in 1991 and created by Guido van Rossum. Python programming has a design philosophy that maintains code readability, notably using significant whitespace.

Along with being one of the best introductory languages for beginners, Python is also a full-fledged and all-around programming language for professionals!

Uses of Python programming:

1. Google

The most popular search engine Google has been built using Python programming. Python programming language supports Google to turn the traffic and figure out the terms of the search.

2. YouTube

Python programming language is the driving force behind YouTube, users use the website for millions of downloading and uploading videos of all values and dimensions. The website has been coded in a way that makes it easier and extremely interactive for users.

3. Quora

It’s a website where you get your questions and answers. You can post a question and you can get an answer from any part of the world with the help of experts. Python’s framework is used to develop the quora’s language programming.

4. Dropbox

Many of our options for storing our data are going online. We create a document, we save it, and we share it. All this is done online using Dropbox. This is an ideal way to preserve your documents online. This file hosting service is also running on Python programming language.

5. Yahoo!

Also in the case of yahoo which is the biggest competitor of Google in the search engine criteria. Yahoo and many others like Yahoo Maps design with the Python programming language.

6. Reddit

Reddit website is the most popular and called the internet’s front page has also been developed using Python programming. 

7. Instagram

Instagram has changed the way pictures and videos are shared. The popular picture sharing website also relies heavily on Python programming for many of its functionalities, including the video-sharing service.

What is the Python programming language? 

In technical terms, Python programming is a General Purpose, High Level, Interpreted and Dynamically Typed language. Which means:

General Purpose: Python programming can be used for writing software in various domains, unlike domain-specific languages. Python programming is having a variety of fields and hence is a General Purpose Language.

High Level: Python programming uses natural language elements which makes it very easy to learn the codes. It also automates significant areas of computing while programming such as memory allocation.

Interpreted: It is an interpreted language which means that python script is saved and executed in the same format in which you build scripts. Unlike compiled languages where code is first translated into a set of machine-specific instructions and then executable file. 

Dynamically Typed: It Parser automatically classifies the type of the variable based on what kind of value you have allocated to the variable.

Features that make Python one of the best languages till time:

Object-Oriented: The programs in Python programming can be arranged. And bundled into different objects making the codes neat and easy to learn.

Cross-Platform:  It is a platform-independent scripted language which means that a python program written on a Linux system will also run on a windows system.

Rich libraries: Python has an amazingly large and rich collection of libraries that are also cross-platform compatible.

Simple to Use and Elegant Syntax: Python is known for its simplicity. It’s very easy to use and it’s English- like elegant syntax is what makes Python Stand out the most among other programming languages.

Integrable: It also integrates with other programming languages like C, C+, Java and many more. 


This is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. JavaScript is usually informed about as a language that is primarily designed for front-end web development.

In certain different places where JavaScript can be utilized but the most usual to use it is on a web page. Using JavaScript, on a web page is the only place where they use it.

Uses of JavaScript Programming:

  • Web Development
  • Web Applications
  • Presentations
  • Server Applications
  • Web Servers
  • Games
  • Art
  • Smartwatch Applications

How to start to learn JavaScript? 

1.Books Recommendation for beginners of programming:

First let’s learn basic syntaxes such as variables, arrays, and control syntax. In addition to the first reading, be sure to enter it yourself and execute it. As you can see, it is recommended that you enter it. And check its operation, arrange it for yourself and execute it again.

Let us think about why it will happen if the result is different from expected. This is all the underlying, most important part.

2.Implement simple processing: 

If you can understand the syntax to some extent, let’s apply a simple process by adding syntax. For example, a blackjack game that you can run from the console. Since motivation is important, which you think should be interesting.

  • Make an application: Create a browser application using HTML and CSS when you can program with JavaScript all the time.

How can I master JavaScript in 2 months?

You can gain a decent basic knowledge in that timeframe, but it depends on how much effort you’re willing to make in the learning process – as well as your ability to absorb new information.

If you click with the programming idea and find it interesting, you’ll gladly spend more time practicing it. But still, if you want to go there in two months, you have to spend hundreds of hours. It’s not easy, but it’s not even impossible.

If you are motivated and your lifestyle allows you to spend time doing so. Don’t waste your energy finding easy options to work harder.

Here is what Codeavail experts suggest:

Learn for 5 hours during the first half of the day (I suggest you take a 5-minute break every 30-45 minutes), 12-4 take time for yourself (work out, eat, sleep, relax), 4-9 continue programming again, then you see a movie or read some light literature. Take good sleep and resume it the next day.

The bottom line is that everything you want to achieve is a direct result of your own working hours that go in that direction. There is no easy way to achieve your goals and there are some steps you can’t easily leave.

Some Differences Between Python vs JavaScript

  • Python is strongly typed programming language. Whereas JavaScript has no implication conversion between types when weak typed.
  • Synchronous and blocker code is standard in JavaScript while Python is as the default.
  • JavaScript can be used to run on the frontend while Python is on server-side programming or backend.
  • Python has procedural programming while not in Java-Script.
  • Java-Script is in; As a statement terminator while the Python has a new line.
  • Python is a better-designed language that makes JavaScript easier to maintain poorly.
  • Python is not good for mobile development while Java-Script is good.
  • It’s slower to run than JavaScript.
  • Python offers a huge standard library while JavaScript has a limited standard library.
  • This largely depends on assignments when there is no difference between variables and assignments when not dependent on JavaScript.
  • It has many libraries for scientific computing, data analytics, and machine learning, while JavaScript is not.
  • Python has support for several digit data types such as int, float, fixed-point decimals, although Java-Script mainly works on floating-point variables.
  • It has inbuilt REPL while JavaScript doesn’t have it.
  • JavaScript runs on both browsers and servers. While we mostly use Python for server-side programming.
  • It’s easier to start Python than JavaScript.
  • Python is easier to look for new jobs than JavaScript in this year.
  • Python object-based is almost equal to JavaScript and supports python programming style that uses simple functions and variables.
  • JavaScript is the most complex modern programming language than Python.
  • Both Python and JavaScript use a literal scope with small differences.
  • Python has a self-argument as the first argument for each method, while JavaScript has access to the object using “this”.
  • Unlike JavaScript, Python doesn’t have a way to inherit from examples.

If you understand these points of JavaScript vs Python, further are some more important points you should know.

JavaScript vs Python for web development

For web development, I should learn Python or JavaScript programming. You need your application or website to handle fast and increasing amounts of data and code.

When comparing the performance aspect of JavaScript vs Python programming, JavaScript is the clear winner. Software running on Python will take longer to respond, making the user idle for the community. So, if you’re going to create websites that perform efficiently, you should use JavaScript.

Scalability is also essential when talking about Python vs JavaScript programming. It refers to the capabilities of languages when it comes to handling a large number of users and managing large amounts of data by minimal server usage. One of Node.js’s objectives is that it was designed for scalability and supports asynchronous programming. 

Therefore, Node.js is more suitable for developing programs that depend on the speed of execution.

However, how to use Python for web development? We use Python for the server-side. This language has a very stable environment with frameworks such as Flask, Django, Pyramid, and CherryPy, ensuring that growth is more efficient.

How to Choose: A Quick Start Guide for Python and JavaScript

STEP 1: What Does Your Company (or your ideal company) use?

As far as which language is better, it ultimately depends on your specific situation and what you’ll be using the programming language.

STEP 2: If you just want to learn your first programming language, start anywhere that feels right

And, after you learn your first programming language, nothing is stopping you from learning more.

Python vs JavaScript: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Arrays, Lists, and Tuples

JavaScript programming provides support for arrays as inbuilt data types. Although Python has no built-in support for arrays, Python programming has a solution to implement arrays. You can achieve this by using lists, the closest thing to introduce Python.

The Python programming language list is similar to another data type available in the programming language, Tuples. The most important difference between a list and a tuple. That is even though the former is interconnected, the latter is irreversible.

Attributes and Properties

In JavaScript, objects have properties that can be composed of built-in attributes. It lets you define a property. In the Python programming language, the descriptor protocol. Where the getter and Setter functions are used, allows defining an attribute.

Code Blocks

JavaScript uses curly brackets to define code blocks. Python, on the other hand, uses indentations to define code blocks. (zolpidem) While JavaScript has ‘;’ that acts as a statement terminator, Python has a new line.

Encoding Format

JavaScript should be encoded as UTF-16. Also, there is no inbuilt support in the programming language for manipulating raw bytes. Unless an encoding format is specified, Python source code is ASCII by default.

Function Arguments

Python raises an exception in case a function is called with incorrect parameters. Moreover, it accepts some additional parameter passing syntax.

JavaScript doesn’t care whether a function is called with correct parameters or not. This is because, by default, any missing parameters in JS get ‘undefined’ value. Moreover, if there are any additional arguments then they will treat as special arguments by JavaScript.

Hash Tables

The Python programming language features inbuilt hash tables, called dictionaries, sets, et cetera. Unlike Python, JavaScript has no provision for built-in hash table support in any form.

Implicit Conversion

Python is a strongly-typed programming language i.e. no implicit data type conversion happens in the programming language. Contrary to this, JavaScript is weakly-typed. And thus offers implicit data type conversion.


Both Python, as well as JavaScript, provides support for inheritance. However, the difference lies in their types. While JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model, Python makes use of a class-based inheritance model.

Another distinction between Python and JavaScript in terms of inheritance is that Python doesn’t have a way to inherit from instances, while JS does have.

Mobile Development

In addition to front-end and back-end development, JavaScript is also a good option for mobile development. However, Python is not good for mobile application development.

Modules and Libraries

Python is known as a batteries-included programming language. Because it comes with several modules. Moreover, it has numerous libraries for accomplishing data analytics, machine learning, and scientific computing.

On the contrary, JavaScript comes with a fewer number of modules, such as date, JSON, and math. Additional functionality for JS is available through the host environment, which is typical, a web browser and infrequently, something different like an operating system.


Data types in Python programming are divide into mutable and immutable types. For example, the set is a mutable data type, while the list is an immutable data type.

Mutable objects are those whose values can change once they assign values. Contrarily, immutable objects can’t change values. Unlike the Python programming language, JavaScript has no concept of mutability.

Numeric Types

In JavaScript, you have only floating-point variables. On the opposite, the Python programming language features several varieties of numeric data types, such as int, fixed-point decimal, and float.

Object Access

For each method, Python programming language has a self-argument as the first argument. JavaScript programming, on the opposite, has the ‘this’ method for accessing an object.

Procedural Programming

Both Python and JavaScript programming languages follow a multi-pattern approach i.e. they provide support for multiple programming patterns.

Both Python and JavaScript offer functional, indispensable and object-oriented approaches to programming. However, Python programming has several aspects of a procedural programming language while JavaScript programming doesn’t.

REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop)

We get REPL with the installation of Python programming on your system. However, no built-in REPL is available with JavaScript programming language. This is because Javascript mostly runs inside a browser. Although, we can have REPL for JavaScript programming by installing Node.js.


JavaScript programming language is ideal for building a website or native application. Python programming, on the other hand, is the ideal pick for tasks concerning data analytics, machine learning, and math-intensive operations.

Python Vs Javascript Jobs

Both programming languages Python and Javascript are offering ample job opportunities to programmers. Here are the few job opportunities for both Python and JavaScript programmers. 

Python programming Jobs:

  • Python Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Advisors
  • Product Manager
  • Data Journalist
  • Educator

JavaScript programming Jobs:

  • Front End Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • UX Designer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Full-Stack Developer

Python Vs JavaScript Salary: 

The entry-level Python developer earns up to $78k annually. The junior Python developer earns $89k annually. Mid-level Python developers earn $111k per year, and senior Python developers earn up to $122k per year.

The junior JavaScript developer, on the other hand, earns up to $60k per year. And the senior JavaScript developer can earn up to $113k per year. Note that in comparison, we have discussed the average salary of both Python and JavaScript developers.

But we have to keep in mind that these two programming languages offer an adequate job profession. Thus, salaries may differ from the profession.


Now you know about Python vs JavaScript, CodeAvail programming experts are available for the Python Programming assignment help or Javascript homework help at an affordable price within a given deadline.