Which One Is The Better Option : Graphic Design vs Web Design ?

Graphic design vs web design both have different working platforms and importance in businesses. Graphic design is an art, planning, projecting ideas, experiences with visual and textual content. In graphic design, professionals create visual content for communicating through messages because almost every business is on the internet. It mainly helps the producer to connect with the consumers. Graphic designs are used to promote and sell products and create a logo design and color pallete for brands. They advertise websites which are somehow complicated through infographics, posters, book covers, product labels etc. Let’s understand with an example. 

For example – Suppose a person has opened a new business and no one knows his work. Then for advertising that person hires graphic designers for making posters with their logo, labels etc. The work of a graphic designer is to make eye-catching images which are the mixture of product information, logo design and images. There are so many free image editor online platforms to make their work easy. So that viewers can easily understand your product in just one view.

Now let’s discuss what are the qualifications and skills required for the graphic designer. I know you are keen to know if graphic design is for your career or not. You can build your interest in this profession or not.

  • They have to do their Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Design, Marketing or related to them.
  • They have experience in Photoshop and Designing especially with mockups and multimedia presentations.
  • Plus point if you have experience in commercial design preferred with a marketing or creative agency.
  • You should know how WordPress templates work.
  • You should have excellent communication skills.

If your mind is creative and has an interest in creating eye-catching visuals and the textual content then you should go for graphic designing. On the other hand, web designing also has importance in the IT industry. To know the difference between both “graphic design vs web design”, you should also know about web design.

Now, It’s Time To Explore The Need And Importance Of Web Design?

Web design generally refers to the design of websites which are displayed on the internet or what you see on the screen when you are searching. Basically web designers plan, design, create and code web pages which include text with sounds, pictures, graphics and video clips. A web design is a layout of a website which is seen by the users and converted into buyers. Generally it is a creation of websites and pages which reflects a company’s brand and information. The major tasks of web designers at web design company in Bangladesh.

Web designers works on –

  • The appearance
  • The layout of a website
  • The content of a website 

Let’s understand with an example- Suppose a company wants to create the website to inform the viewers about their product. Web designers create a design which is called web design, images, content and then combine together which forms an attractive website. With the help of websites they can easily make viewers understand about their work.

If you want to explore yourself more in this field then you know the qualifications and skills of a web designer. 

  • Students must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s in Web Design.
  • Plus point is you also can pursue Computer or Diploma courses in Web design.
  • This fieldwork experience is not a compulsion, you can have job opportunities by part-time jobs or by internships.
  • You must have a good imagination, creativity, and technical ability.
  • Your communication and IT skills should also be good.
  • You must be attentive to every single detail when you are creating a website.
  • You must have the patience to deal with clients and workload.

I hope your doubts must be clear in between graphic design vs web design. Both have different working criteria, qualifications, and importance in the businesses. Both professions have some similarities. Let’s discuss it.

Find Out Similarities Between Graphic Design vs Web design

There are few similarities between these two professions. As we all know they are not the same but even then they are similar things.

  • Fundamentals of Master Design – We should have the basic knowledge of design fundamentals in both graphic design vs web design. You should know how to use typography and color which add a clear level of hierarchy to your design. They are technically different from each other but both require design knowledge.
  • Must be up-to-date in Design trends – When you start working with a company you specialize in some designs but after that, you need to update your design trends. Some companies need designs with the feel of the 60s but reflect today’s trend. For both the designs whether graphic design vs web design should be the latest so that they can communicate with every type of generation.
  • Solves the problem in creative form – Naturally, we have to face problems while designing an image or a website. Clients want creative problem solvers because if one design is not eye-catching then you have to solve creatively with another design. In both fields, you should have to think creatively. 
  • Communication – Communication is the best medium to communicate with clients. You should know how to ask the right questions which include key information. It doesn’t matter which designer you are, you should know design-related questions. So. you can fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients.

After knowing the similarities, now we discuss the difference between graphic design vs web design. This helps you to decide your career because you have to give your time and resources while studying.

Explore The Differences Between Graphic Design vs Web Design

Many people, whether a businessman or a student, really don’t know the difference between “graphic design vs web design” these two professions. If you are a student then you have to know the difference for selecting one for your career. After knowing the difference you can finalize in which field you have interest and can easily give your full efforts in gaining knowledge.

To understand this let’s illustrate an example – Suppose a company is interested in creating eye-catching images that reflect your idea. Then to whom you should hire, you hire a graphic designer vs web designer for making more artistic images. It’s you who decides which designer you hire but without knowing you can’t decide. So, our blog helps you to decide which one you hire.

Both the professions have different skills like graphic designer focus on artistic images and a web designer focus on programming and knowledge of the web. Whether you are looking for a designer or finding the best career for your future, then you have to know the difference between “graphic design vs web design”.

FunctionGraphic DesignWeb Design
Technical SkillIn this, you should know Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.In this, you should know CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
FlexibilityGraphic design is permanent i.e. you cannot change the design after printing.Web design is flexible i.e. you can change the design according to the trends.
InteractiveGraphic design is less interactive because it can not change when you interact with it.The user can interact with the design.
Typography constraintsIn graphic design, You can use any type of font face you want.In web design, typography is restricted on the web.
MaintenanceIn graphic design, once your work is done when it’s printed. Then no maintenance is needed after printing.In web design, there is a need for continuous maintenance

I hope now you understand the difference between these two professions and make yourself clear which one is for your career. Both are equally important in the businesses but you have to clear your doubts regarding both the professions “graphic design vs web design”.

Is Graphic Design vs Web Design A Necessity Of The Industry or Not?

Both the professions have equal importance in the industry and their requirements for jobs are also on-demand. For students, after the bachelor’s degree, there are several career paths available. Graphic designers can develop images that convey messages and ideas. 

Let’s see some industries that require graphic designers –

  • Manufacturing – The manufacturing name itself tells the importance. In the industry, the packaging is important for the sale of the product. Suppose a company manufactures different products and then combines them. It might not sound good because when a product comes into the market then its demand increases only due to attractive packaging. So, it’s the work of a graphic designer to change the look of the product’s packaging, combining the right images, wording, and layout to convert browsers into buyers.
  • Publishing – Whatever we publish in the market like books, magazines, newspapers, etc, its demand increases only when their looks appear an eye-catching view. It’s not just that you publish and buyers can buy. Firstly they view the images, eye-catching content which is highlighted then they buy. Graphic designers can change the whole look and make it attractive.
  • Advertising – In advertising, graphic designers work on the needs of the client and message which is portrayed by design. They give preference to users before creating a design. Basically, it is an art and technology to communicate ideas and give messages by using so many tools.
  • Computer System design – Graphic designers are also in demand in the industries that work on computer system design. There is to develop website layouts and the digital media which are used on those sites. Due to this, there are so many job opportunities.

These are some industries but there are so many areas where graphic designers are on demand. Students have to clear their state of mind in which area they want to focus. On the other side of the web, designers are also an important part of the industry. 

Let’s explore – 

  • Advertising – The role of web designers is to create mockups with computer mockups or image-based representations which show how the final website looks. Their focus is on the visual design not on the making. If visual design is attractive then viewers will automatically convert into buyers.
  • Educational institute – Their scope in the educational institute of web designers is more. They design the layout in this way that it shows on every device like mobile, laptop, etc. 
  • Departmental Stores – As you all know, departmental stores have many schemes and new products. If they have a website, then they can easily introduce new schemes, new products, address, contact no and much more information to the buyers. For buyers too it’s easy to compare prices, aware about new schemes etc for buying.
  • Software companies – It’s general that software companies need to hire web designers for making attractive web designs for different companies or businesses for making revenue.

There are many industries in which web designers are in demand. Students have to focus on which field they want to move on. I hope the differences between these two “graphic design vs web design” helps you to focus on your interest. 


Both fields have their priorities and importance in the industry. They are equally important for the students but you need to focus on which field you want for your career. Both “graphic design vs web design” have different roles but they depend on the environment. There are many job opportunities in different industries, you just need to fulfill their requirements in degree. You have to study and gain knowledge according to your interests and working criteria. Both the professions are on-demand and companies are hiring constantly. 


Which is better: “graphic design vs web design”?

It depends upon the needs of the industry or company. If they want eye-catching images then they hire a graphic designer. If the work is related to the website then they hire a web designer. Some people might want to build the website themselves using website builder.

What is the difference between graphic design vs web design?

The main difference is graphic design is static, they can’t change when it’s done. On the other hand, web design is flexible and you can change according to the trends.