What Are The Top Most Uses Of Microsoft Office? Detailed Guide

When you all heard about Microsoft office, then your first question is why do we use Microsoft office? So, let’s discuss Microsoft Office and the uses of Microsoft office. Actually, Microsoft Office is a set of applications that are used for business or office purposes. Microsoft Office was first introduced by Microsoft corporation in 1990. It is designed to create and edit documents that contain text and images, work with data in spreadsheets and databases, and create presentations and posters. It makes your office job simple and easy which improves work productivity. Each and every application is designed for completing specific tasks. It may be data management, organizing emails, making presentations, etc. 

Microsoft Office has developed multiple versions of Office which can be supported by different operating systems. The plus point of Microsoft Office is that it can support 35 languages. You must explore its applications which help you in working in the company or any business. Every business or company needs Microsoft Office help in their work because they have to maintain data, give presentations, etc. This really helps a person to explore and show their creativity in the company. 

Let’s Have A Look On The Applications Or The Uses Of Microsoft Office

Applications of Microsoft Office helps you in almost every type of work like in hospitals, shops, in the company, etc. It is a powerful service that helps you in giving out your best ideas, getting your things done in a lesser time and many more. All the applications are important and their working criteria are different. We will discuss it below in our blog.

Let’s begin –

Microsoft Word 

One of the most widely used which helps to make quality-based documents, letters, reports, etc. The most important feature is to format and edit your files or documents very easily in a proper format. 

Working on MS Word

Suppose if we have to write a report for the company, it should be in a proper format according to the criteria of a company. So, through MS Word you can – 

  • Change the font, color, font size, alignment, line spacing, etc.
  • Insert table, shapes, images, header, footer, etc.
  • Change the design in which you want your document or its appearance.
  • Also change the whole layout of your document like margins, lines, etc.
  • Check your spellings, grammar, word count, etc. This will help you in writing the report in the correct form without any mistakes.

You have so many options for making your document professional according to the criteria of the company. Students prefer MS Word the most for their assignments. It can show your creativity which is in your mind. MS Word is one of the uses of Microsoft office. Students always want to know where it has been used because after then, they can easily select their job according to the demand.

Uses of MS Word

  • Education – MS Word is used in the field of education because it is the simplest tool that can be used by teachers and students. It makes your document more attractive through images and shapes.
  • Workplace – MS Word helps in submitting letters, bills, letterheads, creating reports, etc. 
  • Resume – The most important work for students is a resume. Through MS Word create or update your resume for searching for the job.
  • Authors – MS Word also has tools for authors for writing books in a proper format.

MS Excel

MS Excel is one of the best uses of Microsoft office and a very powerful tool for organizing large amounts of data. When we say calculations or tracking any kind of information then it is the best way to work with. It contains cells i.e. columns and rows which include numbers, text, and formulas. MS Excel works on multiple platforms like windows, mac os, and many more. 

Work of MS Excel

  • You can import, export and convert excel sheets in .csv, .txt etc.
  • You can perform calculations on your data and can create your own style by using formatting.
  • You can add charts i.e. pie charts.

In this also you have many options for making your sheet more informative and make everybody understand very easily. MS Excel is also one of the uses of Microsoft office. 

Uses of MS Excel

This software has become an important part of most business organizations around the world. It has millions of rows and columns which help in generating memos and can easily track the records. MS Excel fulfills various purposes for business organizations. The best part of this software is, it has a simple interface that users or students can easily understand.

  • Banking – In banking, the use of MS Excel is more in this sector. They have to keep so many records in the banking sector. Every person involved in this sector has to know about the working of MS Excel.
  • Hospitals – As you all know, in hospitals they have to maintain records of the patients and their problems, machinery, etc. It is very helpful in this sector also.
  • Professional companies – They have to maintain sheets related to financial betterment. So, they use calculations also for keeping the records of profit and loss. 

So, there are many areas where MS Excel is used and makes work easier. You should have proper knowledge if you want your career in this field.

MS PowerPoint 

MS PowerPoint is one of the best uses of Microsoft office and used for making presentations and uses slides to convey information to the clients or customers. It is mainly used for presenting ideas and creating yours to the people whom you want to do business with. 

The work of MS PowerPoint is 

  • You can create and present your ideas through presentations or visual ads by developing slides.
  • You can easily create attractive and colorful designs by using free PowerPoint templates and themes according to the work defined.
  • You can easily present yourself by maintaining eye contact with a large audience by just moving the slides.

So, It is a tool for presenting yourself and your ideas or product to a large audience. Students, teachers, and employees all can easily present because it is very easy to understand and use. It is one of the best tools of Microsoft office. I hope now you can easily understand the uses of Microsoft office.

Now Let’s focus on where we use MS PowerPoint – 

  • PowerPoint in Education – In education, PowerPoint plays an important role while teaching the students. They teach lessons through slides and it is easy for them to teach with images and examples. For students also they understand the topic easily due to beautifully designed slides.
  • PowerPoint in Business – Business totally depends upon planning, marketing, execution and advertising for betterment. PowerPoint helps in making plans which execute in an attractive way by designing slides. It also helps in doing marketing by showing their products and its quality through slideshow.
  • PowerPoint in Housewives – As we all mothers are the first teacher of their child. They make powerpoint slides for their children and teach them by showing numbers, shapes and many more things.
  • PowerPoint in Job seekers – With the help of PowerPoint job seekers make their resume in a digitalized form or in a multimedia. So that they can tell their skills in a better way to the interviewers.

MS Access

MS Access is a management tool that helps to store information, reporting, and analysis. Sometimes data is found in large quantities and it can’t be organized in Excel sheets then MS Access helps to manage data easily. Basically, it is a Database Management System (DBMS) that is designed for developers, data analysts, and database administrators. MS Access has many benefits when it is in use. 

Let’s see – 

  • When you are working with many clients and you have to save their information securely then MS Access helps you in maintaining these records.
  • When we talk about security then MS Access is beneficial because it is password protected.
  • The most important fact of MS Access is it can be upgraded when you require more space.

Now let’s focus on the working of MS Access – 

  • Cost of development – The usage of MS Access is more because it is less expensive. It handles large data but the cost is less that’s why it is an important tool of MS Office. 
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) – ODBC is a protocol that can be used to connect Microsoft Access databases with an external data source like a Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Import Data Formats – MS Access has the ability to import data formats but you can’t lose your existing data too. This feature saves your time and human power.
  • Flexibility – MS Access is flexible i.e. it depends upon your growing data. If your company’s data is growing consistently then MS Access upgrades itself for handling large data.
  • Uniqueness – It also takes care that your entered data must be unique i.e. entered only once at a time.

Let’s see where MS Access is being used – 

  • MS Access in Data Analytics – When there is a need to maintain an unlimited number of records and multiple fields at one time. MS Access helps to keep track of unlimited data.
  • MS Access in Business Analytics – In business, when there is a need of communicating on the same page i.e. team work then MS Access is more beneficial. When you make changes on the page then it can be noticed by everyone on your team. 

MS One-Note

One-Note itself means making notes for different sections while you are working. It is the application that provides a hub for all your notes and can be organized into separate notebooks or individual sections within notebooks. On that note either be simple text or multimedia is totally your choice. 

Let’s discuss the working of MS One-Note – 

  • Sharing notes – You can share your notes privately, share with others, and also with yourself on different devices. If you save in the drive then you can access it from anywhere or from any devices but only if you log in with an MS office account. 
  • Organize your material – One-Note has multiple notebooks whether it is dedicated to the same topic or different topics. You can use it for work as well as for personal use too.
  • Add more to One-Note – You can create tables to manage notes and add images, photos, audio, and video. This tool gives permission to link or paste the URLs from the web browsers. If you are using a tablet with a stylus then you can draw, sketch and write notes by freehand.

Now discuss where MS One-Note is being used – 

  • MS One-Note in Offices – It is a cloud based workbook and it helps in doing work with other people as a team. You can share easily by giving access to other people. You can also view, edit your content and it can automatically save. It is password protected too.
  • MS One-Note in Education – MS One-Note is a smart digital notepad which is used by teachers and students to get their ideas organized. All the notes are saved in the cloud so that everyone can notice the changes.
  • MS One-Note in Business – In business, there is so much work to manage and meetings are lined up. This will help schedule work on a daily basis. It also helps to create new sections, create notes, plan for future needs and many more.

MS Outlook

Emails are an important part of sending messages professionally. It can be used to manage personal data which includes calendar appointments, tasks, contacts, and notes. MS Outlook has many uses which makes it important. 

Let’s discuss it –

Reminds about your attachment – MS Outlook reminds you about the attachment file if you forgot to attach it. It means when you are typing the mail that some attachment is there and you forgot to attach it then outlook reminds you that you have to attach a file.

  • Automatically add tasks to your calendar – If your bookings are through mails then outlook automatically adds those to your calendar along with the information regarding confirmation etc.
  • New items alert – Sometimes you are busy with some work and you are waiting for an important email. Outlook gives you an alert for incoming messages when it comes.
  • Clean up the folder – Outlook helps to clean up all the duplicate messages and leave those messages which are unread.

I hope now you all can easily understand Microsoft Office and its uses. They all help you in different forms of work. Every business or company has different criteria of work and data to manage. Microsoft Office helps you in giving quality work and is full of security. 

Let’s discuss where MS Outlook is being used – 

  • Most offices and companies can use MS Outlook because they are using it when their companies or offices are set up. Some people are using it for their personal use like emails, handling clients etc.


Uses of Microsoft Office is an essential tool or you can say today’s need. Whether you are a professional or a student or a retired person or a working employee. It doesn’t matter who you are or on which post you are. You should have knowledge of these basic tools for accessing or handling data. These applications help you in managing all your data. If one application does not fulfill your requirements then another one helps you to complete your work. 

Suppose you are entering data but the data is very large that Excel can’t maintain then MS Access helps you out. So, You should have the basic knowledge of these so that your work can complete on time and help in business productivity.


What are the uses of Microsoft office?

Microsoft Office helps to simplify office tasks and improve productivity. Each and every application is designed to complete a specific task.

Which Microsoft Office is the best tool?

Yes, It is the best tool for handling the data, making presentations, and many more. You should have a basic knowledge of these tools.