Software Developer vs Web Developer: Which Has More Demand

software developer vs web developer

Almost every student is confused about whether to be a software developer or a web developer. Generally, they both have similar responsibilities but the work is done in a different environment. With their day-to-day assignments which may vary according to its complexity. So, because of the similarities, students get confused regarding “software developer vs web developer”. 

The difference between (software developer vs web developer) in simple words is, software developers work in technical departments like research and development, data science, and machine learning. On the other side, web developers work in IT or marketing departments. Software developers work on longer projects as compared to web developers. Now, I hope you understand a little bit about the meaning of these two and their working platform.

There are so many differences between these two and we try to clear all your doubts. Let’s begin with the question: 

Who is a software developer? What are the roles to perform?

Software developers are those who invent, manage and optimize computer programs that run on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Their work is to govern the functioning of desktop applications by writing complex code. They can write by using different programming languages such as JAVA, Python, C#, and SQL. As you all know, most software developers work for large companies like Microsoft, Oracle, etc. 

There are many stages for the process of creating applications and software developers are totally involved in every stage. They are categorized into specific roles which are based on specializations –

  • Software application developers – These are those professionals whose focus is on the design of desktop and mobile applications, tools, games, etc. Sometimes they work on the same projects for many years and their work is to ensure that the software is functioning, efficient and accurate.
  • Software system developers – These are those professionals whose focus is on the designing of system-level software. This software helps to manage corporate networking apps, database management systems, and other infrastructure. 

Every student is facing the problem of whether there is a demand for software developers vs web developers. Every software developer or web developer has its own unique responsibility and work. Companies are hiring according to their work and priorities.

Let’s understand with an example- 

Suppose a company has a problem regarding managing and organizing their data then the company hires software developers who create an application that manages their large data.

Let’s focus on some key points which tell the demand of software developers –

  • Analytical skills – It simply means that the user always constantly changes their behavior and preferences. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand but the work of a software developer is to analyze users’ trends and create desktop and mobile applications.
  • Critical thinking – Every user wants the best software which solves hundreds of problems in one solution. So, it’s the job of a software developer to choose the best option by thinking and comparing all the strengths and weaknesses of that particular software.
  • Interpersonal competition – When you are going through your career in software development, you come in touch with other software developers and IT professionals. You all have very different ideas and working criteria but when you all together create an application then it helps companies for making revenue.

It’s all about software developers but now it’s time to focus on the role of the web developer. The actual difference between software developer vs web developer only you know when you know about the work of a web developer.

Who is a web developer? What are the roles to perform?

The role of a web developer is to create applications that look and function according to the requirements of companies. They actually work on the user interface and page layout to back-end systems for gathering data. Companies hire web developers to design unique and engaging websites for businesses, government agencies, etc. The role of web development are characterized into three specialized areas which are defined as – 

  • Back-end web developers – These are those developers who work on how websites and web applications work on the fundamental level. They mostly focus on the technical aspects of both websites and web applications that support basic and advanced functionality.
  • Front-end web developers –  Front-end means the look of the websites and application and it is based on the user perspective. They help users make all online content easy to access, browse and interact with because users may have limited computer skills. 
  • Full-stack web developers – This means they are those professionals who have the experience of both the front-end and back-end development tasks. They have the full knowledge of different programming languages.

So, I hope now you can make the difference between software developers vs web developers. For a brief study about the differences which make clear all your doubts.

Let’s explore the difference between software developer vs web developer

As you all know, if you know the difference it makes to decide which field you like or not. Whether it is software development or web development both are equally important in IT industries. When students are worried about their career then the difference helps them to decide which is better or fit according to their interests.

Let’s begin – 

FunctionSoftware developerWeb developer
MeaningSoftware developers are the people who have the creative mind behind all computer programs. Web developers are the persons who design a website or web application.
Work-onApplications that are developed by software developers are-For clientClient-server basedApplications which are developed by web developers are only client-server-based.
ProgrammingLanguages in which they developed are C++, JAVA, Python, etc.Languages that are used to develop are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
HostingIt’s not necessary to host the software which is developed.In the case of web applications, They need to be hosted via the internet or intranet.
PlatformSoftware applications which are developed are compatible with different Operating systems.Web applications which are developed are compatible with any browser.

It’s easy to understand by the students the difference between software developers vs web developers. Now you can easily decide in which field you want your career. 

Which one is on-demand in the industry?

Web developers are concerned basically with the website and web applications that run on the browsers. Software developers concentrate on the programs they work or trying to create for desktop and mobile applications.

Both the career requires programming experience, proper attention to your studies and being able to solve the problem. It comes when you go through the websites and experience making it. You have to know their different workflows, how to maintain them, and their complexities.

For example – 

Web developers work with the business and marketing experts because they want to ensure that the company’s website is efficient, user-friendly, and easily accessible. 

Software developers work with co-workers or other technical experts on large-scale software, operating system, and mobile applications projects. 

Basically, students choose the path according to their professional goals and interests. Before exploring your time and resources, it’s crucial to know the field you choose.

Which is the better career option as a software developer or web developer?

Every profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. The demand for web developers is always on demand as compared to software developers. They earn better salaries due to on-demand work. When we search for a job as a web developer it is much easier than a software developer. The plus point in this job is you can operate from a remote location or at home too. 

On the other hand, Software developers have knowledge of computer science. Their job requirements are in big firms or government offices. So, it’s difficult to find a job as a software developer as compared to a web developer. Comparisons are there to give an idea of which type of work and environment you have in both fields. You just keep an eye on your interest in which field you feel comfortable and like the most. Now it’s easy to understand the work and you can easily decide between the two “software developer vs web developer”.


Both the field has its own working criteria and knowledge required. But you need to identify which one is better for you “software developer vs web developer”. Front-end developers are those who are responsible for the look and feel of the website. It is based on the client site development, where the focus is totally on what you see first on the browsers after searching. Basically on the vision, if it looks attractive then you stay, and if not then you move on. 

On the other hand, back-end developers are those who work on the back end and their work can’t be seen by the users.

It is basically divided into three sections – 

  • Server
  • Applications
  • Database

Basically, it works on the server-side of an application. They both are important for the IT industry. Do work hard with full honesty and accuracy while studying whatever field you choose.


Which one is better software developer vs web developer?

Software developers have full knowledge of computer science while web developers are flexible according to the website design process. They both are important and have their own requirements.

Is being a software developer easier than being a web developer?

Web Development is generally easier as compared to software development to get started with as the tools and techniques are not complicated to learn. Software Development requires an in-depth understanding of tools, methodologies, and philosophies that govern making good and accurate software.