10 Best Educational Tools Each Teacher Needs To Use !

Best Educational Tools

Education in the 20th century and the 21st is an entirely different thing. Decades ago, hardly anyone could suppose that technology would become an extricable part of education.  So far, many educational tools and approaches have been modified. Today demand for online education is growing. In 2021, the global online education market was estimated to be worth USD 30.60 billion. It is expected to reach USD 198.9 billion by 2030. Regarding this, teachers need to stay updated with changes and be ready to organize online or hybrid courses. 

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Benefits of online teaching platforms

One of the main benefits of online teaching platforms is flexible working hours. There are numerous educational tools and resources available here and it’s possible to reach a global audience. Let’s also emphasize the role of affordability of online learning. It reduces financial costs and increases the number of students.  

How to get started with online teaching platforms

Before creating a platform, you need to define your goals and audience. It would be best if you also have a plan, prepare materials in advance and share them with your audience continuously. You can collect all your information on your website, write articles, post updates, and share your and your student’s achievements. (ambien online in pakistan) Here is one important thing to remember: the right design visuals make your content stand out and impact ranking factors.Add a professional touch with Freepik’s free images that is the best platform for hunting visuals for your content.

Today a lot of platforms are out there. To save you the trouble of trying many products on the market, we will tell you about the 10 best educational tools each teacher should have.


The global eLearning market is anticipated to reach a staggering $457.8 billion in value by 2026, if you still don’t have a website, start planning one now. You don’t need to hire a developer or pay much money to create a website. You are capable of doing it on your own. Systeme.io will be a perfect solution. It will help you build your site in minutes without technical knowledge. You can use various templates to suit your needs. Here you can also create your online courses and sell them from your website instead of using an online course marketplace where you have to pay for them.

My Hours

One of the main challenges of online teaching is coordinating your team, projects, and tasks. You can face many problems at this stage, but there is a one of the most wonderful educational tools – MyHours – all-in-one free time tracking software to coordinate projects and tasks. 

You can prioritize tasks, add details, and delegate completion to your team. You can also create an estimated budget for each project or task, track time and use an attendance tracker.


Teachable is another educational tools to create and sell courses online. Teachable handles everything from web hosting to payment processing.

This is where creative entrepreneurs build the future, from online courses to digital downloads. You can create quizzes, organize discussions, and more with teachable. You can join for free or choose a paying version according to your needs.  


You probably heard about one of the most popular educational tools -Udemy.

This platform supports over 65 languages in more than 180 countries. However, not everyone can create courses in Udemy. First, you need to get approved. There are no fees for becoming a teacher on Udemy. Udemy’s revenue share model will compensate you. 

Udemy is unique thanks to its In-built analytics and insights. To track your progress, you can analyze and compare them with the others on the platform. 


Cloud-based learning management system WizIQ assists users in creating self-branded teaching training programs where you can customize virtual classrooms, prepare tests, create polls, and surveys, schedule courses, and deliver live classes.

WizIQ offers a 14-day free trial, after which you can choose the pricing option you need.  


If you aim to build a digital school, then LearnWorlds is an ideal solution. Here it’s possible to make a high-converting website for your school, create multiple courses, sell them as B2B and B2C products and manage various instructors on the same platform. 

It has the option to build a branded mobile app.


Thinkific is another user-friendly educational tools for course creation and community-building. You can start with a free plan to build your website, engage your audience and sell courses either from subscriptions or one-off payments. 

The Thinkific App Store makes it simple to integrate. Get access to a range of third-party apps to build a more robust business.


At Learn Cub, you can put together teaching and tutoring. It offers training sessions, virtual classrooms for live online education, video conferences, live chats etc… 

LearnCube is very user-friendly and works both on desktop and on mobile devices. Here it’s also possible to add video, audio, images, and PDFs. You can use it for free or choose a paid version. 


It’s a perfect platform for those with visual memory. This platform makes the teaching process very attractive. You can create science-backed flashcards or games for your students.  

Quizlet allows you to create your class on the platform and share study sets, which can be designed from scratch or use pre-made ones. 

It has perfect features, the majority of which are available in the free version. 


Podia is a completely free platform, which is used to build websites, sell courses and digital products, and host communities. Podia allows you to create paid communities, free communities, and memberships on your own platform.

Here you can earn money from your students’ membership and provide them unlimited access to online teaching content.

You can start using this platform for free and switch to the paid version any time you want. It has quite a lot of features and low prices. 


If you are passionate about education then you will need these educational tools to organize your online teaching process productively. Just define your teaching goals, choose the best one according to your needs and start building your website and your online courses already today.