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Top Main Uses Of C Programming Language In Future

The C programming language was released almost 50 years ago, and still, it is so popular among programmers. In 2019 it was ranked second and even getting adhesion last year because of its low-level capabilities, speed, and platform-independent features.

This language is developed for the hardware to which you can directly interact, like kernels, drivers, and much more. However, C programming is the basic foundation of the other programming language; therefore, it is called ‘mother language’ of all programming. 

Importance Of C Programming Language

In this blog, we provide all the essential information regarding c programming languages. Such as the application of C language and the uses of C Programming in the future to help you know how important this language is. Also, the uses of c programming in daily life are vast.

Top Main Uses Of C Programming Language In Future
Top Main Uses Of C Programming Language In Future

Why learn ‘C’ programming?

‘C’ programming is the basic foundation of the other programming language. Likewise, If you learn C programming as the main role. Later, it will play an essential role while learning other programming languages.

Such as, it gives the same ideas, control statements, operators, data types, and many more. ‘C’ programming can utilize broadly in different applications. Also, it is a simplistic language and gives quicker execution. Likewise, there are various jobs available for a ‘C’ developer nowadays.

‘C’ is a structured language in which the program is separated into different modules. Every module can address individually, and mutually, it creates a single ‘C’ program.

This structure gives it simple for examining, managing, and debugging methods. Likewise, ‘C’ includes 32 keywords, various data types, and a set of important built-in functions that perform programming very effectively. However, an extra ‘C’ programming feature is that it can spread itself.

A ‘C’ program includes different functions that are sections of a library. You can combine our functions and features to the library. Also, you can obtain and utilize these functions anytime we need them in our program. Likewise, this feature makes it easy while operating with complicated programming. Several compilers are accessible in the market that can utilize for completing programs written in this language.

Likewise, it is an extremely compact language, which means programs addressed in ‘C’ programming can run on different machines. Also, this feature is necessary if you want to practice or execute the code on different computers.

Advantages of C programming language

  1. As a middle-level language, C connects the features of both low level and high-level languages. C language can be utilized for low-level programming. Such as scripting for kernels and drivers. It also helps the use of high-level programming languages, such as scripting for application of software, etc.
  2. The c programming language is a structured language that provides a complicated program to be separated into more simplistic programs described as functions. It also enables data free movement over these functions.
  3. C programming languages have different features, that includes access to machine-level hardware APIs. The behavior of compilers of C, and dynamic memory allocation that makes C language an excellent option for scripting applications and drivers of installed systems.
  4. This programming is case-sensitive, which means uppercase and lowercase letters are used separately.
  5. Uses of C programming are for scripting system applications, which form a significant part of Windows, Linux, UNIX operating systems.
  6. C language is a general-purpose language and can efficiently work on project applications, graphics, games, and applications needing calculations.
  7. It has a powerful library that provides several built-in functions. It also gives dynamic memory allocation.

Uses of C Programming Language

The c programming language is a very simple language generally used by software experts worldwide. Originally, this language was applied for system development work, in precise, the programs that make-up the operating system. The advantage of C programming language largely generates code that works almost as fast as code written in assembly language. The uses of C programming can be summarized as follows:

  • The c programming language is originally practiced for system programming. The portability, performance, the capacity to reach particular hardware addresses. And low runtime command on system addresses makes it a good choice for executing operating systems and embedded system applications.
  • It is universally accepted by compilers and experts, libraries, and interpreters of other languages often performed in C programming.
  • There is various use of c programming in electrical engineering. It can use signal processing algorithms to learn the features of microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other integrated circuit projects.
  • C programming sometimes utilizes as an intermediary language for implementations of different languages because of portability and comfort reasons. Examples of compilers that use C language in this process are Gambit, BitC, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, Vala, and Squeak.
  • There are many uses of c programming in mechanical engineering. Different CAM and CAD uses of c programming software are to control by engineers. Almost every project create with CAD and CAM software has a vital role in the production processes.
  • C programming extensively utilizes to implement end-user applications.

Use of Array In C Programming

An array in c programming is a variable that can collect many values. Let’s take you to want to store 100 integers, you can make an array for it.

dataType arrayName[arraySize];

For example,

float mark[6];

Here, we declared an array, mark, floating-point type, and the size of the array is 6. Meaning, it can hold 6 floating-point values.

It’s essential to see that the array type and array size cannot be replaced once you have declared.

Use Of Function In C Programming

A function is a code block that implements a particular task.

Assume you want to build a program to generate a circle and color it. You can generate two functions to do this problem:

  • create a circle function
  • create a color function

Breaking a complicated problem into shorter parts makes our program simple to understand and reuse.

Uses Of Comments In C Programming

Comments give prominence to the C programming source code enabling others to understand better what the code was designed to achieve and consider serving in debugging it. Comments are particularly valuable in big projects, including numbers of source code lines or projects in which various contributors work on the source code.

A comment begins with a slash asterisk /* and finishes with an asterisk slash */ and can be anyplace in your program.


The syntax for comment is:

/* comment goes here */



 * comment goes here


Uses Of Char In C Programming

C programming uses a char type to collect letters and characters. However, the char type is integer type because under C stores integer numbers rather than characters.

What Is The Use of clrscr In C Programming

 It is a predefined function in “conio.h” (console input-output use of header files in c programming) clears the output of the earlier executed program from the console.


Use of do-while Loop In C Programming

A do-while loop is related to while loop with one difference that it performs the comments inside the do-while body before examining the condition. On the other hand, in the while loop, first, the state is checked, and then the comments in while loop is performed. So you can say that if a condition is wrong in the first place, they do while would run once; however, the while loop would not run at all.

Syntax of the do-while loop




}while(condition test);

Use of Flag in C Programming Example

A flag variable is normally given two values 0 and 1. So, it’s practiced as a Boolean variable where the sequence toggles within 0 (False) and 1 (True) or as practiced by the programmer. Some prefer flag=1 and convert it to flag=0 in the program to act.

A flag is just the idea of setting a variable to show that something has occurred.


flagVariable = 0;

if (the thing has occurred)

    Flags variable = 1;

That variable can be examined to detect if the thing has happened, and the program can respond, respectively.


if (flagVariable is 1)

    // the thing has occurred, act consequently

Uses Of C Programming In Real Life

Mainly C programming is utilized for the Development of system software and Desktop application. Some C programming applications are given below.

  • Building Compilers of various Languages that can take data from different programming and transform them into lower-level machine-dependent language.
  • To assess any numerical equation, use c programming.
  • UNIX Kernel is entirely produced in C programming.
  • C programming can be utilized to create Network Devices.
  • To improve software applications like databases and spreadsheets.
  • C programming can be utilized to create system software like the compiler and operating system.
  • C programming can be utilized to design an Operating System.
  • This language can be utilized to design compilers.
  • It is used for developing Graphical applications for computers and mobile.

Future of C Programming language

The modern reputation of the programming language JAVA and C++ may have replaced C’s place in the programming world. But C programming is here to stay for a very long time. One principal factor after the defeat of C programming is that C++ has acquired most of its syntax from C programming but has included various new ideas that form the foundation of Object-Oriented programming.

It is better to know C to learn C++. However, many support the theory that one has to unlearn procedural programming practices to learn Object-Oriented programming. On the basis of C++ programming conditions, GUI is more famous for its integrity.

But it practices a lot of disk space, and great memory is the disadvantage of that. They use difficult class libraries and are not well satisfied with improving short programs that operate on smaller systems. C programming is a more reliable choice for programming device drivers, installed applications, and benefit programs. 


We have included all the information regarding what are the uses of c programming in the future and why it is so important. We have included applications of C programming language for your better understanding. Because of its low-level capabilities, speed,  and platform-independent features this language is developed for the hardware to which you can directly interact, like kernels, drivers, and much more.

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