Learn How Long Does It Take To Learn C++ From Starting

how long does it take to learn C++

So many individuals around the work want to learn C++ but don’t know how long does it take to learn C++. Today Learning C++ programming has become a necessary skill for many IT professionals and students. 

After all, it’s one of the most popular programming languages globally. C++ is a programming language originally developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, and it was developed as an extension of the C language. C++ is a general-purpose, OOP (object-oriented programming) language.

The C++ programming language can use compilers for a variety of platforms and develop applications. It is considered to be a high-performance language. C++ is widely used in developing applications where performance is an important issue, such as client/client content. 

C++ is not designed to be an easy-to-learn programming language. If you’re new to programming or just trying to learn more about C++ and want to know how long to learn c++, then this blog might be helpful! 

Before moving to the main part of how long does it take to master C++, let us give you an overview of what is C++ programming and what is c++ used for.

What Is C++ Programming?

C++ programming is a powerful general-purpose language, and it can be used to develop games,  browsers, operating systems, and so on. It supports several ways of programming like procedural, object-oriented, functional, and so on. This makes the C++ language flexible and powerful.

C++ programming language is one of the most popular object-oriented languages taught in every university for students and is the first programming language that connects programming to a real-world entity. C++ is also used for multi-platform and multi-device app development.

The C++ programming language combines increased capacity and optimal software performance, extensively used to build well-organized apps. Moreover, this language is compiled, has the best compatibility with C programming or any other language, and can be performed on different platforms.

Some Excellent Features Of C++ Programming

C++ language is an extension of the C programming language. The principal idea behind forming C++ programming was to connect object orientation with the C programming language. The major upgrades are operator overloading, OOP methodology, namespace feature, error & exception handling. 

There are various unique features of the C++ programming language. Some of its features we have listed below:

  • Object-Oriented
  • Platform Dependent
  • Powerful & Fast
  • Mid-level programming language
  • Structured programming language
  • Simple
  • Memory Management
  • Rich Library
  • Compiler based
  • Syntax based language
  • Pointers

Why You Should Learn C++ Programming?

Before we move on to how long to learn c++ let us explain the reason to learn it. To know how long does it take to learn C++ first you should know why you need to learn this language. C++ plays quite an essential role in modern times as many modern systems such as web browsers, operating systems, databases, etc., have C++ code in at least some part of their codebase. Furthermore, C++ is quite helpful in performance-critical sections because of its speed.

how long does it take to learn c++

Career Opportunities

The C++ programming language is needed for a wide range of jobs. Because it is a flexible language, it is in high demand among professionals such as game developers, software developers, backend developers, and C++ analysts.

C++ is an efficient and fast language.

C++ is a powerful programming language that supports functional, object-oriented, procedural, and programming techniques. It is a quick language with a shorter compile and execution time than other computer languages.

Suitable for Big Projects

The C++ programming language is ideal for large projects. Compilers, databases, cloud storage systems, game development, graphic design, and other projects are among them.

Community Support of C++

C++ is an old programming language studied and mastered by most programmers around the world. Hence it has a large following.

C++ Is Everywhere

The C++ programming language is virtually universally used. It’s utilized in applications, browsers, and software, for instance. C++ is also widely utilized in developing operating systems, with C++ being used in almost all of them, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and others.  

Benefits You in learning other programming languages 

C++ is an intermediate-level language. Learning this programming language will give you a much more profound understanding of programming structure. 

Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a software and hardware system based on a microprocessor that is used to develop a certain function.


Why is it that C++, which is about 40 years old, is still one of the most popular languages? C++ is a robust and adaptable programming language. It is still useful in software and gaming development because of its high versatility.

C++ Language for Simulations

C++, in addition to Python, is applied for simulations. The C++ library, which is regarded as an alternative to the Python language, is used to generate many simulations.

High Salary

C++ is in demand in reputable companies such as Facebook, Google, and others, and these companies offer C++ professionals high salaries for working on their products.

7 Easy Steps On How Learn C++ In 2023

Here are some 7 easy steps on how to learn C++ in 2023:  

Step 1: Get Familiar With Basic Programming Concepts

Understand variables, data types, loops, and conditional statements. These fundamental concepts form the foundation of C++.

Step 2: Set Up The C++ Development Environment

Install a C++ compiler and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Visual Studio or Code::Blocks to write and run C++ code.

Step 3: Learn Syntax And Structure

Study C++ syntax rules, such as declaring variables, creating functions, and using classes, to begin writing simple programs.

Step 4: Practice with small programs

Start with basic exercises to reinforce your understanding of C++ concepts and gain confidence in writing code.

Step 5: Explore C++ Standard Library

To avoid creating the wheel from scratch when programming, become familiar with the extensive collection of functions and classes given by the C++ Standard Library.

Step 6: Understand Memory Management 

Learn about pointers and allocation to handle dynamic memory and avoid memory leaks.

Step 7: Work On Larger Projects 

Work on more complex projects to enhance problem-solving skills and gain experience applying C++ for practical applications. Don’t be afraid to search for existing code examples to learn from and improve your skills.

Is C++ Language Hard to Learn?

It applies to all programming languages if you don’t have any previous programming knowledge. All programming languages are difficult to learn.  But C++ programming language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. This is because C++ uses a variety of paradigms. You will have to get yourself familiar with various programming concepts before you find the answer to how long to master c ++.

how long does it take to learn c++

Although some of you might not agree that C++ is the hardest language compared to other languages, C++ has a reputation for being especially challenging for beginners.

But if you already have some programming experience, you will not find it harder to learn C++ than you would without having a technical background.

Can I learn C++ by myself?

Many people ask themselves if they can learn C++ by themselves. The answer is yes, you can! With a little time and effort, anyone can learn this programming language. It is possible to learn C++ by yourself especially if you have some experience with programming already. C++ is a relatively easy language to learn on your own. 

However, it will take some time and effort to master the language. The best way to learn C++ is to find resources online, in books, or in educational materials on STUDOCU. There are many tutorials and examples available that can help you understand the concepts.  It is always beneficial to take a class or have someone experienced help you when first starting out. Once you have a good understanding of the basics, you can start practicing by writing your own programs. 

What You’ll Need To Learn In the Basics of C++?

To know how long does C++ take to learn, there are so many things you need to learn. To understand any programming there are a few basic things that an individual needs to understand. Same with C++ also. Like any programming language, you should know how to:

  • declare variables
  • store information
  • collect user input
  • repeat an action through loops
  • write functions to repeat blocks of code

These are the basics for all who are new to the programming world and started C++ as their first language. And if you already have a little experience in programming, it won’t be a big deal. You can’t skip these if you really want to reach the advanced level. Learning the basics won’t take too long. It will take about 2-3 weeks to understand the basics completely.

How to Learn C++ Language Fast

Are you convinced that learning C++ is not easy as other programming languages? Now you need to ask yourself, How do I learn C++? How long does it take to learn C++?

Don’t worry. Let’s explore a few tips to assist you in learning C++:

1: Plan Your Technology

how long does it take to learn c++

Before you begin coding, you’ll need to be comfortable with a few distinct ideas. Preparing your technology and (IDE) integrated development environment is the very first step in learning how to code in C++. 

Here’s a list of the key technologies you’ll need to know before you start coding:

Text Editor

A text editor is a tool that allows you to develop programs using code. Consider a text editor to be similar to a Microsoft Word document for coders. There are dozens of text editors to choose from, and the one you choose isn’t necessarily important. However, at the outset of your adventure, it’s best to go with something straightforward. 


It will help if you have a compiler on your computer. The compiler will examine your source code. After that, it will change your code into a form the computer can understand and perform. Here are some compilers you can practice with C++:

  • GCC (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Clang (Windows)
  • Visual Studio C++ Compiler (Windows)

Now you have developed your tools. We can begin talking about how to learn C++ and how long does it take to learn C++.

2: Now You Must Master the Basics

how long does it take to learn c++

You can begin your path to studying C++ once your technology is ready. Many new developers make the mistake of starting big and working their way back to more fundamental programming ideas. When you first begin, start at the beginning and work your way up to mastering the essentials.

Let’s break down the essential concepts you’ll need to understand in order to learn how to code in C++ and how long does it take to learn C++.

C++ Syntax and Variables

Understanding the syntax of any programming language is the first step in learning any language. The rules and methods that a language utilizes to understand code are referred to as syntax.

Then you should begin to study variables. Variables are a programming feature that allows you to store data and alter it over time to reflect changes in your code.

When it comes to C++ syntax and variables, the following are the essential things to investigate:

  • How to generate a C++ program
  • How to get program output
  • How to chain variables
  • How to represent a variable
  • How to apply arithmetic operators
  • How to allow user input into a variable

Flow Control

Coders apply a series of statements described as conditionals to manage the flow of their programs. Conditionals allow coders only to run specific code when a condition or set of conditions are met. 


Loops enable you to perform a block of code many times over and assist you in reducing code repetition. For example, rather than copying the same code several times in your code, you can generate a loop that can run a single code block several times.


Functions are code blocks that work when they are asked in a program. So, writing a function enables you to write a block of code that is only performed when you want it to be, and that code block can be run as several times as you want during your program.

The foremost characteristics of functions that everyone should know about are:

  • How to declare a function
  • How to return values
  • Built-in vs. user-defined functions
  • The void keyword
  • How to use arguments and parameters

Classes and Objects

As we discussed in the earlier section, C++ programming is an object-oriented language. This implies that C++ relies on classes and objects. Classes are blueprints that accumulate the structure of a part of a program, and objects apply that structure to collect data.

A class may collect the structure for a car type. However, an object may collect details about an individual car type. The most notable features of classes and objects are:

  • How to create an object
  • How to create a class
  • Private and Public statements
  • How to use constructors
  • C++ inheritance


A vector is a list that may increase or decrease in size. Vectors may be used to hold lists of data in programming. These might assist you in keeping your code more structured and efficient. 

The following is a list of the most important characteristics of C++ vectors:

  • Indexing
  • How to modify values in a vector
  • Creating a C++ vector
  • Adding and removing vector elements

How Long Does it Take to Learn C++?

If you are completely new to the programming world, then learning C++ will be tough for you. For the beginner level, it will take around 2-3 months. Understanding the intermediate level will take you 6-12 months, and becoming the master of this language (advance level) will take you more than 12 months. It will help you a lot if you know another programming language. Having knowledge of languages like Java and Python programming will benefit you a lot when learning this language.

Understanding the basics will not take more than 2-3 weeks. Learning C++ will take you this long when you focus only on functional C++, like input and output, classes, exclude objects, and file operations.

Another factor of how long does it take to learn C++ is how fast a learner they are. It could take as long as an hour for a quick learner who already knew other programming languages.

Conclusion: How Long Does it Take to Learn C++?

LearnLearning C++ will not take too long if you already have knowledge of other programming languages like Java and Python. This will help you know how to master C++ in months. For an absolute beginner, it is going to be difficult. It might take more than a year to understand the advanced level if you are a slow learner.

We hope whatever we have discussed above on how long does it take to learn c++ is enough for you. If you need more information regarding the C++ programming language you can take C++ assignment help from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is C++ enough for game development?

Since C++ programming is a high-level language that will guide you to the basics of object-oriented programming, it’s an excellent idea to learn it. C++ is also used to build the biggest console and Windows games. But for big games in larger gaming organizations, understanding C++ is critical.

Is Python or C++ better for game development?

C++ programming language is a lower-level language if you compare it to python. The learning curve is the highest for the C++ language because it makes you do more as a coder. If you are required to write a game from the beginning, you can work with C++ and OpenGL or Direct X.