React Developer Jobs And Salary

React Developer Jobs

React.js is a 100% javascript library to build user interfaces and it’s maintained by Facebook. It’s gaining popularity because of its simplicity and scalability. Entry level React developer jobs are now in high demand as companies are betting big on the react framework for their web development projects.

React is a JavaScript library to create user interfaces. It was created in 2011 and was open-sourced later on. React is not the only framework for building user interface apps, but it’s one of the most advanced and popular frameworks. What makes React different from other frameworks is its outlook which is both functional and component-based.

With React, you can create components that are reusable and maintainable. Another point for React is that it’s easy to learn, so if you’re just getting started with web development or you’re looking for a new job, this article might be able to help!

What is React Developer?

The term “React developer” refers to a front-end developer who works with the React framework. To create their UIs and UXs, they use the JavaScript package React (UX). Developers who work with the React.js framework can also be called React JS developers. Developers that specialize in the React framework create and maintain software for the web and mobile platforms. A career as a React developer can be a good match if you like both creating and designing for websites.

Types of React Developer Jobs

There are many different types of React developer jobs available for developers with varying levels of experience. Entry level React developer jobs may involve working on small, single-page applications or components of larger applications. More experienced React developers may work on larger, more complex applications or on teams responsible for maintenance and updates of existing applications.

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, so many React jobs will involve front-end development. However, because React can be used with other technologies to build full-stack applications, there are also opportunities for React developers with back-end development experience.

In terms of industry, there are React jobs available in a wide range of sectors including ecommerce, health care, education, and finance. And because React is a cross-platform technology that can be used to develop mobile apps as well as web applications, there are also positions open for React Native developers.

React Developer Salary

With less than a year of experience, a junior or entry level React.JS developer might expect an annual salary of roughly INR $60,000. A React.JS developer with 1–4 years of experience may expect to earn a salary of roughly $70,000  per year.

In the United States, a web developer with 5–6 years of experience may make a median annual salary of INR $80,000. As your knowledge and expertise increase, your salary as a senior ReactJS developer in India might reach around INR $85,000 per year.

Many professionals entered the field as front-end web engineers but now work as full-stack developers, responsible for both the front- and back-ends of a website’s code. When it comes to comprehending the design and development process and minimizing duplication, full stack development is effective in both large enterprises and tiny startups.

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Skills Requirements For a React Developer Jobs

  • They need to be well-versed in mathematics, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Employers increasingly value candidates with experience with Git and other version control systems.
  • HTML, JavaScript, Rest APIs, Graph QL, and CSS-in-JS libraries are all skills that may help you get a job.
  • Possessing strong verbal and written communication skills is essential for developers to successfully interpret requirements and collaborate on solutions.
  • Fluency with the Create React App, Redux, and other components of the React JS ecosystem.

Aside from this, however, React JS developers need to have additional soft talents like as:

  • Ability to take advice and improve upon something and then improve upon it again.
  • Ability to think critically and find solutions
  • Skill in organizing one’s time, leading one’s projects, and talking to one another.
  • Capable of interpreting corporate goals and transforming them into technical specifications.
  • Needs to be able to develop clean, concise code that adheres to standards.
  • eagerness to study and use cutting-edge methods and equipment.
  • The ability to think beyond the box and create something new.

Companies Using React Developer

There are a number of companies out there that are using React developers to help them with their web applications. Here are just a few of them:- Airbnb- Dropbox- Expedia- Facebook- NetflixEach of these companies is using React in different ways to help them with their web development needs. For example, Airbnb is using React to help them create a more responsive user interface for their web application. Dropbox is using React to help them develop a new way to interact with their users’ files.If you’re looking for a job as a React developer, these are all great companies to keep in mind!


The above study shows why it’s beneficial to learn React.JS development. The web development and React.JS fields are expanding constantly in the world, creating more and more possibilities for young men and women. It’s clear that with only a few years of experience and the necessary abilities, one can look forward to substantial rewards in this line of work.

React is a popular programming language that is in high demand among developers. React Developer jobs are on the rise and so is the average salary for this role. If you’re considering a career in React development, now is a great time to get started. With the right skills and experience, you can expect to earn a competitive salary in this field. So what are you waiting for? Start learning React today and position yourself for success in this exciting field.