Top 30+ Python Interview Questions To Crack Your Interview

Python Interview Questions

If you are checking this blog, then either you will be going to give an interview or prepare for the interview. Therefore, I want to motivate you with some key points about Python.

  • This programming language is listed among the top 7 programming languages from the last 10 years.
  • Apart from this, Python is also known as a non-programmer language. It can easily be learned by the beginner or even by a person who does not belong to the programming field.
  • Python is widely used in real life to design and create 2-D amazing software such as GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape, and Paint Shop Pro, and more.
  • Not only 2-D but Python is also used for 3-D animation packages like Houdini, Maya, Lightwave, Blender, Cinema 4d, and more.
  • There are several features that the Python programming language offers. All these are quite interesting and useful for Python users.

This list is not going to end up here. There are several other key points that will provide you with the reasons to learn this language. 
Got enough motivation? Well, now I will provide you with the top 30+ Python interview questions that I have categorized into 3 levels: Easy, Intermediate, and High-level questions. So, let’s start with today’s blog!

Python interview questions: Top 10 easy questions for beginners

Is Python a scripting or programming language?

Although Python is considered the general-purpose programming language, it has been seen that it has the capability to script the program.

What are the advantages of Python?
  • Easy to use as it is a high-level language.
  • Dynamically typed.
  • Has extensive support with libraries.
  • Interpreted language.
  • Portable.
  • Free and open-source programming language.
What are different built-in data types in Python?
  • Numbers
  • Tuple
  • Set
  • Boolean
  • List
  • String
  • Dictionary
What is namespace in Python?

The naming system is used to ensure the names must be unique so that there is no conflict in naming.

Is the Python case sensitive?

Yes, it is.

What are the generators that are available in Python?

Those functions that return the iterable elements’ set are known as generators.

What are actually the Python packages?

These are the namespaces that contain several modules.

Name the built-in types in Python.

The built-in types in Python are:

  • Floating-point
  • Integers
  • Strings
  • Complex numbers
  • Built-in functions
  • Boolean
Does Python support multiple inheritances?

Multiple inheritances mean that the class derives from multiple parent classes. But Python does not support it.

What is encapsulation in Python?

It is the method of binding the data with the codes together. An example of encapsulation is the Python class.

Python interview questions: Top 10 questions for intermediates

Write a program in Python for printing a Star triangle.
Python Interview Questions


What is pep 8?

PEP refers to the Python Enhancement Proposal. This is the rules’ set used to specify the Python code format to maximize readability.

What are negative indices In Python?
Python Interview Questions



What are Keywords in Python?

There are 33 keywords in Python-

  • Or
  • And
  • If
  • Else
  • While
  • As
  • Lambda
  • Return
  • False
  • With
  • Class
  • Global
  • In
  • Raise
  • Not
  • Elif
  • For
  • Break
  • Def
  • Pass
  • True
  • Try
  • Del
  • Finally
  • None
  • Assert
  • Continue
  • Except
  • From
  • Import
  • Is
  • Nonlocal
  • Yield
What are global variables & local variables in Python?
  • Global Variables:

The variables declared in global space or outside a function are known as global variables. And if you want to access the variables, then you can do it using the function in the program.

  • Local Variables:

If a variable declares within a function, then it is considered as the local variable. And these are present in the local space only.

Which method is used to check all the characters in a string are alphanumeric?

You can use the isalnum() method of Python.

How will you delete the duplicate items from a list?

Python users can turn it into a set.

Python Interview Questions


[20, 2, 4, 10, 5]

Explain what script file is executable on Unix?

The script file starts with #!/usr/bin/env python.

Write a program to randomize the list items in Python?
Python Interview Questions


[‘O’, ‘E’, ‘V’, ‘D’, ‘A’, ‘L’, ‘C’, ‘A’, ‘I’]

What is the difference between new and override modifiers?

The new modifier uses for instructing the compiler to use the new implementations but not the class function. On the other hand, the Override modifier helps override a class function within the child class.

Python interview questions: Top 10 questions for Python masters

What is the use of [::-1} in Python?

[::-1] uses for reversing the array order or the sequence. [::-1] prints a reversed copy of a list or an array. 

What function is used to convert a string in lowercase?

The lower() function can be used for converting the string into lowercase.

Python Interview Questions



What are docstrings?

It is not a comment, but it is the documentation strings. And the docstrings declare within the triple quotes, and they will not assign to the variable. Therefore, it sometimes serves as the comments for the purposes.

Python Interview Questions



What is the split() method in Python?

It is basically used for separating the string.

Python Interview Questions


[‘codeavail’, ‘python’]

What is slicing?

Just as its name, it is used to take the part of, and it can be implemented in arrays, tuples, strings, and lists.

Python Interview Questions


[2, 5, 8]

How to create the Unicode string?

The previous Unicode type has already been replaced with the “str” type in Python 3. Therefore the strings are treated as Unicode by default. Also, you can make the string by using an art.title.encode(“utf-8”) function.

Python Interview Questions


(‘\\u0123’, ‘\\u2665’, ‘\\U0001f638’, ‘\\u265E’, ‘\\u265F’, ‘\\u2168’)

Is there a switch statement in Python?

No, There is no switch statement in Python.

What are the arguments and parameters?

The parameter is the listed name within the defined function.

The argument is the specific values that pass to the function while invoking.

What function is used to calculate the string length?

It is quite simple. You can use the len() function for the string you want to calculate the length.

Python Interview Questions



Write a program to swap the numbers.
Python Interview Questions






Bonus Point
What are the key points that you must remember about the Python job interview?

Apart from the Python interview questions, there are certain points that you must remember when you are preparing or going for a job interview. I have defined them one by one; let’s check them:

Do relevant research about the company.
Make sure you arrive on time.
Well dressed up.
Say thank you before leaving.
Be patient.
Avoid talking too much

Final thoughts!

The interview is one of the parts of the recruiting process done for the particular post. That is why it is always necessary that you have the knowledge of what the interviewer can ask you related to your core subject. If you want to become a Python software engineer or Python developer, then it is necessary that you must have the knowledge of Python interview questions that your recruiter can ask.

To help you out in this situation, I have mentioned the 30+ Python interview questions that your interviewer can ask. I have also mentioned the key points that you must remember or follow to crack your interview effectively. Still, have any doubt? Comment in the given section; I will help you to get the possible answer to your query.