Top .NET Development Tools For Software Developers !

NET Development Tools

In this article we are going to discuss Top .NET Development Tools For Software Developers. So let’s get started.

Software development is here to stay and that too for the long haul. Now do you think a cook can create delicious food without using relevant utensils and tools or a painter can create extravagant paintings without brushes and colors or paints. Of course, not! Similarly, it is very important for a developer to choose the right tools to come up with appropriate solutions and applications. The following post emphasizes some of the best .Net development tools to consider as a software developer.


.Net is one such technology that offers reliability, interoperability, code reusability and multiple other benefits in one go. However, choosing relevant .Net development services does lead to a significant increase in workforce efficiency and application productivity. When you hire .NET developers, you’re investing in individuals who are skilled in using a variety of development tools to create robust and efficient applications Now what’s the point of using the below-mentioned tools, you must be wondering? Well, right from reduced deployment time to ease in monitoring work and progress, promotes remote working, enhances communication, promotes teamwork and efficiency, I say why the heck not?

Further I would like to mention some of the best .Net development tools to take into account for developers. 

Top .Net Development Tools

#1 ReSharper

The first and foremost name to take into consideration is ReSharper. The tool has been around for quite a while and I must say, it is pretty much in demand for .Net coding. Now have you ever been acquainted with the visual studio? If so, then this one is pretty easy to handle. Since it acts as an extended version of the same. Resharper comprises code analysis tools. Now what exactly it does is, it seamlessly corrects your code and always remains adhered to style guidelines violation.

On and all, reSharper is much more than a potent source code editor. And it has proven its worth in the eyes of .Net developers every now and then.

#2 NuGet

Another name to think of in mind is Nuget. This one is a .Net package management tool that enables developers to create, share and pull relevant packages within the framework. In fact, here you have the power to develop libraries that can be shared easily within the organization as well as the entire community. 

With NuGet, the options available are simply endless. So all you have to do is explore relevant packages and get started.

#3 Chocolatey

As lip-smacking as it sounds, Chocolatey has the potential to work with as many innovations as NSIS, MSI and InnoSetup. In fact, as a developer, you can install as many types of windows tools as you want. All you have to do is create an Install.ps1 script and you are done. Here you are eligible to receive automated software management guidance. So what are you waiting for?

#4 LINQPad      

 Next one in line is the LINQpad. Now again if you are well-acquainted with visual studio, then you must be knowing how to create a console app. LINQPad is such a tool that can assist you in doing so just by adding a few lines of code. Another feature of this tool is it enables appropriate database connections. And all this is done while performing coding using C#.

The most interesting aspect of LINQPad is that it assists developers in avoiding corruption on both new as well as running applications.

#5 OmniSharp 

Are you looking for a tool that features everything right from editing, integrations enabling you to have an extraordinary programming language? If so Look no further than OmniSharp. Though this one is not sponsored by Microsoft but it does have a huge community of its own which makes it more interesting.

Final Words

Of course, the list is not over yet. There are several other tools available such as JetBrains Rider, JSON Formatter, Service Bus Explorer, Azure Storage Explorer, Ionide, Octopus and so forth. .Net technology is here to stay! All you need to consider is the right bunch of tools to carry in your development. I hope you enjoyed reading the post and if so please help us in spreading the word among your peers.