Here we are going to discuss inverse calculator online for students. So let’s get started.

In general, the meaning of inverse is that “something indicates opposite or reverses”. Commonly, the term inverse is used from a mathematics point of view where it’s necessary to find the inverse of various functions. Inverse processes are significant to solving equations because they assist mathematical operations to be reversed. It includes logarithms, the inverses of exponential functions, and are used to solve exponential equations. However, a free online inverse function is basically designed for the students that perform calculations related to inverse function. In this post, we will understand the concept of inverse function in the mathematics term. 

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Brief explanation of inverse function: 

The best method to calculate the inverse of a function is to pick the x and y variables and solve for the y variable. Well, the scheme of swapping variables is not easy in mathematical terms or operations. Apart from that, the process is so implanted in textbooks and other curricula that a lot of teachers accept it as mathematical truth without any of its conceptual validity. As a result, the students of mathematics try to memorise the strategy but work hard to “accurately carry out mathematical processes, to learn why those processes work, and to know about how they might be used and their results interpreted in the mathematics subjects”. However, you can use a free online function inverse calculator to determine the inverse of the function. 

Purpose of Inverse Functions:

The basic purpose of inverse functions is to analyze the behaviour of the original function on xy-plot. It is very easy to determine the inverse of a function and understand the maths involved in calculations. All you need to do is change the variables from their positions to each other’s positions. But when it comes to the determination of functions’ inverses which involve differentiation, the computations become a little bit conceptual and tricky. 

But do not worry as the inverse calculator by will instantly show the work for the calculations of the inverse of the function you enter in it. So inhibit your search and start using this advanced calculator for precise calculations of the inverse functions in seconds. 

Types of Inverse Function

Following are the different types of inverse functions. These are:

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Inverse trigonometric functions are also known as arc functions since they generate the length of the arc which is necessary to get that specific value. Generally, there are six  inverse trigonometric functions which is given below: 

  • Arcsine (sin^−1)
  • Arccosine (cos^−1)
  • Arctangent (tan^−1) 
  • Arcsecant (sec^−1) 
  • Arccosecant (cosec^−1) 
  • Arccotangent (cot^−1)

Besides that, this inverse calculator determines the inverse trigonometric functions accurately. 

Inverse Rational Function

A number indicates a rational number that can be written as f(x) = P(x)/Q(x) where Q(x) is ≠ 0. In order to calculate the inverse function of a rational number, you have to follow the following steps. Let’s find: 

Step 1: 

First of all, you have to replace the value f(x) = y

Step 2: 

Now you have to interchange the values x and y 

Step 3: 

In this step, you have to solve parameters for y in terms of x 

Step 4: 

In the last stage, you have to substitute y with f^−1(x) and you can obtain the inverse of the function.

However, you can use an inverse calculator to find the inverse value instantly. 

Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

Similar to the  inverse trigonometric function, the inverse hyperbolic functions are also termed as the inverses of the hyperbolic functions. Typically, there are 6 inverse hyperbolic functions and these are: 

  • sinh^−1
  • cosh^−1
  • tanh^−1
  • csch^−1
  • coth^−1
  • sech^−1

 If you want to know inverse hyperbolic functions, you can use this inverse calculator in this regard. 

Wrapping It Up:

In the following post, we had discussed briefly about the inverse of a function and how could you solve for this by using the free online inverse calculator.