5 Ways to Ensure That Your Business is Cybersafe

Business is Cybersafe

No technology that’s connected to the Internet is unhackable.

Starting and maintaining a business is never easy. You have many obstacles to deal with, like, government policies, external threats from competitors and environments, and unfavorable laws.

In spite of this, you must still survive, earn a good reputation, and maximize profit. Of all these challenges, here comes the latest hurdle added to the list: cybercrime.

Cybercrime has risen in recent years, with each year seeing an increase. According to reports, half of the 81 percent of people who have been scammed have lost their money. Similarly, the cost of cybercrime is about to reach $6 trillion with no sign of slowing down, with projections of reaching $10.5 trillion by 2025.

The world is embracing cybersecurity, offering solutions to this problem and even dedicat a day to Computer Security Day (30th October) to commemorate it.

However, much of the responsibility lies in your hands because cybersecurity is a collective responsibility. If you fail to do so, the returns and capital due to your business are at stake. And the first step to cybersecurity is to use special applications to secure your data. To do this, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the list of malware cleaner apps

In your best possible effort, you have wondered how you could contribute to rectifying it, but not to worry because this article has a whole lot of ideas you will learn and carry out to safeguard your business from those hackers.

Let’s get into the discussion.

What cybercrime is


Cybercrime is simply a crime committed using computers. A few new sorts of crime are produced by each new technology introduced. 

But what sets cybercrime apart from more conventional forms of crime? Using a digital computer is undoubtedly one difference, but making distinctions between various types of illegal activities cannot be done just based on technology. 

Criminals may steal identities, perpetrate fraud, trade in intellectual property and child porn, violate people’s privacy, and more without the use of a computer. 

Before the term “cyber” became common, all of those activities already existed. Cybercrime, particularly when it involves the Internet, is a continuation of previously unlawful behavior as well as some brand-new criminal behaviors.

Funny enough, statistics show that 95% of these cybercrime and breaches are caused by human error. As of May 2022, 64% of Americans have not checked their system to know if it has been attacked.

Five ways to ensure that your business is cyber-safe


The internet is a world of information, some of which is vague, technical, and contradictory. 

There is a surety to the increase in the frequency of these cybercrimes, but these simple five steps give you all the overwhelmingly satisfying satisfaction you are aspiring for if you put them into action.

Create awareness

There is nothing more frightful than seeing ignorance in action. He acts based on what he knows how to do best. He doesn’t know anything obviously.  

It will never be good news if you get to hear that one of your employees breached your encrypted data of online invoices because of ignorance.

So, to better tackle this, educating your employees is very important. Much more than just assigning online-related tasks to them, it is ideal to teach them how to identify malware, ransomware, phishing, and secure data from hackers.

This is where most business owners are slacking. 

A report has it that only 54% of small businesses provide cybersecurity for their employees. Also, 56% of Americans don’t know how to handle cybersecurity, making it crucial to train and furnish your employees with cybersecurity knowledge.

Use strong passwords

Passwords are the basis of every security policy. As a result, you must create one that is both strong and obscure. This will involve you using characters like numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase. Several businesses are rapidly implementing android device management solutions to configure password policies that enforce their employees to maintain strong passwords and update them routinely.

Normally, it is good to create a password containing at least eight characters to avoid the guesses that hackers make for access. You can also use firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

You must exercise carefulness on passwords because this is a gateway to accessing your magic links.

Wait a moment; have you ever used passwords like “password,” “Qwerty,” and “123456”? The password “123456” is now used by more than 23 million people. This shows how easy the passwords we choose are, and it gives those scammers access to our data.

Update your software

Software manufacturers often issue updates to users as and when due to improve their security. Hackers can gain access to your system when your security system is weak and outdated, but when you update your system, it gives you that software-secured experience.

So, updating your software is crucial as it helps you prevent and fix bugs. When you update your software, your security system is also updated.

Back up your data off-site

Because of digitalization, we are now carrying out most activities online. However, doing so is risky, as many businesses have fallen victim to scammers in this manner.

Remember, as an organization, you hold people’s data, so you must try as much as possible to ensure that they are off-site to prevent ransomware. 

In addition to that, you must employ a backup process to ensure that even if there is a ransomware attack, you can easily retrieve your data.

Make use of bot management software.

A bot is a software that executes scripts or online automated operations. It’s also known as a web robot, a robot, or an Internet bot. 

The majority of bots carry out both simple and fundamentally repetitive activities. They work far more quickly than any person could.

Therefore, a bot manager is a software that controls the bots that are permitted access to a website. The program can identify human traffic from both traffic and prohibit unauthorized access. 

A well-configured system of bots can identify reliable bots by evaluating their reputations, examining the source IP addresses, and observing their activity.

This software offers some benefits, including blocking and detecting harmful bot activity, recognizing hacker behavior, and completing logging and any bot-related events found.

Best bot management software

Approximately 50% of all internet traffic worldwide is generated by bots. There will probably be a lot of bot traffic on your network if you operate a website. 

Bot management is incredibly vital for any online company. This is why investing in a decent bot manager is now required.

So, here you will be able to see which trusted and easy-to-use bot management software you can use for your website. 

So, up and good? Let’s go.

  • Datadome


DataDome is a web application firewall that functions more as an advisory service than a proxy. This system evaluates each incoming transaction and applies AI techniques to determine the fulfillment of request. 

Additionally, it recognizes automated botnet assaults in addition to hacker activities.They are establishing a new benchmark for online fraud and bot control. 

The platform provides defense on mobile applications development, websites, and APIs against online fraud, such as scraping, scalping, credential stuffing, account takeover, layer 7 DDoS assaults, and carding fraud, to liberate the web from fraudulent traffic. 

Sensitive data is protected, and online platforms may operate at maximum speed.


Cloudflare Bot Manager is a bot defense system that analyzes the operations of various bot kinds to fine-tune its reactions to each other. DDoS assaults and other undesirable actors are blocked using a proxy service that is included with a Cloudflare subscription. This program runs on the cloud.


Radware provides a full range of security products, such as advanced multi-cloud application delivery, public cloud security, and data center DDoS defense. 

It is a business cybersecurity company that also handles malware defense and targeted attacks on IT systems.

Additionally, the business offers a specialized bot management tool by the name of Radware Bot Manager. To comprehend traffic and identify bots in real-time, it uses a detection engine that gathers more than 250 parameters.


CHEQ has staked everything on offering a go-to-market security solution that thwarts fraud and blocks undesirable traffic, such as botnets.

Especially for the advertising sector, where click farms and other malicious botnets skew data and negatively affect bottom lines, CHEQ Paradome is a highly trusted mitigation tool for preventing invalid traffic. 

The 12,000 websites that makeup SHAQ’s clientele list, which includes businesses like Bank of America, Chanel, and Salesforce, demonstrate this trust.


A regularly updated set of bot classifications that Akamai keeps serves as the foundation for Akamai Bot Manager. To identify unknown bots, it makes use of AI algorithms for tracking websites, analyzing visitor activity, and other purposes.

Beyond the standard block-and-allow behavior that alarms bots, it goes further. It obtains current market intelligence, detailed statistics, and data on all bot activity. 

With potent bot detection mechanisms related to those used in mobile applications, it defends your whole attack surface.

The key features it has is analytical and Reporting, and sophisticated not detecting.

Last words

There is an immeasurable amount of information out there. Most of the information is confusing about  ensuring your business is cyber-safe. But with the easy ways you have learned here, you can be sure of the security of your data. 

So, apply the precautions to ensure you have a business with cybersecurity observed and devoid of cyber threats.

Perhaps you may not know them before, but now is the time for you to practicalize them and stay safe from hackers.