6 Main Uses Of Java: Where Is Java Used In The Real World? ( Updated 2023)

main uses of java

According to most individuals, Java is the most common programming language today because several devices are running on a Java platform. But, What are the best main uses of Java? What are the features of Java? You will get answers to all your questions as you continue reading this blog. Java is involved in almost every field of software development. Because of its features, this is one of the most powerful languages in the modern market of software development used by almost every field.

Moreover, It is an object-oriented language that supports all the object-oriented programming language features. It is the most reliable language in the modern world because banking development applications occur in Java only. 

Another reason why Java programming language is best is that it is very easy to learn. It supports multithreading also which benefits the development of games. The distributed application is also easily developed with the help of Java. Many Java frameworks offer it in modern times, making it more powerful like Servlet, Spring, JSP, hibernate, springBoot. 

Below I will be listing down all the main uses of Java real-world, But before that, let us know a little bit about this language and its features first.

What is the Java programming language?

Java is a computer programming language utilized for general purposes and it is object-oriented, concurrent, and class-based. By James Gosling it was developed in 1995 at Sun Microsystems, the organization later acquired by Oracle in 2009. (https://chainwitcher.com/)  

The language is made so that developers can run it on all platforms that support Java without requiring it to be recompiled. This programming language is extensively used for developing Java applications in laptops, game consoles, data centers, cell phones, scientific supercomputers, etc.

Some features of Java

Some of the basic Java features are:

  • Java is highly Robust and Very Secure
  • This represents an instance of a class like encapsulation, abstraction inheritance, polymorphism.
  • It writes code only once and runs it on almost every computer platform.
  • Java is extensively used for object-oriented application development.
  • Java is easy to understand. It has no complication in its features like an inheritance, pointer, operator overloading, etc.
  • Java is a multithreaded language with automated memory management.

Before discussing the main uses of Java let us explain why is Java important…

Why is Java Important?

It is hard to give a particular reason why the Java programming language is so important in the modern world. Currently, the number of Java developers is over 9 million worldwide.

The world is in a continuous race to grow and we require it to keep up. Because of its great features and interesting real-world applications, Java is being taught as an introductory language to programming.

The programmers who have in-depth knowledge of the Java programming language, have high demand in the market today. Here are some of the reasons why is Java important:

  • Java’s Popularity and High Salary
  • It is Easy to Learn
  • This language has a Large Community
  • Java has an abundant API
  • It has Powerful Development Tools
  • Java has multiple Open Source Libraries
  • It is Platform Independent

Top 6 Main Uses Of Java In Real World

Below we have discussed some of the main uses of Java that everyone should know:

1. Development Of Scientific Application

Java helps in the development of scientific applications, because of its robustness and security features. Many scientific applications are Java technology-based like MATLAB. The applications which are related to medicine, science, and research are also developed in Java. 

It has great mathematical calculation which gives identical results on several platforms, this makes it the best selection for application development.

2. Desktop GUI Application

One of the main uses of java is in the desktop application, to help this Java gives AWT, JavaFX, and Swings. The swing is based on Java means completely Java-based development can be done with the help of the Java Swings package. JavaFX is a new way to develop a desktop application. 

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It is based on graphs and is different from a swing and AWT. With the help of these frameworks and packaged, any type of application can be quickly developed. Netbeans IDE also gives drop and drag features, So the development of UI can be completed within a short time.

3. Development Of Web Applications

Other uses of Java are for web application development. Java provides support for web applications through Servlet, JSP, Struts, hibernate, Spring. With the help of the technologies, based on customer demands, we can efficiently develop web applications. 

JSP and Servlet, the server-side components that help web application business logic development, JSP is a servlet extension with added features. JSP is easy to use as compared to Servlet because of tags like in HTML. These are the main Java components that help web-based application development. 

4. Mobile Applications

J2ME or Java ME is a cross-platform framework to make applications that run over all devices that are Java supported, including smartphones. With the help of Java, one can easily develop mobile applications. 

In the modern world, every second phone you see either using android or an OS that is based on Java. We can develop any kind of application and any type of game in android easily. Android is completely Java-based.

5. Enterprise Applications Development

For the development of Enterprise applications, Java is the primary choice because of its great features that match the needs. In the modern world, most of the project site is based on Java applications only because it is most scalable, powerful, and secure. 

Java can fulfill all the requirements because sites need too much security. Java has powerful memory management features. It automatically deletes the unnecessary memory which increases the performance of the large application. Moreover, java performance monitoring helps in identifying and fixing performance issues in Enterprise Applications development by providing insight into the resource utilization, memory consumption, and application behavior. 

Java applications can easily be scalable in case of an increase of users on the program application site. It is the most reliable language and because of that reason, many banking applications are produced on Java platforms and then hosting on Java hosting platforms.

6. Game Development

Game development companies widely use Java language because it supports the open-source most powerful 3D engine. The engine gives unparalleled capacity when it comes to the context of the designing of 3D games. The most prevalent games developed in Java are Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, SimCity, Saints Row 2, etc. There are some prevalent Frameworks and Libraries available for Game Development, like – LibGDX and OpenGL.

Top Companies Using Java 






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Tools That Are Integrated With Java Programming Language In 2023

Here are some of the most popular tools that are integrated with the Java programming language in 2023:

  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • NetBeans
  • DrJava
  • BlueJ
  • JCreator
  • JBuilder
  • JDeveloper
  • RAD Studio
  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
  • Selenium

These tools offer a variety of features that can help Java developers to be more productive, such as code completion, syntax highlighting, debugging tools, and integrated version control. They also support a variety of Java frameworks and libraries, making it easy to build complex applications.

Why Java Is The Most Common Programming Language Today?

Java is today’s most common programming language due to its versatile uses and wide-ranging applications. One of the best uses of Java is its ability to develop enterprise applications. Java’s powerful features, scalability, and security make it the top choice for developing robust and secure applications that handle large amounts of data and user traffic. From banking systems to e-commerce platforms, Java is extensively used to build reliable and scalable enterprise-level applications.

Moreover, another key use of Java is in web application development. With frameworks like Servlets, JSP, and Spring, Java provides a strong foundation for creating dynamic and interactive web applications. These technologies allow developers to efficiently handle business logic, manage data, and create user-friendly interfaces. Java’s extensive libraries and frameworks make it easier to develop complex web applications, ensuring high performance and seamless integration with other systems.

Benefits Of Using Java Programming Language

Here are some benefits of using Java programming language: 

1. Java Is A Popular Language

Java is one of the most commonly used computer languages in the world. This means there is a lot of demand for Java developers, and it is a good language to learn if you are looking for a job in the tech industry.

2. Java Is Portable

Any computer with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can run Java code. You can write Java code once and run it on any computer, regardless of the operating system.

3. Java Is Secure

Java has many in-built security features that help keep applications safe from attacks. This makes Java a good choice for applications that need to be secure, such as banking and financial applications.

4. Java Is Object-Oriented

Object-oriented programming is a powerful way to write software. Java is a fully object-oriented language, making writing modular and reusable code easy.

5. Java Has A Large Library Of Libraries And Frameworks

Many libraries and frameworks are available for Java, making it easy to build complex applications. For example, there are libraries for networking, database access, and web development. There are also frameworks for building web, mobile, and desktop applications.

6. Java Is Easy To Learn

Java has a simple syntax that is similar to English. This makes it easy for beginners to learn and start programming.

7. Java Is Future-Proof

Java has been around for more than 20 years, so it is a stable language. This indicates that it is rare to disappear shortly. Java also gets new features and changes all the time through updates. This means that Java will still be useful for a long time.


The main uses of Java are almost in every field of software development. It can be applied as per the requirement of the business when we require to produce a more reliable application that is readily scalable. Moreover, one should also go with the Java language because of its strong security features as one can run it on any platform. 

This is one of the advantages of Java. It is the most excellent language in banking application development which requires lots of safety concerns in the Java field best over the other programming language. 

If business features match with Java features, we can choose this language if our business needs it. We have described some of the best uses of Java in this modern world which will help you know why there is a high demand for this language.

Moreover, if you need more information regarding the uses of C++ or the uses of C# you can read our other blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best uses of Java?
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Web-based Applications.
  • Big Data technologies.
  • Desktop GUI Applications.
  • Scientific Applications.
  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Gaming Applications.
  • Business Applications.
How important is Java in today’s world?

Java programming language is a general-purpose language. Some developers favor using this language for developing desktop GUI applications, while others create several web applications by leveraging Java technologies.

What are the advantages of Java?
  • Java is Simple. 
  • Object-Oriented Programming language.
  • Platform-independent.
  • Java supports the portability feature.
  • It is a secure language. 
  • Provides Automatic Garbage Collection.
  • Java is cheap and economical to maintain. 
  • It is a high-level programming language.