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Java VS Python : Which is Better for Future

Python is a more productive language than Java. Python is an interpretive language which is accompanied by elegant syntax, and it makes an excellent choice for scripting and rapid application development in many areas.

It is a dynamically typed programming language. There is no need to declare variables. Whereas Java is a statistically typed programming language in which variables have to be explicitly stated.

Python code is too small even though some Java “Class shell “is not listed. This could be one reason why python could be more productive.

Java is a statistically typed general-purpose programming language; it is an object-oriented and concurrent language.

The meaning of Java was to be WORA (write once run anywhere). It was designed to run with the help of a Java Virtual machine (JVM) on any platform and with as few dependencies as possible.

Python is a dynamically-typed general-purpose programming language. The primary motivation behind this was to build a high-level language for bridging the gap between C and Shell.

The syntax was also inspired by some languages such as Algolol, Pascal, and ABC and it meant readable and clean.


Table of Contents

  1. Code
    Expanded lines of code as opposed to Python
  2. Dynamic
    In java programming, you have to declare the type of data.
  3. Syntax
    At the end of the program, if you miss semicolon, it gives an error.
    In Java Programming, you have to use curly braces after or before a specific block, if you don’t use braces the code will not work without it.
  4. portability
    Java is popular everywhere. Due to this Java virtual machine (JVM) is available almost everywhere.
  5. Speed
    Regarding speed, Java is faster. In projects speed matters the java is best as compare to python.
  6. Easy to use
    As compare to python java is not easy to use.
    In java programming, there is no dynamic programming concept.
    Codes are more extended than python.
  7. Legacy
    The history of Java in the enterprise and its slightly more verbose coding style means that the legacy systems of Java are usually larger and more than Python.
  8. Backend Frameworks
    In Java, we use Spring, Blade
  9. Machine Learning Libraries
    We don’t use these machine learning libraries in Python i.e. Weka, Mallet, Deeplearning4j, MOA
  10. Game Development Engines
    We not use JMonkey Engine in Python.
Java VS Python - Source Pidigits
Java VS Python – Source Pidigits


  1. Code
    Small lines of code as opposed to java
  2. Dynamic
    In python, codings are the dynamic type. In coding, you don’t need to declare the type of variable (duck typing).
  3. Syntax
    In python programming, there is no need of a semicolon to the end of the statement.
    In python indentation is compulsory, but we can not use curly braces. By the using of indentation, we improve the readability of coding.
  4. portability
    Python is less popular in front of java, but python is also portable.
  5. Speed
    Regarding speed, python is slower. In projects speed matters the python is slow as compared to Java because python is an interpreter. Also, it determines the data type at the runtime.
  6. Easy to use
    We use shorter code in Python as compare to Java. In coding, we use dynamic coding codes which is not only easy to use but also understandable.
  7. Legacy
    There is less problem of inheritance in Python, so the organization reveals the difficulty for the script to copy and paste the code.
  8. Backend Frameworks
    In backend frameworks, we use Django, Flask
  9. Machine Learning Libraries
    Different Machine learning Libraries like; Tensorflow, Pytorch.
  10. Game Development Engines
    We use Cocos, Panda3d in Game Development Engines.
Java VS Python - Source Regex Redux
Java VS Python – Source Regex Redux

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From the above discussion, we can conclude that Java Vs Python is its own advantages of both languages. In contrast, it’s really up to you to choose the particular language for your project.

Where Python is simple and concise, Java is quick and more portable. While Python code is dynamically coded, Java is static-coded. Python is perfect, but if we say Python is the future and is the emerging language then we have to agree that Java exists, it is widely used by the API.

Java and Python are both powerful in their own fields. Both Java and Python languages are related to accessibility, so companies, departments, and developers are the best when deciding whether to keep the mind open. If you need any Java Programming Help, Java Assignment Help, and Python Programming Help at the lowest cost, we are here to help you.

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6 months ago

You should try PyJav. It is a new language that combines the best of Python and the best of Java. PyJav will run Spring and also allows non-use of curly braces.

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