How To Delete An Assignment In Google Classroom

How to delete an assignment in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is getting more popular with advancements in technology. More and more teachers use Google Classroom to give assignments to their students. They manage their classrooms, interact with their students. Teachers need to remove an assignment in the Google classroom. In this post, we will provide information about what is Google Classroom. Step-wise solution on how to delete an assignment in Google Classroom.

There can be many reasons teachers do. Maybe the teachers no longer want students to complete the assignment or activity. Teacher by mistake assigned the task twice. They want to remove one of the assignment instances.

What is Google Classroom?

Google classroom web service, designed by Google for scholars and teachers. It intends to simply produce, share, and grading assignments where there is no need for paper. The main objective of Google Classroom is to streamline the method of distributing files between teachers and students.

Google supports teachers and students to interact and utilized to create and distribute assignments. This is best for collaboration between teachers and between students. You could compare it with Showbie, and many other online education platforms. It’s established on top of Google Drive and Google Docs which means it is very simple to utilize. That does not make it boring. Google Classrooms are full of surprises you will see along the way. 

Direct Link To Submit An Assignment On Google Classroom

How to submit an assignment on google classroom 

Things that one can do in Google Classroom

This is one of the important questions that you can include in Google Classroom. Is the reason for using Google Classroom? What included in Google Classroom? The first reason to use it is absolutely free. One does not need to upgrade the pro version that might cost you some of the money. Yes, it is absolutely free. Nothing.

What You Can Do In Google Classroom

You have done all the set up for your Google classroom, you are ready to go. First, let me show you why Google classroom is known as a big deal. Here list of the things done in Google Classroom:

  • Sharing Resources: With the help of Google Classroom you can share a document, video, or link to your students.
  • Add features, details, and practice material: Give your students details and messages regarding your lesson. Include materials regarding lessons in the announcement. The announcements you did will appear in your students’ Google Classroom stream. That way, students can discover everything fast. You can include materials from a Google drive, associated with that lessons of your Google Classroom, include documents. YouTube video or include some other connection you need your students to visit. It’s that simple!
  • Protect Privacy: Making a global folder shared with every student in the class. Google Classroom contains an introduction to the documents to the teacher and the particular student.
  • Add assignments: It is similar to the announcement, you can post an assignment to your class. It works the identical way. You get the choice to include a due date and grade it. It informs your students about they do an assignment.
  • Grade the students’ assignment: You can check and grade the student’s assignments have given in. There is a place for feedback from a teacher’s comment. The teachers can send the assignment back to the students. The tab “Marks” includes a grade book of all assignments of students and grades.
  • Guide students: Your students must have the option to share their comments. You can manage approvals to post and remark. Remark, or enable just the instructor to post and remark. You can even email your students exclusively.

How To Delete An Assignment In Google Classroom

Removing an assignment deletes it, with all the linked comments or grades, from the Google Classroom. Any attachments or files generated in Google Drive will remain. You required to manually remove those in Drive if you don’t need to retain duplicates.

Google classroom methods for deleting the assignments. keep in mind that doing this deletes the data of the students. Follow these steps which are related delete an assignment in Google Classroom. You want to know how to recover deleted assignments on google classroom well there is no way to recover them.

Method 1

  • Go to the “My classes” option.
  • Look for the option in Google classroom with the assignments that you want to delete.
  • Choose the assignment that you want to delete.
  • Go to “Delete assignment” from the menu option on the right side.
  • There is a pop-up window. Then click on the “Yes, Delete” option. This is how one can delete their assignment.

Method 2

Here, you need to have ownership of this. Your ownership of these two methods we mentioned below. 

  • One has not submitted the assignment till now.

You just need to click on the cross sign “x” where the assignment has already been attached.

  • If one has already submitted the particular assignment

Click on the unsubmit button given below the assignments.

  • If your teacher has returned the assignment

It means that your teachers have already seen the submitted assignments. You need to take ownership again for deleting the assignment.

Final words

In this blog, We covered all the relevant information regarding Google Classroom. what is Google Classroom and how it works? We include information regarding. What are the things you do in Google classroom? You look for how to delete an assignment on google classroom. We mentioned above there is no way to recover it. Students don’t have to be an expert to manage these classrooms. You just need some basic guidance about Google classroom which we already included in this article.

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