Best Computer Science Projects For 2023

Computer Science Projects

We all know that science has made much progress in the world. Babbage is known as the “father of computing.” Science is the process of learning about the natural world through observation and experimentation. Furthermore, computer science focuses on developing and testing software and software systems.

Moreover, Computer science is evaluated by humans every day. Doctors to Engineers, Students to Teachers, and government organizations use it to perform specific tasks for entertainment, online earnings, and office work. 

In addition, Scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies. 

In this blog article, we discuss the 10 best computer science projects.

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Computer science projects: What is a project

The project is a collection of activities that offers the opportunity for the students to learn and do independent research. So, in this post, we discuss computer science project ideas for beginners, those who are just starting with python or Data Science. 

In addition, these computer science project ideas help you to succeed. 

10 Best Computer Science Projects For 2023

  1. Face detection
  2. Online auction system
  3. Evaluation of academic performance
  4. e-Authentication system
  5. Cursor movement on object motion
  6. Crime rate prediction
  7. Android battery saver system
  8. Mobile wallet with merchant payment
  9. Public news droid
  10. Search engine

1. Face detection: 

The technology of face detection has increased the Observation efforts of the authorities. Furthermore, face detection security helps to identify people’s faces when you start an app or unlock your mobile phone.

Face detection technology uses facial algorithms to identify a person. This project focuses on building face detection software with the OpenCV library. Moreover, It is written in C/C++ (Take C++ programming help to learn more about this programming language) and now provides binding with python.

You must install the OpenCV library on your computer to run this program.

2. Online auction system: 

The online auction allows users to get the benefits of the auction from any location. The sellers show their products or services to buyers across the area. The rapid feedback feature allows the contestant to track the price. Furthermore, Buyers worldwide can log in at any time of the day to track.

In an online auction, buyers and sellers engage in transferable business, where buyers purchase items through price bidding. Here, the offer has a starting price and an ending price. Moreover, who placed the higher price for an item, are declared winners.

In addition, using the fraud detection method, you will make a secure online auction system with binary classification. If a user wants to buy a product, they must provide identification details like Email address, ID, PAN number, etc.

For example, The most popular online auction sites are eBay, eBid.

3. Evaluation of academic performance:

It allows the institutions to track the student’s performance. It helps increase the student’s performance and improves the teaching techniques.

While developing this Computer Science project, ensure the student information uploaded is correct.

4. e-Authentication system:

There are several types of authentication systems, such as OTP, passwords, biometrics, etc. The authentication system allows for a better user experience. It is also helpful for secure security. Furthermore, If you increase the security features, more users will adopt the technology. This project focuses on improving an e-Authentication system using QR codes and OTP for enhanced security. Moreover, It is designed to avoid the hacking of accounts.

To use the system, a user has to first register by entering the basic registration details such as name, address, etc. 

In addition,  once the registration is complete, the user can authenticate the account by entering the email id and password they used during registration. 

Moreover, The system randomly generates the QR Code and OTP at the login time. It makes the login more secure. However, to use this system, you always need an Internet connection.     

5. Cursor movement on object motion:

It is a project in which you will design a cursor that can move through the desktop and perform actions based on hand gestures. Furthermore, the system’s object movement will be based on RGB (red, green, and blue) color – it can detect RGB color objects that will function as the mouse. Moreover, It converts the captured image into a binary image where RGB objects will become white.

6. Crime rate prediction:

There are various benefits attached to crime rate prediction, such as preventive measures, tracking of the culprits, advanced decision-making processes, etc.

Furthermore, This way, the stakeholders can provide satisfaction, increase their lifestyle experience and, most importantly, identify the negative externalities and take proper actions to curb them.

7. Android battery saver system:

The battery-saver project is helpful for users. The users can easily track the applications which are consuming the maximum energy. This way, the users can make better their application management. 

Furthermore, This is one of the most simple and exciting computer science projects. In some situations where the battery level is low, and many apps are consuming too much power, this system will activate an alarm to tell the user to stop or close the apps. Moreover, The primary aim of this battery-saver system is to inform the users of high power consumption.

8. Mobile wallet with merchant payment:

There are numerous benefits attached to the mobile wallet, such as-

  • Cashless payment
  • The applications are protected with a password
  • The QR code generation
  • The amount first gets stored in the merchant’s wallet, eventually reaching their bank accounts.
  • Reduces fraud detection

It is an exciting computer science project. The aim of making this app is to provide a secure, reliable, and well-designed platform for transactions. Furthermore,  If consumers need to add money to their wallets, they can link their credit/debit card details to their bank accounts. In addition, they can also save the card details for future use.

For instance, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

9. Public news droid:

There are lots of benefits to the Public news droid, such as:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Immediate updates
  • Users receive all the news
  • Accessible by the registered users
  • Feature to report information if it is irrelevant.

It is one of the most excellent computer science projects for beginners. The public news droid is an informative software application that informs users about the trending news and exciting events which happens in their locality. Furthermore, The system uses Android Studio as a front and SQL Server as a backend. 

Moreover, the system includes two modules, one for the user and one for the admin. The Admin handles the accuracy and relevancy of the news.

For instance, admins have the right to take action against fake news or app misuse, and they can take action to stop the spread of such irrelevant information. Users can view news and informative articles only from their respective cities and add news related to any other city.

To use this app, users need to register into the system app and add all the necessary details to use this app. In addition, Once the registration process is successful, the user can see the latest news, add new information and upload it. 

10. Search engine:

The search engine is beneficial. It helps in the brand’s visibility, target-based ads, brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and more.

Furthermore, the brands can utilize the search engine to overcome the competition and grow their business.

Moreover, It is one of the trending computer science projects where when users enter specific words or phrases in a search engine, it automatically gets the most relevant pages that contain those keywords. 

In addition, Web annotation helps to make an application user-friendly. You can add, modify, and remove the information from Web resources. 

For example, Google, Yahoo!


To sum up, This post has provided you with Ten ideas for the computer science project that is quite interesting. Moreover, you can work around these ideas to build a great project. All in all, we hope these tips and ideas benefit you and your project. Best of Luck! Stay safe, keep learning, and keep growing.